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Data Governance Channel

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Data Governance encompasses the people, processes and controls that are mission-critical to ensuring that a company’s data assets are understood, maintained, managed and improved as a competitive asset in support of decision-making. Data governance can be considered a subset of IT governance, but necessarily requires business representation as well. Data governance often refers to the roles of data stewards, individuals assigned with ownership and responsibility for data content, metadata and data quality who act as intermediaries between IT and business to provide reliable and consistent data across the organization.


Seven Steps to Agile Data Governance

This article describes the seven steps companies should follow when embarking on an agile data governance project

Adoption of Data Governance by Business

The Information Difference conducted a survey regarding the business motivation, level of maturity and adoption of data governence

Data Ownership and Job Security

MDM Summit panel discusses headcounts, projects and roles in uncertain economic climate; stewards and data owners more survivable

Governance Key to Creating Sustainable SOA Implementations

Global survey identified SOA governance as a key component of sustainable implementations

Business Process Management and Data Governance - Strange Bedfellows?

The functions and features of business process management often read like a checklist of the common challenges facing data governance.


Governance: The Superglue of the Center of Excellence

Governance will help an organization’s COE reap benefits from data assets

A Better Era of SOA Governance

Establishing standards of control in SOA requires a skillful merging of both IT and business perspectives

Data Governance: The Key to Enterprise Data Management

I believe the key to effective EDM is comprehensive enterprise data governance.

From Customer Cleanup to Data Governance

It’s a long journey from 'customer cleanup' to a full-fledged data governance program. But that’s where many companies start.

Human Resources and Recruiting Management

Global enterprises face an unprecedented degree of competition in recruiting and hiring the best candidates at all levels.

Ask the Experts

Should the DW team be involved in a data governance program and how do BI and the DW play a role?

White Papers

Enterprise Data at Risk: The 5 Danger Signs of Data Integration Disaster

By Mike Healy, Executive Vice President, Innovative Systems, Inc.

Pragmatic Approach to Compliance Data Collation

Putting Metadata to Work to Achieve the Goals of Data Governance

By Informatica

The Accenture Executive: Portal Real-Time Decision Support, Collaboration and Compliance

By Accenture

Corporate Financial Governance in the Global Economy: Stakeholder Confidence, Regulatory Compliance, and Operational Performance

By Actuate


The Chief Information Security Officer's Toolkit: Governance Guidebook

By Fred Cohen

Six Sigma for IT Management

By Sven den Boer

Architecture and Patterns for IT Service Mgmt, Resource Planning, and Governance

By Charles T. Betz

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