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Corporate Performance Management (CPM) Channel

Performance management (sometimes referred to as enterprise or corporate performance management), refers to the documented, measured and monitored processes and controls that are used to define and measure desired business goals across functions, departments and lines of business. The U.S. Navy has defined performance management as "the process of defining a mission and desired outcomes, setting performance standards, linking budget to performance, reporting results, and holding public officials accountable for results." Performance management in the context of business intelligence is typically addressed through role-sensitive dashboards and scorecards that utilize key performance indicators (KPIs) and desired performance targets. A critical and often neglected aspect of performance management is a mechanism to identify the root causes of failure to meet KPIs, organizational resources to address shortfalls and a documented remediation path.


The Risk of Doing Nothing

Operating a network at capacity, beyond its threshold, or with unaddressed issues could be a dangerous “silent killer” for many unsuspecting enterprises

Most Companies Ill-Prepared for Intense Data Flow

A majority of organizations have already experienced productivity losses due to information overload

Microsoft BI: Little Big Plan

Conference points at future releases; 'managed self-service' needs a high-level message from Microsoft and consulting partners

Customer Data Disorder: Part 1 - Defining Customer Data Disorder

Customer data disorder means there is significant variance between information about the customer party in the information entity and the party itself in the real world

Embarking on an Environmental Path: Keys to a Successful Strategy

With a green initiative you must have a plan, a goal and a means to measure and manage the success of your program.


What is the Best Organizational Chart for Performance Management?

Dutch business executives and government administrators are digesting the findings of a recent study addressing how to best organize departments, functions and divisions.

Can Performance Management Software Out Perform Humans at Multitasking?

Science is proving that people overestimate how well they can multitask. Can enterprise performance management accomplish what the human brain cannot?

Using Unstructured Information to Provoke Thoughtful Decisions

To be proactive in today’s competitive markets requires the consideration of both structured and unstructured information

A "Dear CEO" Advice Column

Self-help books and newspaper advice columns, such as Ann Landers’ famous column, are known for issues involving relationships, money or etiquette. What if there were an advice column for CEOs?

Which Performance Management Process or Loop Yields the Most?

What is the correct scope and scale to describe an organization’s ideal performance management framework?

Ask the Experts

What are the various key performance indicators (KPIs) that a company dealing in insurance should concentrate on?

What is the relationship between performance measurement and strategy?

Do you think a company is inefficient if they have more than 20 KPIs?

White Papers

5 Tips for Successful Business Performance Management Software Implementations

Kalido and Business Objects: Gain a Clear Enterprise-Wide View of Business Performance

By John Brightling

Corporate Financial Governance in the Global Economy: Stakeholder Confidence, Regulatory Compliance, and Operational Performance

By Actuate

Actuate Financial Performance Management Solution

By Actuate

Business Intelligence for Operational Performance

By Ventana Research


Enterprise E-Commerce

By Peter Fingar, Harsha Kumar and Tarun Sharma

The High Performance Enterprise: Reinventing the People Side of Your Business

By Donna R. Neusch, Alan F. Siebenaler

Maximizing Business Performance through Software Packages: Best Practices for Justification, Selection, and Implementation

By Robert W. Starinsky

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