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Business Intelligence (BI) Channel

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Business intelligence (BI) has been referred to as the process of making better decisions through the use of people, processes, data and related tools and methodologies. The roots of business intelligence are found in relational databases, data warehouses and data marts that help organize historical information in the hands of business analysts to generate reporting that informs executives and senior departmental managers of strategic and tactical trends and opportunities. In recent years, business intelligence has also come to rely on near real-time operational data found in systems including enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), supply chain, marketing and other databases. “Operational” BI is meant to provision many more functions in the organization with role-specific dashboards and scorecards and is increasingly tied to the topics of performance management and business process management. Inherent to any form of BI is the notion of data quality, consistent and dependable data and the processes involved in its creation and maintenance.


Dashboards: The New Face of BI

Four main elements will determine the success of your dashboard project

Predictive Analytics: Extending BI Infrastructure

Predictive analytics is applied in a variety of industries to use historical data to anticipate future events

Business Intelligence: The Road Trip

This article demonstrates that Web-enabled reports and fancy dashboards and portals do not mean you have a BI solution in place

Mobile BI Supports On-The-Go Demands

The mobile phone is swiftly becoming the new business platform of choice over PCs or laptops

Integrating Intelligence and Process Management

This article shares the authors' experience in executing a proof of concept by integrating BPM with BI


Think Globally, Measure Locally, Part 2: Building a Sustainability Scorecard

A sustainability scorecard can become a focal point for aligning the most important stakeholders in your company around your corporate sustainability initiative.

What is the Best Organizational Chart for Performance Management?

Dutch business executives and government administrators are digesting the findings of a recent study addressing how to best organize departments, functions and divisions.

Statistical Learning for BI, Part 1

This is the first in a series on of articles on statistical learning for business intelligence

Green Intelligence

Green BI will be a key driver in helping companies become eco-friendly entities

Can BI Reporting Directly Impact Sales?

An example of how BI helped one company improve its operations as well as drive additional sales and customer satisfaction

Ask the Experts

Where is the best place for a BI application to reside?

Should the metadata layer that sits between the data marts and the query/reporting tools be owned by the business or IT?

Is there a good book for BI project management that you would recommend?

Where do I start with the charter to create a BI team, and will this work since the warehouse and other BI tools (such as ETL) are on a different team?

How do you decide on the roles and responsibilities of operational or analytical reporting teams?

White Papers

HP ERP Business Intelligence

By Hewlett-Packard

Business Intelligence for Tax Planning: Value, Strategy, and Vision

By Alan Y.C. Yong

Single Sign-On for Webintelligence

By Wipro Technologies

A Structured Method for Specifying Business Intelligence Reporting Systems

By BI Pathfinder Pty Ltd

Business Intelligence in a Real-Time World

By Netezza


Business Intelligence: The IBM Solution: Data Warehousing and OLAP

By Mark Whitehorn, Mary Whitehorn

Data Warehouse Design Solutions

By Christopher Adamson (Editor), Michael Venerable

Building the Operational Data Store, 2nd Edition

By W. H. Inmon

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