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Time is very precious to the professional. The last thing that you need to do is search through thousands of books about "Diamond Mining Data" to find the right data mining book. Instead, we have done a little mining of our own. The books are listed chronologically by date of publication with the most recent books appearing first.

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Enterprise Security: IT Security Solutions - Concepts, Practical Experiences,...
Walter Fumy and Jörg Sauerbrey
February 2006

Enterprise Security: IT Security Solutions - Concepts, Practical Experiences,Technologies.

Addressing IT managers and staff, as well as CIOs and other executives dealing with corporate IT security, this book provides a broad knowledge on the major security issues affecting today's corporations and organizations, and presents state-of-the-art concepts and current trends for securing an enterprise.

Areas covered include information security management, network and system security, identity and access management (IAM), authentication (including smart card based solutions and biometrics), and security certification. In-depth discussion of relevant technologies and standards (including cryptographic techniques, intelligent tokens, public key infrastructures, IAM technologies) is provided.

(Review excerpt from Amazon.com)

Click here to buy this book from Amazon.com.

The Emergence of Grid and Service-Oriented IT: An Industry Vision...
Tabor Communications
February 2006

The Emergence of Grid and Service-Oriented IT: An Industry Vision for Business Success

If your company is looking to maintain a highly competitive IT infrastructure, launch new services for your users that require IT or web-based support, or integrate various IT systems, services and applications, then you will benefit from the many experiences and case studies covered in this book. This is a collaborative industry vision giving you the perspective and learning experiences from multiple vendors and end users, along with some of the leading names helping to shape the future of enterprise IT.

Click here to find out where to get this book.

Distributed Systems Architecture
Arno Puder, Kay Rumer, Frank Pilhofer
January 2006

Click here to find out where to get this book.

Crystal Reports XI for developers
David McAmis
January 2006

Click here to find out where to get this book.

GIS Tutorial, Workbook for ArcView 9
Wilpen Gorr, Kristen Kurland
January 2006

Click here to find out where to get this book.

Smartsourcing: Driving Innovation and Growth Therough Outsourcing
Thomas Koulopoulos
January 2006

Click here to find out where to get this book.

Return on Customer: Creating Maximum Value From Your Scarcest Resource
Don Peppers and Martha Rogers, Ph.D
January 2006

Click here to find out where to get this book.

Winning the Three-Legged Race: When Business and Technology Run Together
Hogue, Sambamurthy, Zmud, Trainer, Wilson
January 2006
The BTM Institute's first major publication, Winning The 3-Legged Race shows that it is possible to subject business technology to a comprehensive set of management standards. Furthermore, this book shows that this is not just a technology issue. It is, instead, a business issue, and it will not see resolution until enterprises have a fundamentally better way to manage technology's contribution to the value chain. The book comprehensively addresses the critical concepts for Business Technology Management (BTM), and offers concrete executive agendas.

This unprecedented and first of its kind publication has brought together a global group from the academic, corporate, government and thought leadership communities to address the long-standing need for managing business and technology together. If you were to add up the years these accomplished people have devoted to studying, teaching, and practicing Business Technology Management, it would be many, m

Click here to find out where to get this book.

Establishing a Compliance Offfice for Sarbanes-Oxley, Other Laws...
Javier Kuong
December 2005

Establishing a Compliance Office for Sarbanes-Oxley, Other Laws and Corporate Governance - Functional Charter & Responsibilites

Publicly-owned companies are now subject to several laws and regulatory mandates. The most encompassing recent law that companies must comply with is the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002. Now that the first year Sarbanes-Oxley compliance has been met by large companies, they must begin the vital task of organizing for "ongoing and sustainable" compliance to provide strong leadership and enforcement of compliance across all regulations that impact their company.

Click here to buy this book from Amazon.com.

The Chief Information Security Officer's Toolkit: Governance Guidebook
Fred Cohen
November 2005

Oriented toward MIS leaders and security and business executives, this book is comprehensive in it coverage and provides all of the information top level decision makers need to know to make sound information security decisions. According to its author, Dr. Fred Cohen, "This book fills the growing gap between technology and business know-how in information security."

Click here to buy this book from Amazon.com.

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