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Enterprise Master Data Management: An SOA Approach to Managing Core Information
by Allen Dreibelbis; Eberhard Hechler; Ivan Milman; Martin Oberhofer; Paul van Run, Dan Wolfson.
June 27, 2008

The book is authored by IBM data management innovators who are pioneering MDM, and within its pages they systematically introduce its key concepts and technical themes, explain its business case, and illuminate how it interrelates with and enables SOA.

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Oracle PL/SQL: Expert Techniques For Developers and Database Administrators
by Lakshman Bulusu
June 20, 2008

This book takes you beyond the existing solutions found in other professional and reference texts or in online documentation. Starting from PL/SQL internals that include PL/SQL program structure, internal representation, compilation, and execution, users are taught PL/SQL concepts and techniques that go way beyond SQL, such as data structure management, error management, data management, application management, and transaction management.

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Business Metadata
by William Inmon, Bonnie O'Neil, Lowell Fryman
April 30, 2008

This book is about all the groundwork necessary for IT to really support the business properly. By providing not just data, but the context behind the data. For the IT professional, it will be tactically practical--very 'how to' and a detailed approach to implementing best practices supporting knowledge management. And for the the IT or other manager who needs a guide for creating and justifying projects, it will help provide a strategic map.

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Information Modeling and Relational Databases
by Terry Halpin, Tony Morgan
April 30, 2008

Information Modeling and Relational Databases, second edition, provides an introduction to ORM (Object-Role Modeling)and much more. In fact, it is the only book to go beyond introductory coverage and provide all of the in-depth instruction you need to transform knowledge from domain experts into a sound database design.

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Drive Business Performance: Enabling a Culture of Intelligent Execution
by Bruno Aziza and Joey Fitts
April 14, 2008

Starting with a Foreword by Dr. Robert Kaplan and Dr. David Norton, creators of the revolutionary Balanced Scorecard approach, management gurus and business executives alike laud Drive Business Performance: 'a pragmatic guide for world-class decision making,' 'a ground-breaking book that executives and managers alike should read,' 'provides specific and easy-to-follow guidance to deliver results. A must read for any organization seeking to win.'

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The DAMA Dictionary of Data Management
by DAMA International
April 1, 2008

This glossary contains over 800 terms defining a common data management vocabulary for IT professionals, data stewards and business leaders. It is in pdf format embedded with links for easy navigation between terms, and delivered to you on CD-ROM. An index is included with the dictionary, which organizes the 800 terms by topic.

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Jump Point: How Network Culture is Revolutionizing Business
by Tom Hayes
March 20, 2008

Plug into the nonstop global economy of billion-selling products and trillion-dollar markets Jump Point is the powerful guide that will help you to challenge old assumptions, rethink your business models, and take advantage of this fast-moving, unfettered, and fiercely competitive environment.

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Building the Information Asset
Joseph Kokinda
March 1, 2008

Business Intelligence solutions are only the beginning of enhanced reporting. The Information Asset will change the way companies think, react and use their intelligence to make decisions.

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Data Quality Assessment
Arkady Maydanchik
January 2, 2008

DATA QUALITY ASSESSMENT is an excellent book and a must read for any data quality professional. Arkady packs years of experience in data quality into comprehensive step-by-step instructions for practitioners of all levels.
--R. Michael Levin, Sr. Database Architect, Lockheed Martin

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Successful Business Intelligence
by Cindi Howson
December 19, 2007

Praise for Successful Business Intelligence

"If you want to be an analytical competitor, you've got to go well beyond business intelligence technology. Cindi Howson has wrapped up the needed advice on technology, organization, strategy, and even culture in a neat package. It's required reading for quantitatively oriented strategists and the technologists who support them."
--Thomas H. Davenport, President's Distinguished Professor, Babson College and co-author, Competing on Analytics

"When used strategically, business intelligence can help companies transform their organization to be more agile, more competitive, and more profitable. Successful Business Intelligence offers valuable guidance for companies looking to embark upon their first BI project as well as those hoping to maximize their current deployments."
--John Schwarz, CEO, Business Objects

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Executing Your Strategy
Mark Morgan, Raymond E. Levitt and William Malek
December 19, 2007

Why do businesses consistently fail to execute their competitive strategies? Because leaders don't identify and invest in the full range of projects and programs required to align the organization with its strategy. Moreover, even when strategy makers do break their plans down into doable chunks, they seldom work with project leaders to prioritize strategic investments and assure that needed resources are applied in priority order. And they often neglect to revise the strategic portfolio to fit the demands of a dynamic environment, or to stay connected to strategic projects through completion, as new products, services, skills and capabilities are transferred into operations.

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Implementing Enterprise Data Warehousing
by Alan Schlukbier
December 7, 2007

Designing complex analytical data structures is difficult enough, but to do it for an entire enterprise becomes a real challenge. This little primer provides a simple method of preparing your people for the complexity of this endeavor. This is just like opening a new restaurant where certain components have to be designed and thought out before you start to build the kitchen. You do not have to be an "expert" to build a data warehouse. A lot can be outsourced, but you do need to be able to create your own plan according to your culture's specific requirements. Some cultures take more 'informing' and 'training' than others. The pace and aggressiveness with which you unfold your plan is something that you understand best. This primer defines the data warehouse components and helps you decide when they can be done, in what order, and by how many people.

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Business Process Change, Second Edition
Paul Harmon
November 12, 2007

Business Process Change, 2nd Edition provides a comprehensive and balanced discussion of business process change today. It describes the concepts, methodologies, and tools managers need to improve or redesign process and to implement business process management systems in their organizations.

You've picked up the right book for just about any goal you have in process management. If you're an enterprise process architect or manager, Harmon tells you what you need to think about and do at the enterprise level. If you are an owner or improver of a particular process, theres an entire section devoted to managing particular processes. If you're charged with using IT to support processes, you are similarly in luck. The book should be on the desk, in the briefcase, or on the bedside table of anyone who believes business processes are an important way to understand businesses and make them better.
From the foreword by Thomas H. Davenport, Director, Process Management Research Center, Babson College

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RFID in the Supply Chain
by Judith M. Myerson
October 22, 2007

The book discusses the major paradigm shift in product traceability that began with transitioning to RFID technology from bar code technology. It examines the economic feasibility of rolling out RFID and the challenges in supply chain synchronization, customer privacy, security, operations and IT, logistics, program management, education and training, and implementation, as well as what lessons have been learned.

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Seven Steps to Strategy Execution
October 18, 2007

Seven Steps to Strategy Execution gives organizations a logical framework to help them communicate strategy to the people and processes that make it a reality. And it further builds organizational capability by continually measuring performance against the organization's selected strategy performance metrics.

The collaborative work of J. Kent Crawford, founder and CEO of PM Solutions, Jeannette Cabanis-Brewin, editor-in-chief of the CBP, and Jim Pennypacker, director of the CBP, "Seven Steps to Strategy Execution" is a 316-page paperback offering practical advice for organizations struggling to effectively execute their corporate strategies. The book introduces an approach called Strategy Performance Management (SPM), which advocates the integration of governance and performance management in seven key areas: Strategy Management, Project Portfolio Management, Program and Project Management, Information Technology, Structure, Cultureand People.

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