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2001 World Class Solution Awards

2001 World Class Solution Award

DM Review proudly announces the winners of the 2001 World Class Solution Awards. DM Review's World Class Solution Awards are designed to recognize strategic implementations that represent world class initiatives in business intelligence, data warehousing, analytic applications, customer relationship management, and data acquisition and integration. The seven winners were selected from a field of 38 finalists. Judges evaluated the initiatives based on business benefits derived from the implementation and innovative use of technology to solve a business problem.

"Since 1996, DM Review has presented the World Class Solution Awards to recognize innovative, successful business intelligence implementations that provide true business value," said Ron Powell, publisher/editorial director of DM Review.

The 2001 World Class Solution Awards were judged by the following industry experts: Sid Adelman, principal of Sid Adelman & Associates; Douglas Hackney, president of Enterprise Group, Ltd.; Jane Griffin, director of business consulting for Andersen; Claudia Imhoff, president of Intelligent Solutions; David Marco, president of Enterprise Warehousing Solutions, Inc.; William McKnight, managing principal of McKnight Associates; Susan Osterfelt, senior vice president in strategic alliances and investments with Bank of America; David Raab, principal of Raab Associates; Philip Russom, independent consultant; Beth Terlip, president of Terlip Information Engineering Resources, Inc.; Barbara Wixom, assistant professor of commerce for The University of Virgina; and Ron Powell, publisher/editorial director of DM Review.


This year's winners will be featured in the June 2001 issue of DM Review. Recipients of DM Review's 2001 World Class Solution Awards are:

Implementation Site: Hyatt International
Category: Analytic Applications

IDeaS' e-yield revenue management solution is an automated decision system that accepts the most profitable mix of business for global hospitality clients, selling hotel rooms at optimum prices and increasing revenue. The Grand Hyatt in Seoul, Korea, is a luxury 605-room hotel. The property required a solution to manage the job of forecasting and allocating fixed capacity room inventory in order to maximize revenue. Gephard Rainer, vice president of hotel finance for Hyatt International, said, "When IDeaS installed the Grand Hyatt Seoul pilot, we immediately saw the impact of the system on our market share. The hotel moved up to number one in revenue market share within its competitive set." IDeaS e-yield is a turnkey, scalable, enterprise solution that takes actionable intelligence from hotel transaction data, performs pattern recognition and creates scientific decision models and generates measurable value for global clients. IDeaS revenue management solution generates reports, in the form of charts and tables, to display business-critical data confirming the direction of the hotel's strategies or prompting efforts to drive demand in specific market segments.

Teradata, a division of NCR
Implementation Site: Coca-Cola Company
Category: Business Intelligence

The Coca-Cola Company (TCCC), the world's leading manufacturer, marketer and distributor of non-alcoholic beverage concentrates and syrups, has built a Teradata enterprise data warehouse to support its global business. The Coca-Cola Company's global data warehouse integrates data from more than 100 sources across 13 subject areas, including its bottling partners, third-party information suppliers (for retail sales and consumer surveys), and financial and marketing systems. Users in marketing, sales and general management in 70 countries now have access to the warehouse through a Web-based reporting tool. It provides information on products, consumers, customers, competitors, bottling partners and investments made in each market (equipment, advertising, etc.). Cost savings, effective use of marketing resources and increased sales and profitability are key sources of return on investment for the warehouse. The elimination of the more than 20 independent decision-support systems nearly paid for the enterprise warehouse while delivering more functionality. The data warehouse has significantly improved the timeliness and level of detail available to users at the point of decision so resources can be targeted to maximize results.

Business Objects
Implementation Site: Owens & Minor
Category: Business Intelligence

Owens & Minor is the nation's largest distributor of national brand medical/surgical supplies. Business Objects has been the main data warehouse tool for Owens & Minor since 1996. Using WebIntelligence, the Internet-based business intelligence tool from Business Objects, Owens & Minor implemented WISDOM (WebIntelligence Supporting Decisions from Owens & Minor), an extranet that sits on top of the data warehouse and is accessed by customers and suppliers for up-to-the-minute reporting and analysis on customer sales and usage, product inventory, contracts, pricing and orders/shipments. WISDOM has had an enormous impact on the business climate at Owens & Minor, the first company in the highly competitive medical supply industry to offer an extensive online business intelligence tool to both sides of its supply chain. WebIntelligence has become entirely self-funding through increased sales revenues and the licensing and subscription fees paid by customers and suppliers. Recognizing the intrinsic value of information, Owens & Minor was able to offer its customers and suppliers, through the use of e-business intelligence, a valuable information resource. WISDOM has changed the way Owens & Minor's customers do business because they can now make purchasing decisions armed with an understanding of their previous product usage information.

ProClarity Corporation
Implementation Site: World Bank Group
Category: Business Intelligence

As the largest development institution in the world, the World Bank's mission is to fight poverty with passion and professionalism. The World Bank collects economic and social data about developed and third-world countries. A significant return on investment (ROI) had been achieved with the Live Database project, however there were limitations. Thousands of economic indicators for over a hundred countries were being captured, but analysis capabilities were limited by the availability of up-to-date data and the lack of user-friendly tools. The World Bank chose to implement a Second Generation Live Database project (2gLDB), a world-class solution consisting of Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Analysis Services and ProClarity Analytical Platform 3.0. A custom front-end and intricate economic calculator were created based on complex analytical requirements using the ProClarity Analytical Platform 3.0. This world-class solution enables the World Bank to evaluate the effectiveness of development outcomes in their client countries and better design policy recommendations based on that information. "Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Analysis Services and the ProClarity Analytical Platform have empowered diverse users to more effectively analyze and understand complex data on the fly," said Ronnie Hammad, senior economist, the World Bank.

Implementation Site: BMG Direct
Category: Customer Relationship Management

As the world's largest record club, BMG Direct markets CDs and music-related products to over 10 million members in the U.S. and Canada. BMG's success depends on the ability to communicate appropriate, appealing promotions to members and prospective members. BMG Direct realizes that customers are at the core of its business and that its success depends on effectively managing relationships with them. Due to the enormous amounts of data (120+ gigabytes) collected to better understand and meet customer needs, BMG Direct needed a faster, more efficient way to analyze and segment the data. The BMG Direct SAS data warehouse was developed to meet that need. The choice of SAS software for the warehouse engine enabled BMG to implement the data warehouse almost immediately using existing resources, without product integration problems and compatibility uncertainties. Moving from a tape-based mainframe environment to a disk-based UNIX system has provided substantial improvement in productivity. Six months after implementation, with all performance goals achieved, new technology involving browser access to warehoused data was implemented to expand accessibility to enterprise information to anyone in the organization with browser access.

Trillium Software, a division of Harte-Hanks
Implementation Site: AT&T;
Category: Data Acquisition and Integration (Data Quality, Replication, Acquisition and Transformation)

AT&T Corp. is among the world's premier voice and data communications companies, serving consumers, businesses and government. With the vast amount of services that AT&T offers, it is essential that the company have an integrated and accurate view of their customers. With accurate data, servicing the customer and attempting cross-sell and up-sell activities become more timely. To avoid customer dissatisfaction, AT&T's CRM technologies group built a data warehouse as part of their Integrated Customer View project that required high quality, consistent data. Data quality wasn't a new idea at this company. However, there wasn't a convenient way to reconcile different versions of the same consumer from one product or department to the next. In response, the CRM technologies group deployed a data quality solution to help them clean customer data as it is entered online or as it is coming in from local exchange carriers. A core component of this solution is the Trillium Software System which enables AT&T to have accurate customer information in real time, allowing its customer service representatives to provide the best possible service and to take ad-vantage of immediate cross-selling opportunities.

Kalido Ltd.
Implementation Site: Shell International Petroleum Company Limited
Category: Data Warehouse Administration, Design, Management or Performance

Shell Oil Products is a large organization of immense complexity. It has representation in more than 100 countries, combined proceeds of $100 billion U.S. dollars per year and 50,000 staff members around the globe. The Oil Products Management Information System (OPMIS) was initiated to bring together data from these various operating companies in a consistent format, despite the diversity of operational systems and data classifications around the world, to provide a common set of data warehousing standards and technology that would allow for consistent reporting from across the globe that was also flexible enough to support extensive localization. Oil Products worked from the start to minimize technical issues. Standard templates for ERP (SAP/JDE) deployment were created for each of the operating units. Out of the box, operating units with template-compliant ERP systems could supply data to the standard corporate OPMIS, and smaller operating units could install a local data warehouse extremely rapidly without much staff. Larger operating units were free to create localizations to the models to meet their own requirements. Data warehouses implemented with Kalido have the advantage that any number of localizations can co-exist with the corporate model. OPMIS has exceeded all customer expectations and been a key enabler for individual units to achieve strategic objectives.

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