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2000 World Class Solution Awards

2000 World Class Solution Award

DM Review is proud to announce our 2000 World Class Solution Award winners. The awards recognize innovative, successful business intelligence implementations that provide true business value. These awards, a symbol of excellence within the business intelligence and data warehousing industry, originated in 1996. This year, winners were announced as determined by feedback from DM Review readers.

"The World Class Solution Awards recognize the most successful business intelligence and data warehouse implementations in the world," said Ron Powell, Publisher/Editorial Director of DM Review. "This year's winners truly exemplify the meaning of success from both a product and implementation perspective as judged by some of the leading experts in the industry."

The submission process for the awards began in January 2000 with software and hardware companies submitting case studies to DM Review for consideration. DM Review's panel of judges reviewed the submissions using the guidelines developed by DM Review's editorial staff. Information provided by the vendors was verified by contacting a representative at the implementation site and the winners were selected.

DM Review would like to thank this year's judges: Sid Adelman, principal of Sid Adelman & Associates; Douglas Hackney, president of Enterprise Group, Ltd.; Claudia Imhoff, senior vice president of Braun Consulting, Inc.; David Marco, president of Enterprise Warehousing Solutions, Inc.; Susan Osterfelt, senior vice president in strategic alliances and investments with Bank of America; David Raab, partner at Raab Associates; Beth Terlip, president of Terlip Information Engineering Resources, Inc.; and Barbara Wixom, assistant professor of commerce for McIntyre School of Commerce at the University of Virginia.

Congratulations to this year's winners, and thank you to all of the companies who sent submissions for the 2000 awards. If you have any questions regarding the 2000 World Class Solution awards, please write to awardsinfo@dmreview.com.


NCR Corporation
Implementation Site: Delta Air Lines
Category: Business Intelligence

In the fiercely competitive airline industry, Delta Air Lines strives to get closer to its customers, differentiate itself in the marketplace and reduce costs. With up to 27 standalone data marts, Delta found that information was difficult to correlate across the organization and decision making was difficult. Critical functions, such as determining causes of flight delays or even updating passenger addresses across systems, were difficult to perform. Delta's deployment of NCR's Teradata data warehouse solution eliminated the numerous standalone data marts, bringing data from more than 24 major operational systems into one enterprise system. Now, with the company-wide service through the Web, users get most answers within minutes. It is the speed of information access that has been the single biggest factor in enabling the business to be more productive. The NCR Teradata database and warehouse solution also provides scalability, reliability and performance.

Implementation Site: Deutscher Paket Dienst (German Parcel Service)
Category: Business Intelligence

Germany's leading private parcel-delivery service, Deutscher Paket Dienst (DPD), or the German Parcel Service, had been enjoying a fast growth in the private-sector overnight package-delivery trade in Germany. However, pressure from shipping giant, United Parcel Service, threatened a vision of vast expansion. The installation of Scopeland Software's hybrid meta data-driven database solution, enables even nonprogrammers to quickly develop powerful, customized applications in a code-free environment. DPD migrated data from several machines to a new server loaded with Informix RDMBS database software. Scopeland's software, which was installed inside the database itself, provided robust features such as data warehousing, workflow systems development, query and reporting tools, OLAP analyses, business intelligence and dozens of other capabilities that DPD had always lacked. This business intelligence resource helped the company reclaim market share. Some of the benefits included improved package tracking and delivery, enhanced billing and less customer fraud. The solution also provided critical statistical reports, improved invoicing, cut theft, provided greater control over shipments and gave management critical knowledge management tools to make better-informed decisions – right at their desktops.

Compaq Computer Corporation
Implementation Site: GeoAccess, Inc.
Category: Business Intelligence

GeoAccess, Inc. supplies provider data to more than 800 managed care organizations, employers, consulting firms and regulatory agencies via 300 private-labeled Web sites. To improve data consistency, reduce costs and position itself for growth GeoAccess developed a central data warehouse of provider information. The solution processes updates to over 35 million records from 400-500 sources, some of which arrive each day. The data warehouse runs on Compaq ProLiant servers, chosen by GeoAccess for reliability and seamless failover capabilities. Compaq Professional Services provided GeoAccess with value information on query optimization, troubleshooting specific problems and validating the general approach. With this new solution, each component is 5 to 10 times faster than when GeoAccess maintained separate databases for each of its managed care and employer clients.

MicroStrategy Inc.
Implementation Site: GE Capital Fleet Services
Category: Business Solutions and Analytic Applications

GE Capital Fleet Services deployed its data warehouse with MicroStrategy technology to facilitate the delivery of vehicle information to its customers. MicroStrategy Web turned this data warehouse into an easily accessible repository of specific, accurate fleet information that fleet managers use to make better operating decisions. The primary focus of this Web-enabled application is to drastically reduce the flow of paper between GE Capital Fleet Services and its customers. The application gives GE Capital Fleet Services online management reporting and analytical capabilities that enable fast access to important information. Because daily fleet management events must be captured for each vehicle (some fleets contain up to 15,000 vehicles), some customers previously received over 50,000 pages of detailed paper reports each month. Implementing a business intelligence solution provided GE Capital Fleet Services with a manageable system for this immense amount of data by leveraging the data warehouse with the Web for measurable internal and external benefit. As a direct result, Fleet Reporting will save $1.6 million in paper and postage in 2000.

Acta Technology
Implementation Site: Albemarle Corporation
Category:Data Acquisition and Integration

Albemarle is an international leader in the development, manufacture and marketing of complex and innovative chemicals. Albemarle has taken data warehousing beyond the enterprise and utilizes a real-time operational data store, or commerce cache, as the foundation for delivering B2B e-commerce capabilities to its customers and suppliers. The Albemarle solution innovatively utilizes real-time operational data stores to drive B2B e-commerce services to customers and suppliers. Utilizing Acta Analytic eCaches (out-of-the-box packaged data warehouses) for both e-commerce and analytics results in lower training, implementation, maintenance costs and lower impact on back-office systems. Query time by accessing Acta eCaches was up to 50 times faster than direct e-commerce access to SAP R/3. Response times are typically 1-5 seconds for queries such as order status.

Seagate Software
Implementation Site: Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama
Category: Data Warehouse Administration and Management

The Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama data warehouse was designed to minimize data redundancy/proliferation and function well at enterprise strengths. Blue Cross selected Seagate Info as their business intelligence system to allow users of all skill levels to access, analyze, report and share information. Seagate Info simplifies access to data, reduces unnecessary proliferation of data, results in strong user adoption and keeps administration costs to a minimum. Seagate Info connects directly to the DB2 catalogs through the middleware. Blue Cross's 740GB data warehouse supports over 350 users who generate more than 14,500 queries a week. Seagate Info was selected as the business intelligence solution because of its true, highly scalable, multitier architecture. The greatest benefit to Blue Cross has been the ability to increase response to its customers. Time to generate reports has been significantly reduced from days to minutes, and the number of requests to IT for reports was reduced by 70 percent.

WhiteCross Systems
Implementation Site: Freeserve PLC
Category: CRM Solutions

Freeserve, a leading U.K. portal, develops product and service offerings based on the behavior of its clients. Freeserve and WhiteCross worked together to develop an analytical framework and orientation which enables Freeserve's managers to check their intuitions and hunches against actual customer behavior. All data sources which pertain to customers, from all perspectives, can be consolidated and analyzed to provide an unprecedented amount of information about customer behavior. The WhiteCross solution enables Freeserve to focus on acquisition and retention of customers. The value of advertising on Freeserve can clearly be demonstrated to its e-commerce partners, and Freeserve is able to measure and plan its media campaigns more effectively.

Network Appliance
Implementation Site: NetLedger, Inc.
Category: Storage

NetLedger, Inc. is a Web-based application service provider (ASP) for small businesses, delivering the industry's first Web-based accounting platform. Using NetLedger's platform, small business owners and their accountants can manage their business finances anytime, anywhere, via any Internet-ready computer. With a target market of millions of customers, NetLedger required a massive, scalable and reliable storage solution that would hold its customers' business-critical accounting data and permit simultaneous access by potentially thousands of users. To store the customer data files for its Oracle 8i database in a Linux environment, NetLedger has deployed multiple NetApp F760 filers, Network Appliance's most powerful enterprise storage solutions which are Oracle-certified and can scale up to multiple terabytes. The Network Appliance filer solution was rapidly deployed and enables NetLedger to quickly and easily scale to meet the needs of a fast-growing customer base.

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