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New Product News

  Product News published in DM Direct Special Report
June 24, 2003 Issue
  By DM Review Editorial Staff

SmartDBA Performance Management for DB2 Universal Database v2.5 from BMC Software integrates common alerts which enable DBAs to easily monitor, tune and manage space within DB2 UDB databases, lowering the cost of managing DB2 environments. The combined solution enables DBAs to easily resolve performance problems regardless of the cause.

SQL-BackTrack for DB2 Universal Database v3.0 from BMC Software is integrating its backup and recovery solution with its SmartDBA console. This integration enables DB2 UDB customers to access the advanced functionality of SQL-BackTrack through a common interface via the Web, allowing for increased business availability and productivity of DBAs by enabling them to conduct necessary backups and recoveries from virtually any location at anytime.


RetrievalWare 8 from Convera is a knowledge discovery platform that helps large organizations automate their knowledge management and discovery processes using an infrastructure that can be optimized for specific industry and government agency applications. RetrievalWare 8 integrates Convera's proven scalable enterprise search with industry-specific taxonomies and new categorization and dynamic classification software, delivering powerful techniques for searching, navigating and discovering knowledge, including hidden relationships, patterns and trends. With RetrievalWare 8, customers now have a single integrated platform that categorizes and organizes all content including unstructured text, image, video and paper assets, in addition to a variety of structured data sources.


Monarch Version 7.0 from Datawatch Corporation is an analytics and report mining application that matches the intuitive skills of most end users. Monarch Standard Edition uses reports as a source of data, while Monarch Professional Edition uses reports and adds the ability to import and combine data from other sources including databases, spreadsheets, ODBC data sources and HTML files. Monarch V7 works with files even larger than 2 GB. Plus, Monarch V7's maximum data capacity has more than doubled. Monarch V7 provides a new Interactive Report View and Verify feature which lets users view the results of their data capture model interactively, as they build it. Monarch V7 has 18 new and improved calculated field functions (including new Julian date functions) to manipulate text, dates and numeric values quickly and easily. Duplicate Value Filtering provides auditors and accountants the ability to easily mine duplicate payment amounts, as well as identify data for which no duplicates exist. Other improvements include an improved Calculated Field Expression Editor.


Fair Isaac Blaze Advisor 5.0 from Fair Isaac Corporation is a complete software system for developing, testing, deploying and maintaining business rules as a part of any automated business system. Written entirely in Java, Blaze Advisor runs on all major operating systems and hardware platforms, incorporating data from SQL databases, XML documents and other applications. Fair Isaac Blaze Advisor 5.0 provides the ability to build graphical representations of decision trees, showing a complete set of decision paths that lead to the actions that should be taken. Another key enhancement in Blaze Advisor 5.0 is a sophisticated repository that can manage and track multiple versions of individual rules, sets of rules and entire decision-making services.


Heroix eQ PeopleSoft Solution from Heroix Corporation monitors, manages, alerts and reports on the availability and performance of PeopleSoft application components running on UNIX and Windows based servers. This addition to the Heroix eQ Management Suite enables IT organizations to manage PeopleSoft applications for high availability and maximum performance while reducing the time required for routine monitoring and firefighting.


WebFOCUS 5 Autonomic Server CLM (cluster load monitor) from Information Builders watches all the vital signs for the WebFOCUS servers, including which servers are up and running, average query response time, number of simultaneous tasks running, computer capacity and amount of memory available. With this information the CLM balances the workload among servers and watches for problems. The management of the server cluster is automatic, requiring little administrator knowledge, and the CLM is the dynamic power that enables true scalability and reliability to the enterprise's business intelligence platform.


Net Express 4.0 from Micro Focus International Ltd. provides customers with increased business agility and lower total cost of ownership for their enterprise and enables organizations to realize additional value from their existing COBOL applications by extending them to Windows and UNIX environments. The enhancements to Net Express include direct COBOL Web services, J2EE connectivity and XML support, which help organizations reuse and integrate COBOL assets within strategic architectures.

Enterprise Server from Micro Focus is a new deployment option for Net Express. Enterprise Server which elevates COBOL to an independent platform with its highly scalable, reliable and transactional COBOL deployment environment for two-tier client/server and three-tier composite COBOL applications developed using Net Express. Enterprise Sever incorporates support for direct Web services and a COBOL resource adapter for J2EE connections, allowing COBOL to integrate with all popular deployment technologies and participate fully in today's Web-based world.


Pilot ApplicationConnector from Pilot Software is a complete analysis modeling environment and data integration solution. Developed to address the growing number of disparate data sources resulting from ongoing technology purchases and mergers and acquisitions, Pilot ApplicationConnector enables companies to build a solid and unified data foundation optimized for business analytics. Features include a comprehensive analysis modeling interface, extraction capabilities, transformation routines and the ability to map source data into a framework for analysis.


Plumtree Portlet Framework for PeopleSoft from Plumtree Software allows portal managers to create portlets for displaying, searching and updating data from any PeopleSoft 8 system. The Framework can integrate virtually any PeopleSoft service into the Plumtree Corporate Portal without coding and provides a graphical environment for creating new Plumtree portlets against any standard or custom PeopleSoft Component Interface (CI). Plumtree also offers frameworks for building portlets for SAP R/3 and Siebel. These portlets can be embedded within portal applications that combine resources from many existing systems, as well as new services for collaboration, content management and search that systems such as PeopleSoft may lack.


Quest Central for DB2 version 3.0 from Quest Software Inc. is a unified solution for the management of IBM DB2 Universal Databases (UDB) that includes deep diagnostic capabilities for IBM's database partitioning technology. Supporting DB2 version 7.1, DB2 version 7.2 and DB2 UDB Enterprise Server Edition (ESE) version 8.1, Quest Central for DB2 enables organizations to maximize their current database investments while maintaining stringent performance and availability service levels in distributed, mainframe or mixed DB2 environments. The new version offers a new compare and synchronize feature to compare multiple databases and identify their differences to ensure that all of the changes are in place prior to deploying an application into production and enables alerting and diagnosis of DB2 performance at a summarized database level and a detailed partition level.


DLx Warehouse/P 6.0 from RedPrairie Corporation adds a powerful set of enhancements for consumer goods, food and beverage and retail companies and include comprehensive support for voice picking, natively embedded event management, new inventory control features, improved wave management and expanded inbound and outbound distribution services. Key new capabilities in DLx Warehouse/P 6.0 include: Comprehensive support for voice picking for piece and case order picking operations, natively integrated event management to provide real-time alerts to exceptions and events as they occur, enhanced wave management functionality, improved inventory control through several new features such as automatically aging product or changing shelf life based on temperature conditions, and support for multiple types of lot/batch codes in the warehouse.


SSA-NAME3 Version 2.3 from Search Software America (SSA) is an application developer's toolkit that enables organizations to build their own application programs to intelligently search and match records about people, companies, addresses, products and other naming data It is also used to enhance the searching and matching capabilities inside a number of OEM products on the market. SSA-NAME3 can be used on data stored in any database and produces reliable results regardless of the quality or format of the data. The software contains empirically developed algorithms for computing fuzzy search keys and strategies as well as algorithms for complex matching of identity data that mimic the expert user The SSA-NAME3 algorithms support any country and language.


Snap Server 4500 from Snap Appliance provides simple, cross-platform file sharing and backup for enterprise departments, workgroup and remote offices. It is also ideal for data-intensive vertical industries, including government, education, life sciences, oil and gas, and entertainment. The Snap Server 4500 is powered by the Intel Pentium 4 processor to offer some of the fastest performance in the 1U NAS space and supports Active Directory Service (ADS), UNIX Network Information Service (NIS), Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) and either network or local backup for simple management in any environment.


SPSS Inc.'s Predictive Web Analytics from SPSS Inc. provides deep historical and predictive insights and drives actions that help maximize customer value and returns from Web investments. The solution integrates the company's new NetGenesis 6.0 Web analytics platform with the predictive modeling capabilities of its Clementine 7.0 data mining workbench. The combination of these powerful technologies enables Predictive Web Analytics to move beyond traditional, simplistic metrics such as page counts, unique visitors and referral information, to deliver insights that can be used to directly affect customer relationships. Using the combination of Clementine and NetGenesis 6.0, Predictive Web Analytics provides four essential analytical capabilities - segmentation of visitors based on their behavior, detection of content and product affinities, automatic identification of the most significant paths taken through a Web site and prediction of visitors' propensity - for example, to purchase, to view particular content or to churn.



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This piece has been brought to you by the DM Review Editorial staff.

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