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DAMA (Data Management Association):
Message from the Vice President of Financial Services

  Column published in DM Review Magazine
May 2003 Issue
  By Thom Harrington

It's been several years since DAMA International (DAMA-I) set the corporate mission to be the premier organization for data professionals worldwide. DAMA-I has made great strides and is succeeding in this endeavor.

As this issue of DM Review begins circulation, I'm confident that we'll be hearing raves about the 2003 DAMA International Symposium and Wilshire Meta-Data Conference. This event is the most important education and information sharing opportunity in the DRM community. It continues to grow each year in terms of the number of quality speakers, number of people attending and geographical representation.

In addition to the DAMA International Symposium and Wilshire Meta-Data Conference, DAMA-I also sponsors DAMA International Europe and DAMA International Australia. These two events are important keys to the "worldwide" part of the DAMA-I mission and represent our commitment to be a truly world class professional organization.

DAMA-I has realized that it is not a reasonable expectation to handle the development and coordination of these events through a single part-time volunteer board position. We are exploring options to enable the continued growth and enhancement of these most valuable and important programs. Viable solutions will likely be costly, which poses some risk for DAMA-I as the organization relies on symposium and conference revenue to fund ongoing activities. However, in recent years, we have built solid cash reserves; therefore, the organization is able to take on risk that will enable long-term viability.

In recent years, DAMA-I has grown financially strong. In 2002, net cash decreased for the first time in several years ? but only minimally ? and this decrease was much less than planned. In 2003, the organization will likely fall short again ? current plans expect to see a deficit of approximately $10K. The emphasis here, however, is on plans, and members are assured that financial resources will be leveraged with the best interest of members, chapters and DAMA-I in mind.

Continued success depends on member participation. To learn more, visit www.dama.org. If there is not a chapter in your area, you may join as a member-at-large. Contact Linda Kresl, VP of Membership Services, at VP_Member_Services@DAMA.org. For more information on forming a new chapter, contact Patricia Komar, VP of Chapter Services, at VP_Chapter_Services@DAMA.org.

DAMA Chapter and Events Calendar
Austin/San Antonio The chapter meets the last Monday of January-May and August-October at 7:00 p.m. in San Marcos. For more information see www.main.org/hotdama.
Atlanta Contact Bruce Hart, BHart@ProcessEconomics.com, for meeting schedule or visit www.dama-atl.org.
Boston E-mail Kris Chatterjee, dama_boston@yahoo.com, for meeting schedule or visit www.geocities.com/BostonDama.
Canberra, Australia Contact peter.pe.davis@centrelink.gov.au for meeting details or visit www.dama.org.au/canberra/.
Carolina E-mail Connie Cain, cain.connie@burlington.com, for meeting schedule.
Central Florida

Chapter now forming! Contact Bob Gagnon at bgagnon@neorislogistics.com for more information.

Central Virginia For more information visit www.go.to/dama-cv.
Chicago Visit www.DAMAChicago.org for meeting schedule or contact information.
Dallas/Fort Worth Call Rodney Cole, 972-693-1009, for meeting schedule or visit www.dfwdama.org.
(Rocky Mountain)
Visit www.dama-rmc.org for meeting schedule or contact Mark Dalton at Mark_Dalton@jdedwards.com or 303- 334-5881.
Germany http://www.informatik.tu-cottbus.de/~thalheim/DAMA/dama.html.
Heart of Texas
(HoT Chapter)
For more information see www.main.org/hotdama or contact Wayne Miller, president of HoT at gwmiller4445@earthlink.net.
Houston Call Ted Kowalski at 713-241-2030 or e-mail chapteradmin@damahouston.org.
Iowa Visit the newly formed Iowa Chapter at www.datamodel.org/dama.
Italy Contact Paolo Cecchellero, ceck@comm2000.it or 3923 02 2533, for meeting schedule.
Kansas City Visit www.dama.org/chapters/KC.htm for chapter information.
London Chapter now forming! Contact Brett Champlin, bchamplin@concentric.net, for more information.
Los Angeles Contact Bill Harenburg, wharenburg@aol.com, for meeting schedule.
Melbourne, Australia Contact Daniel Moody, danielm@staff.dis.unimelb.edu.au or http://www.dama.org.au/ or +61-3-9650-5100 for details.
Michigan Visit www.dama-michigan.org for meeting schedule or contact information.
Minnesota Visit www.dama-mn.org for chapter information.
New Jersey Visit www.dama-nj.org for chapter information.
New York City Please see www.dama-ny.com or call 877-659-4309 for meeting details.
Northeast Region
(New York)
E-mail registration@damane.org or call John Lucas at 516-221-5560. See www.damane.org for meeting details.
Ohio (Central) Chapter meets quarterly. Visit www.damacoc.org for meeting details and membership information.
DAMA Day: May 15, 2003, featuring John Zachman and Doug Eriksen. Visit www.dama.org/SWOhio/Meetings.htm for more information or http://www.dama.org/SWOhio/default.htm for chapter information.
Philadelphia/ Delaware Valley Chapter meets quarterly. Visit http://www.dama-phila.org/ or call 610-690-1653 for more information.
Phoenix Call Laura Kostyo, 602-766- 5486, or visit www.dama-phx.org, for meeting schedule.
Portland Visit www.dama-pdx.org for meeting schedule and chapter information. For more information, please contact Linda Kresl at president@dama-pdx.org.
Rochester/ Upstate New York Contact Sue Bartleson, sbartleson@paychex.com, for meeting schedule or visit www.damaruny.org.
Sacramento Valley Call Judy Candlish, 916-227-3074, candlij@hdcdojnet.state.ca.us, for meeting schedule or visit http://go.to/dama-sac. P.O. Box 996, Sacramento, CA 95812- 0996.
San Francisco Bay Area Call Dan Weller, 510-272-8126, for details or see www.sfdama.org.
Scandinavia Contact Eskil Swende, +46-8-80-22-40, or eskil.swende@irm.se for meeting schedule.
Seattle (DRMA) Visit www.drma-seattle.org for registration and meeting details.
St. Louis Please visit the DAMA-St. Louis Chapter Web site at www.damastlouis.org for information about upcoming meetings and events.
Sydney, Australia Contact Robert Arnold, damasydney@poboxes.com, or +61-2-9211-6200, for meeting and DAMA Australia conference details.
Topeka Chapter now forming! Contact Dan Roehler, 785-291-3477, for more information.
Toronto, Canada (Information Resource Management Association of Canada) Please visit the Toronto IRMAC Web site at www.irmac.ca for information about upcoming meetings and events.
Washington, D.C.
(National Capital Region)
Contact Jim Carpenter, carpenterj@bls.gov, or www.dama-ncr.org or call DAMA-NCR headquarters at 703-442-8780.
Wisconsin Contact Cathy Stacy, cstacy@wpsic.com, for meeting details.
Can't find a chapter near you? Check out our Web site, www.dama.org, for information about our Member-at- Large program. Send updates for this listing to vp_communications@dama.org.

For more information on related topics visit the following related portals...

Thom Harrington is the vice president of Financial Services for DAMA.

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