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New Product News

  Product News published in DM Direct Special Report
April 15, 2003 Issue
  By DM Review Editorial Staff

AppAssure Version 1.5 from Alignment Software improves and further automates the product's implementation, configuration and user interface. New features in the Version 1.5 release include enhanced auto discovery, UML-based auto-dependency diagram generation, management from the UML-based dependency diagram, replication of management parameters and individual EJB management. AppAssure Version 1.5, which can be completely installed in five minutes, is available to download for free evaluation at www.alignmentsoftware.com.



Astrum Software's Active Storage Management (ASM) solution from Astrum Software features Web-based Astrum 1.5 software, an enterprise storage software application that provides active, policy-based management of data storage resources for heterogeneous file systems and for mission-critical applications such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and Exchange.



XMLSPY 5 Release 3 from Altova Inc. builds on the success of previous versions through the addition of several key new features: improved support for building Microsoft .NET applications; enhanced support for Oracle XML DB;  additional Web services support; PDF support for document publishing; usability enhancements for style sheet designer; new Java integration support via a COM-based interface.



Interwoven Collaborative Document Management Solution (CDM) powered by iManage WorkSite MP from Interwoven and iManage offer a fully integrated, Internet-based application suite that delivers robust, scalable, collaborative document management capabilities for intra- and inter- enterprise teams. The solution enables non-technical individuals to set up a "virtual" project workspace for teams in a matter of minutes, providing key capabilities including collaboration, document management and reporting The new joint solution is ideal for enterprises due to its proven capability to scale to serve thousands of users and its reliance on open computing standards such as J2EE and XML.



Fortra IDE line of storage systems from JMR Electronics bring performance and scalability at an affordable price to IT professionals in a 3U footprint. Fortra IDE storage systems are available in Ultra 160 SCSI or 2GB Fibre Channel configurations. The new Fortra IDE line, with dvanced 64-bit architecture distributes and processes data at raging speeds, with sustained performance from 135 MB/sec. (SCSI) to 200 MB/sec. (2GB FC).  Fortra IDE disk array solutions feature a 64-bit architecture centered around a  dedicated XOR ASIC and advanced firmware function run by the PowerPC  603e/750 RISC processor.



SANavigator 3.5 from McDATA delivers enhanced security, extended asset management, business level views and improved diagnostics, which allow IT professionals to take better control of their SAN infrastructure. SANavigator 3.5 allows IT managers to control the assets, costs, access to data and risks associated with maintaining a complex, multivendor and mission- critical storage network. SANavigator 3.5 increases data security and centralizes control of a company's stored data through multivendor fabric zoning, multivendor LUN management and role-based user access.



ATAbaby from Nexsan Technologies is a terabyte-capacity storage solution, weighing 16 pounds and standing 1U high, which delivers the same advanced, intelligent, cost-correct RAID technology that Nexsan provides for enterprise customers to small and medium businesses.  ATAbaby bundle is a fully automated disk-based storage solution and leverages the latest advancements in ATA drive technology and software to help expand storage capacity, improve business continuance and increase storage ROI. The ATAbaby D2D bundle provides a total backup solution, making tape cartridge and backup software purchases, tape rotation, backup windows and the challenges of data restoration a thing of the past. ATAbaby supports RAID levels 0, 5, and JBOD (4 LUNs) as well as SCSI Enclosure Services (SES) for in-band status reporting.



ObjectAssembler (OA) 2.5 Enterprise from ObjectVenture, Inc. provides developers with a comprehensive visual J2EE development environment. The 2.5 release includes extensive enhancement to ObjectAssembler's design pattern technology. A comprehensive visual enterprise and Web-based application development environment, ObjectAssembler allows developers to design, develop, assemble and deploy solutions using visual representations of components, frameworks and assemblies. Automating many of the tedious, complicated and error-prone implementation tasks inherent in enterprise and Web development, OA transforms the traditional integrated development environment (IDE) into an efficient, streamlined environment.



PegaCARD Customer Care from Pegasystems Inc. is a scaleable, enterprise- wide customer service application for card issuing organizations. Pegasystems' packaged card product has been designed to deliver differentiated customer service and automation capabilities by integrating front- and back-office processes. PegaCARD Customer Care includes solutions extending from customer service into collections, dispute and chargeback management, credit, fraud and correspondence management. Built on the company's patented rules architecture, PegaCARD Customer Care embeds best practices for consistent customer interactions. Additionally, by integrating front- and back-office processes, PegaCARD Customer Care provides service representatives with a holistic view of a customer's account through an intuitive user interface, eliminating the need for multiple screens and systems, and helping service representatives to respond quickly, efficiently and accurately to a variety of customer service inquiries.



COPLEX from RedPrairie Corporation is a real-time optimization engine for transportation planning. Included as an advanced capability within RedPrairie's DLx Transportation 6.0 release, COPLEX leverages proprietary, innovative adaptive algorithms to handle real-time changes in order fulfillment requirements. COPLEX is capable of managing a continuous flow of changes in orders, capacities and constraints dynamically, adjusting optimal consolidation solutions in real-time to achieve a quantum leap in cost savings for customers.



SpinServer 3300G from Spinnaker Networks shares a common SAN storage pool between file-level and block-level applications and provides cost saving through simplified management and efficient hardware utilization. The SpinServer 3300G provides an open storage platform, freeing customers to deploy disk storage from Spinnaker or other enterprise-class storage vendors. Near linear performance scaling delivers the ever-increasing throughput demanded by the file system as it is scaled up in size. The Spinnaker architecture delivered the high results on the Standard Performance Evaluation Corp. (SPEC) System File Server 3.0 (SFS 3.0) test for NAS server performance, where the SpinServer 3300 recorded 23,363 IOPS in a single node test and 117,538 IOPS in a 6-node cluster test.



InSpeed SOC 320 from Vixel Corporation is a new 20-port InSpeed switch-on-a chip (SOC) that features trunking, interswitch frame communication and built- in fairness to ensure equal access to all drives. These new features, as well as the 20-port count, make the InSpeed SOC 320 ideal for cost-effectively transforming traditional 16-drive JBODs (just a bunch of disks) to ultra- reliable SBOD (switched bunch of disks) based storage arrays.  The new InSpeed SOC 320 was designed with new features and functionality to help streamline the design process for implementation of fully switched back-end architectures.



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This piece has been brought to you by the DM Review Editorial staff.

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