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New Product News

  Product News published in DM Direct Special Report
March 11, 2003 Issue
  By DM Review Editorial Staff

Avellino Discovery Version 3.1 from Avellino Technologies provides significant enhancements centering on the user interface, the navigation of data and meta data information and on activity scheduling and monitoring. Enhancements include a filtering and search facility to enable users to quickly find any information; entity relationship diagramming; enhanced meta data; enhanced RDBMS access; activity scheduling; real-time activity monitoring



DataFuse Version 2.40 from DataMentors, Inc. is a fully modular relationship matching and linking system that cleanses, organizes, standardizes and households data, offering superior efficiency and unprecedented accuracy. Features includes customer-specific user-defined tables, totally automated match exception tables, no file size limitation on the file viewer, support for files that are non-standard to DataFuse and recognition of EBCDIC and packed fields.



Datawatch|ES 4.0 from Datawatch Corporation is the next generation of enterprise reporting, featuring a 100 percent Web-based interface, industry- leading Microsoft Excel support and new, XML-based Web forms technology. Version 4 of Datawatch|ES (formerly Monarch|ES)  fully leverages legacy mainframe applications, industry-specific applications (healthcare, banking, etc.), and ERP/SCM solutions that organizations have already implemented and paid for. Features include improved report collaboration tools, new XML online forms, improved user interface, improved multidimensional analysis and improved PDF support.



DBArtisan version 7.1 from Embarcadero Technologies, Inc. enables database administrators to concurrently manage multiple databases from a single graphical console. New features include extended support for IBM DB2 UDB, application processes support for IBM DB2 OS/390, DBRMs, cross-reference associated plans and packages, and  view-and-explain package statements.



Rapid SQL version 7.1 from Embarcadero Technologies, Inc. is an integrated development environment that enables developers to create, edit, version, tune and deploy server-side objects residing on Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2 and Sybase databases. With Rapid SQL, database programmers can develop and maintain high-quality, high-performance client/server and Web- based applications in less time and with greater accuracy. This is the first time that Rapid SQL supports IBM OS/390, significantly enhancing the tool's capabilities to help database programmers develop and maintain high-quality, high-performance client/server and Web-based applications across multiple platforms.



Blaze Decision System 5.0 from  Fair, Isaac and Company, Incorporated defines and executes business rules and analytics-driven strategies. Users can automate decisions and place  customized controls on any business function, insuring optimal and consistent customer treatment at all customer touchpoints. Blaze Decision System works in real time to consistently and automatically make high- volume decisions and can be applied by organizations looking to enhance business performance in any industry. The new release improves performance and application maintenance for a variety of operating platforms and improves team development efficiency with advanced version management and shared, reusable libraries of customer-developed components.



DB2 Universal Database Express Edition from IBM is a full function, DB2 Universal Database for the midmarket. It is convenient - unobtrusively installs itself within an application and can be easily preconfigured in offerings for key vertical markets such as finance, insurance and retail. It differentiates itself from the competition by offering the reliability and convenience of self-managing, autonomic technology and the cost savings of Linux support.



Kaidara Text2Data from Kaidara Software extends the power of Kaidara Advisor to take advantage of both structured and unstructured data. This product allows companies to transform their text documents into electronic assets that significantly improve both the customer service and support operation. Kaidara Text2Data enables information in unstructured, textual form to be automatically structured and incorporated in a Kaidara Advisor knowledge base. The new Kaidara Text2Data capability streamlines the creation and maintenance of knowledge base systems and extends the incorporation of knowledge resources to include free-text data.



Onyx Employee Portal 4.5 (OEP) from Onyx Software Corp. helps users manage the multiple dimensions of customer and partner relationships across sales, marketing and service. OEP is part of Onyx Enterprise CRM - a single, unified application comprised of portals for tailoring functionality to different user communities, intuitive Web interfaces for ease of navigation and a Web services platform built upon XML standards for interoperability with other business systems. This latest version includes a number of new features for organizing, consolidating and disseminating information more effectively.



Plumtree Extranet Portal Package from Plumtree Software offers better service and works more transparently with customers, partners and external audiences such as retirees, organization members, students or citizens. This package currently includes the Plumtree Corporate Portal with Plumtree Search, Plumtree Content Server and Plumtree Collaboration Server, and a framework for integrating charts and graphs from Microsoft Excel. Key features include portal document directory, portal communities, portal content management and collaboration.



Relational Tools 5.1 from Princeton Softech is a complete testing toolset that allows you to move, edit and compare complex sets of related data with 100 percent accuracy. IT organizations can increase productivity, reduce costs, streamline application testing and deliver quality applications on time with this new product. In this release, Princeton Softech's Move for Legacy, one of the companion products in the suite, extends the reach of the Relational Tools by adding federated data access and support for IMS databases. In addition, Move for DB2 now provides new options for managing insert/update operations and supports IBM's High Performance Unload and CDB's Auto Unload and Auto-Online Unload utilities, which can save hours when processing large volumes of data.



ORION from Vision Solutions is a multi-platform managed availability solution that enables users to predictably manage the functional availability of servers, data and applications across an enterprise, regardless of platform, supporting OS/400, Windows and Linux. ORION will expand on the traditional iSeries channel as it extends into multi- platform support and will extend opportunities for the channel to sell into a broader base. Its functions include data integration across disparate databases as well as managed application and server availability within both homogeneous and heterogeneous environments including multi-system coordinated failover and recovery.



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This piece has been brought to you by the DM Review Editorial staff.

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