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IMPACT Provides Immediate Value with Robust Acquisition Marketing Capabilities for Humana

  Product Review published in DM Review Magazine
March 2003 Issue
  By Mary Jo Emerick
Review of: IMPACT from KnowledgeBase Marketing, Inc.


REVIEWER: Mary Jo Emerick, business solutions innovator, direct response marketing for Humana.

BACKGROUND: Humana Inc., headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, is one of the nation's largest publicly traded managed healthcare companies with approximately 6 million medical members located primarily in 16 states and Puerto Rico, including more than 1.2 million in Florida. Humana offers coordinated healthcare through a variety of plans - health maintenance organizations, preferred provider organizations, point-of-service plans and administrative services products - to employer groups, government-sponsored plans and individuals.

PLATFORMS: KnowledgeBase Marketing offers IMPACT in an ASP environment. Humana employees run multimedia, multiclient campaigns from their desktop browsers in real time.

PROBLEM SOLVED: IMPACT provided Humana with the ability to execute complex campaigns, track responses and measure the results quickly, while supporting multiple business lines. Through IMPACT, we maintain clean databases, with a high level of data integrity and are able to track marketing efforts from planning to campaign execution to sales reporting. IMPACT created additional outside revenue opportunities by leveraging our in-house marketing ability to create and execute marketing campaigns for outside clients.

PRODUCT FUNCTIONALITY: IMPACT allows us to analyze customer demographics, products and marketing interactions at any time based on real-time data. We provide data feeds to the database multiple times per day, seven days a week. We are able to respond to marketing interactions, market changes and government guidelines using data that is updated daily. In addition, we use the database for creating and executing marketing campaigns for outside clients utilizing our in-house marketing expertise.

STRENGTHS: IMPACT gives us one-stop shopping. We were able to combine our purchased lists, house records, demographic appends, suppression lists, merge/purge and hygiene efforts, and sales transactions into one central repository. This integrated data source allows us to provide direct-response marketing support to many business lines, in addition to Medicare, by executing and tracking campaigns, and reviewing response and trend reports immediately. We expect to reduce total annual expenses over our previous process. In a nutshell, we will increase revenue and improve profitability.

WEAKNESSES: Documentation for our commercial database is incomplete. KnowledgeBase Marketing and Humana have made the completion of this documentation a priority for 2003.

SELECTION CRITERIA: Humana selected KnowledgeBase Marketing because they are a technology company that offers closed-loop marketing functionality and consulting as opposed to a marketing company that utilized computers. We needed a centralized system to replace the many outdated, independent, standalone internal systems to contain costs, ensure data integrity and meet governmental compliance for our major product. KnowledgeBase Marketing's IMPACT offered all the marketing functions we were looking for from a single vendor - data, merge/purge and list hygiene services, hosting services with online real-time access, marketing tracking of all customer touchpoints, promotion and response history, functionality to run campaigns and the ability to view analytical reporting immediately.

DELIVERABLES: Within one tool, IMPACT provides output files for Humana's telemarketing department and Humana's media- buying vendor, print vendors, fulfillment vendors and any other output resulting from campaign creation. IMPACT also delivers reports that detail all aspects of our campaigns - all the way through to policy sales resulting from marketing campaigns. The system provides multiple reports for each feed load, allowing immediate troubleshooting if necessary. Access to the databases and tools is available 24x7 via a Web-based portal with varying levels of security - based on user login.

VENDOR SUPPORT: KnowledgeBase Marketing took the time to gain an understanding of our needs and concerns. They work with us as part of our team and have been very supportive through the building of both our commercial and consumer databases. They are proactive when issues arise and are dedicated to helping us achieve success.

DOCUMENTATION: The documentation for our consumer database is superior. Every aspect of the system has been documented in such a user-friendly manner that the system could be run from the documentation alone. The documentation for the commercial database is not as robust, which is to be rectified in 2003.


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Mary Jo Emerick, business solutions innovator, direct response marketing for Humana.

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