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New Product News

  Product News published in DM Direct Special Report
January 28, 2003 Issue
  By DM Review Editorial Staff

e.Spreadsheet products from Actuate Corporation include the industry's first enterprise report creation solution that enables business users to design Web-based, fully functional Microsoft Excel reports with virtually no training. Actuate's e.Spreadsheet Designer uses a patent- pending spreadsheet paradigm to generate dynamic enterprise reports based on information extracted from disparate data sources. Organizations are able to maintain a "single version of the truth" and retain control of data access, while distributing day-to-day report creation across the enterprise to a new set of users. Actuate e.Spreadsheet Designer supports Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP. The e.Spreadsheet Option server component supports Windows NT, Windows 2000, Solaris, HP/UX and AIX.



AppAssure Version 1.0.3 from Alignment Software is the support for performance monitoring of clustered WebLogic servers. Through its console, server and adapter architecture, AppAssure can monitor applications that include one or more of Apache, Tomcat, JBoss, WebLogic, Oracle 8i, MySQL, Sun Solaris, Microsoft Windows and Red Hat Linux. More adapters are being added continually to support additional technologies. With dynamic, tunable instrumentation, users can record and playback transactions and monitor their performance in detail. One-click root cause analysis identifies specific trouble spots, while thresholds and alerts tell users immediately when problems arise.



Applix Integra 1.2 from Applix, Inc. is a platform that integrates planning, performance management and operational data, enabling companies to optimize business performance and customer interaction. These new enhancements in Applix Integra 1.2 help companies improve strategic planning and what-if analysis and increase productivity. Applix Integra 1.2 includes a new capability that allows users to make changes at any level of the corporate structure and then intelligently spread those changes with a few keystrokes to multiple dimensions such as accounts, time and departments. Other enhancements include improved response times, event-driven workflow commands, an enhanced Web user interface to enable spreadsheet-like navigation and data entry and support for the Oracle9i database.

www.applix.com/solutions/default.asp? content=integra


Abend-AID Fault Manager 3.0 from Compuware Corporation has been enhanced to help information technology (IT) managers proactively manage fault events by detecting and collecting faults in the Sun Solaris UNIX server environment in addition to OS/390 and Windows NT server fault events. Additionally, Fault Manager now allows reports and graphs to be scheduled and sent in e-mail form. Fault Manager provides the ability to view the Abend-AID diagnostics section from Fault Manager. This enables quick resolution of problems before they become a crisis and helps reduce application downtime and ensure service level agreements.



RapidMAP and RapidMODEL from Core Integration Partners, Inc. is a rapid deployment suite of solutions. Wizards automate the building of baseline data flow diagrams and data models. By using these solutions, Core Integration estimates it can shave up to 70 percent or more off development times. RapidMAP helps developers automatically create basic source-to-target mappings that can be integrated into Informatica's PowerMart and PowerCenter data integration platforms. Once source systems are identified, RapidMAP will generate XML that contains mapping information for all identified source-to- target relationships. RapidMODEL can be automatically applied in stage area modeling, data warehouses and data marts.



VorteXML Server from Datawatch Corporation enables users to easily automate the often laborious and lengthy process of transforming legacy data into valid extensible markup language (XML). The product complements VorteXML Designer, which allows users to visually extract, transform and map data from structured text output into valid XML without programming. Together, the combined solution provides the ideal toolset to generate XML for popular e- business applications including bill and statement presentment, B2B interactions, legacy transformation and Web services. VorteXML Server offers users the ability to invoke conversion remotely through a Web service via Java, .NET or any other SOAP-enabled client. VorteXML Server runs on Microsoft Windows 2000 and XP and is available immediately.



DataDirect Connect for .NET 1.1 from DataDirect Technologies Inc. contains updated data connectivity components that enable software developers to access enterprise data using .NET, Microsoft's newest platform for building, deploying and running XML Web services and applications. DataDirect Connect for .NET 1.1 adds support for distributed transactions for Oracle and Sybase and updated support for several Oracle data types. In addition to support for the MS DTC, DataDirect Connect for .NET 1.1 now supports several additional Oracle data types, including Timestamp, Timestamp with Local Time Zone, Timestamp with Time Zone, the National Language character types and ROWID. Other new features include support for ODBC/JDBC escape sequences, such as outer joins, scalar functions and date, time and timestamp literals; support for retrieving connection information from Oracle's TNSNames file and the Sybase Interfaces file; and support for Oracle 9iR2.



Tifosi 2002 from Fiorano Software, Inc. is a service- based integration platform to extend its offerings in the EAI, BPM and B2B integration market. Tifosi, a distributed Services Integration Platform is based on super-peer architecture that facilitates the composition, deployment and management of distributed enterprise applications. Tifosi also links individual enterprises together for extended process efficiency across the supply chain, allowing them more flexibility and adaptability to rapidly changing business requirements. Fiorano's Tifosi 2002 includes numerous improvements and features over its last release including TES Failover, Cross Enterprise Communication, JMS Pluggability, GNU C Compiler Compatibility, C & ActiveX Runtime Libraries (RTLs), Internationalization by providing support for Multi-Byte Characters (MBC), SNMP compliance for connecting with standard NMS, better network administration tools and enhanced queue manager.

Evaluation copies of Tifosi 2002 can be downloaded at www.fiorano.com


GoldMine CustomerIQ for Wealth Management from FrontRange Solutions Inc. is now available. This product has an array of industry- specific features designed for investment, brokerage and asset management firms seeking to help customers maximize their financial holdings. GoldMine CustomerIQ for Wealth Management includes a variety of features and industry- specific functionality to deliver the highest value, integrated relationship solution for financial services companies.



MegaRam-SuperSpeed SSD from Imperial Technology is a software solution for Microsoft NT, Windows 2000 Advanced Server, Data Center and Windows XP environments. MegaRam-SuperSpeed software allows users to utilize excess memory like a virtual hard disk (also known as memory disk, disk cache or RAM disk), thereby supercharging application performance. The software differs from simply defining an "in-memory" disk in that a performance partition is created on a system hard drive that corresponds to the memory space. This critical difference allows the data to be written to the memory space as if it were a hard drive and the application benefits from 100 times faster performance than a traditional hard drive. I/Os are then written to the corresponding performance partition on a system drive for complete non- volatile operation.



Sphereon 4500 Fabric Switch and Intrepid 6140 Director from McDATA Corporation are now available with Hitachi Freedom Storage Series systems, allowing the customers of Hitachi Data Systems, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd., to enjoy flexibility, investment protection and ultra-high availability. McDATA's core-to-edge family of storage networking solutions includes the Sphereon 4500, which is designed from the ground up to address the needs of small-to-medium enterprises and can be readily expanded to meet future needs. Similarly, the Intrepid 6140 Director is the industry's only 140 port, two GB/s director, providing maximum resource utilization without compromising future flexibility and overall return on investment.



MetaPure from Metagenix, Inc. is a data quality auditing (DQA) product. Aimed at organizations with data quality-dependent enterprise systems such as customer relationship management (CRM), supply chain management (SCM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP), MetaPure combines both data auditing and business process analyses to attach the problem of poor data quality. Built around an easy-to-use interface and a robust platform developed for use across departments, data warehouses and silos, MetaPure works by applying specific business rules as a continuous check of data quality, providing real-time, up-to-date scorecards and reports that measure and archive data quality across the enterprise. MetaPure is designed to work in almost all client/server environments, such as Windows NT, Linux and UNIX.



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This piece has been brought to you by the DM Review Editorial staff.

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