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New Product News

  Product News published in DM Direct Special Report
November 5, 2002 Issue
  By DM Review Editorial Staff

Sybase Enterprise Portal (EP) 5.0 from Sybase, Inc. offers simplified and integrated development, deployment, maintenance and monitoring to reduce the overall time and cost associated with portal projects. New features include a Portal Studio, which enables rapid portlet development, deployment and maintenance in a point-and-click environment; Portal Framework with patent-pending technology to enable easy capture of Web content by end users; a redesigned GUI that improves ease of use and overall user productivity; and advanced built-in security. Sybase EP 5.0 adds support for multiple databases and application servers, including Sybase EAServer, BEA WebLogic and IBM Websphere.



Enterprise Guide Version 2.0 from SAS is a powerful Windows client application with an easy-to-use interface that allows companies to better leverage business intelligence resources to worldwide customers. As the single point of access to SAS' dynamic capabilities, Enterprise Guide omits the need for programming for business analysts. New features include role-based task display which decreases the complexity of the user interface, leading to increased productivity and reduced overall learning time; integrated scheduling allows end users to refresh and disseminate reports automatically at regular intervals, leading to better knowledge exchange (and reduced IT workload); and increased flexibility to adapt to the needs of the enterprise by supporting the development of custom tasks using familiar development environments such as Microsoft Visual Basic or .NET.



Kaidara Advisor from Kaidara Software enables organizations to efficiently share expert knowledge across language and geographic boundaries and provide consistent responses to inquiries regardless of user's preferred language. Acting as a central knowledge repository, Kaidara Advisor captures and retains expertise from across the organization and provides customers and service agents accurate responses on the first request and helps eliminate rework and support escalations within customer contact centers or through customer care Web sites.



Kaidara Dialog from Kaidara Software accelerates the retrieval of relevant information to solve customer's service and support problems. By providing an advanced natural language interface, Kaidara Dialog enables users to present a problem or question in their own choice of terms without limiting the quality or accuracy of the response. Kaidara Dialog is able to automatically interpret terms and related concepts, numbers, synonyms, acronyms and abbreviations correctly. In addition, Kaidara Dialog can trigger the generation of clarifying questions to refine the customer's request and provide the most accurate and relevant response to a customer support question or problem.



3PAR InServ Utility Storage from 3PAR in an advanced, next-generation data center environment which offers highly customized and flexible IT services that meet the business needs of large, enterprise-class companies. 3PAR InServ provides the simplified storage management needed to rapidly respond to clients' request in seconds rather than hours or days, cost-effectively scale to their growing needs and deliver simple provisioning and administration at very competitive costs. Through its ability to connect to many different hosts and scale from the mid-range to hundreds of terabytes (TB), the 3PAR InServ Storage Server delivers up to three times the capacity and five times the performance of competing systems.



PROGNOSIS 7.07 from Integrated Research Ltd. (IR) provides a comprehensive cross- platform e-business management software for a complete view of the infrastructure and end-to-end control of the environment for UNIX, Linux, Windows and HP NonStop. A host of new features and feature updates include real-world transaction monitoring and advanced application response-time analysis. Java Virtual Machine (JVM) statistics and server consolidation provides companies with comprehensive control of their e- business infrastructures, from the business view of the end-user experience right through the IT administrator's view of Web services, middleware, databases and servers. PROGNOSIS 7.07 supports all major e-business infrastructures, including WebLogic, WebSphere, JVM, IIS, ARM, LDAP, DNS, TCP/IP, HTTP/S, MQSeries, Oracle, Microsoft Exchange Server and BASE24.



MetaRecon QS (Quality Server) from Metagenix is an extension to its MetaRecon suite of data profiling tools and complements the existing MetaRecon AS (Analysis Server) module that provides automated data profiling and analysis (ADPA). MetaRecon QS provides users with the ability to periodically assess the quality of their enterprise data. Running in a standalone server configuration, MetaRecon QS can be used as part of a program of continuous data quality improvement. MetaRecon QS ensures that enterprise data will always pass these tests:

  • Domain Validation - Are the ranges and types of values within specified limits?
  • Patterns - Does the data match understood patterns?
  • Validity - Does the data conform to a set of "edits"?
  • Definition - Is the data referenced correctly?
  • Completeness - Is all of the data present that is needed for the intended use?
  • Business Rules - Does the data conform to a set of known business rules?
  • Relationships - Does the data match and conform to known constraints?
  • Modeling - Does the data match a known data model?



SAPGlobal Trade Services (SAP GTS) from SAP AG a new cross-industry commerce application that helps companies manage the complexities and risks of today's global trade. A key capability of SAP GTS is compliance management, which automates the process of sanctioned party list screening as well as import and export control through license management and embargo screening. Compliance management immediately screens a company's business partners as well as along the sales and purchase management processes, ensuring that companies check against the latest sanctioned party lists published by governmental agencies.



Survey v.2.2 from Scalable Software, Inc. is a software tool that correlates actual usage time on desktop and Web- based applications with installed software and hardware. Survey v 2.2 includes Policy Manager which integrates inventory and usage data with policy management that allows for creating and managing IT policies for desktops. IT administrators can proactively create and manage policies to ensure compliance within the enterprise.



Vignette V7 from Vignette Corp. includes prebuilt, yet highly configurable content management applications with configuration tools such as a graphical workflow modeler and graphical integration workbench, designed to dramatically reduce the time and effort required to build and maintain Web sites and portals. An intuitive, roles-based interface also enables business users to control and collaborate on the end-to-end process of managing content, without requiring assistance from IT staff.



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This piece has been brought to you by the DM Review Editorial staff.

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