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New Product News

  Product News published in DM Direct Special Report
October 8, 2002 Issue
  By Mary Jo Nott

Teradata Warehouse 7.0 from Teradata, a division of NCR Corporation, is a suite of software with technical enhancements that extend decision-making beyond corporate management to all functions across the organization, optimizing operational and strategic decisions. Teradata Warehouse 7.0 simplifies complex data warehouse architectures by consolidating all decision support databases into one central, enterprise data warehouse. The consolidation of data marts, operational data stores and analytic servers makes it practical to integrate historical and current operational data within the same enterprise data warehouse and eliminates the expense and headache of administering redundant databases. The highlights of Teradata Warehouse 7.0 customer-driven enhancements and capabilities improve system availability, allow access by tens of thousands of concurrent users, keep data fresh, process mixed workloads of historical and current data and optimize the way the system handles queries.



Actuate Web Services API from Actuate Corporation enables enterprises to seamlessly integrate the distribution of critical business application data from disparate applications throughout the enterprise and beyond. Utilizing Actuate Web Services API, organizations can quickly and securely build information delivery services that increase employee productivity, improve corporate reporting processes and cement relationships with customers and business partners. Actuate Web Services API has been developed with a pure simple object access protocol (SOAP) API, which enables Actuate's partners and customers to easily embed the entire functionality of Actuate 6 into any business application. Actuate Web Services API is WSDL certified for the J2EE- based Axis WSDL Toolkit as well as Visual Studio .NET, which comprises support for both of the leading web services development platforms and supports UDDI directory services - rounding out its native support for all relevant Web services standards.



Content Manager version 8 from IBM offers a 30 percent time savings for developers to deploy applications, and also provides 25 percent faster search capabilities for users. Content Manager version 8 supports IBM's federated approach to data management - enabling customers to pull information from within their existing IT architecture, allowing them to build their next- generation applications based on their current technology infrastructure. This new software will help customers manage and utilize their existing business information - from e-mails and documents to scanned images to audio and video - to help them become more efficient, respond faster to suppliers and customers, tap into new markets and make their operations more cost-effective.



Secure.Data for IBM DB2 for OS/390 and z/Series mainframes from Protegrity, Inc. is an out-of-the-box automated database access control solution with protected key management software for selectively encrypting and securing enterprise relational database information at the data-item level. The product is fully deployable into production environments in just a few days. This database security solution is operationally transparent, which allows for rapid execution and cost-effective privacy compliance. The price for Secure.Data for IBM DB2 for OS/390 and z/Series mainframes starts at $250,000 based on Logical Partition Architecture (LPAR) and CPU configurations.



Release 4.1 of Galaxy Backup and Recovery solution from CommVault Systems Inc. provides a broad spectrum of disk- based data protection solutions that fully leverage its dynamic storage media capabilities. The advantages of CommVault's disk-based data protection solutions are faster backup speeds from improved parallelism resulting in smaller backup windows; significantly faster restore performance via random access to backup data; and seamless policy-based movement to secondary media for long-term retention. For the first time, disk-to-disk, disk-to-tape and tape-to-tape transfers of data allow customers to store data in the right place at the right time to meet availability requirements and cost constraints. Now, high performance disk-based backup can be seamlessly integrated into a broader overall data life cycle management strategy.



Symtrax Portal from Symtrax Corporation, is a repository for reports and other output originating on various platforms and provides a personalized Web interface for users to reporting data. It captures and indexes output from ERP, database and other legacy and midrange systems. This report data is then made available to users or groups of users, depending on their profile and level of access. For direct host connectivity, special plug-ins are available in order to capture report output directly at the source for a variety of sources. Symtrax Portal runs on a Windows 2000 server and monitors local and remote folders accessible to the server. Symtrax Portal is available for free trial downloads at the Symtrax Web site.



Warehouse Workbench (WWB) Version 4.95 from SOLONDE (solutions on demand) is the first data extraction, transformation and loading (ETL) product for under $1,000. A free version, in addition to a 14-day trail version of the full product is available at their Web site. Warehouse Workbench is typically used to move and integrate data between multiple data environments so that it can be used in reports, spreadsheets and databases as well as in operational and business intelligence applications. The full range of Warehouse Workbench software, running on Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP, is compatible with virtually all of today's commonly used business databases, including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Informix and others. Warehouse Workbench offers unparalleled ease of use with benefits such as WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) real-time data visualization during transformation design.



Precise/Sharkpoint software for IBM's TotalStorage Enterprise Storage Server (code-named Shark) from Precise Software Solutions enables information technology staff to quickly and proactively detect and correct storage performance bottlenecks and relate them to the application and users' activities, thus improving the application performance and improve end- user response time. The end result is a faster return on investment on storage expansion while leveraging infrastructure investment and making the best use of scarce personnel resources.



ER/Studio 5.5 and ER/Studio Repository 2.0 from Embarcadero Technologies, Inc. improve the value of data modeling to drive higher quality and performance from databases and data warehouses. Version 5.5 includes a new graphical interface that assists modelers in arranging, navigating and communicating complex diagrams, dramatically reducing overall modeling project time by minimizing layout and display chores faced by those involved with the design life cycle. ER/Studio now automatically creates presentation-quality diagrams with one click. A comprehensive new feature set ensures ER/Studio fits the needs of database designers and DBAs who require enhanced support for the most current RDBMS features. Among the more than 50 new features are data dictionary updates and support for complex objects such as Oracle packages and materialized views. Version 2.0 for ER/Studio Repository introduces an exclusive checkout option that provides restricted rights to the checkout user, new status icon symbols and pop-up help support, as well as several performance and implementation updates.



DataDirect jXTransformer from DataDirect Technologies is an XML software component that saves time and removes complexity by providing a simple, consistent approach to creating XML data from any relational database or updating any relational database from an XML input. DataDirect jXTransformer enables architects and developers to write XML code once that works across multiple relational databases and with older versions of individual databases. Because DataDirect jXTransformer uses an API for data access and does not require any database changes, it offers more flexibility than proprietary database XML extensions, many of which require creating new relational objects and stored procedures.

www.datadirect- technologies.com


Solid FlowEngine 3.7 from Solid Information Technology Corp. offers a new synchronization technique that enhances replication optimization by enabling a master device in a distributed system to inform the replica devices that updates are available. With this version, a replica can now remain as up to date as is required without having to regularly poll the master, maximizing data freshness while minimizing bandwidth requirements. In addition, Solid has added support for JDBC (Java database connectivity) 2.0 - the leading standard for Java applications that access relational databases.



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Mary Jo Nott is the editor in chief of DM Review and responsible for the content that appears in the magazine and its associated Web sites. You can reach her at (262) 784-0444, ext. 215 or maryjo.nott@sourcemedia.com.

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