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InformEnt Enables New Service at First Indiana Bank

  Product Review published in DM Review Magazine
May 2002 Issue
  By Jay Vachon
Review of: InformEnt from Fiserv, Inc.

CATEGORY: Analytic Applications

REVIEWER: Jay Vachon, InformEnt administrator for First Indiana Corporation.

BACKGROUND: First Indiana Corporation is a full- service financial institution offering comprehensive solutions to businesses and individuals. Founded in 1915, it is the holding company for $2.0-billion First Indiana Bank, N.A., the largest bank headquartered in Indianapolis, and Somerset Financial Services, an accounting and consulting firm. It has 26 offices in Central Indiana, plus construction and consumer loan offices in Indiana, Arizona, Florida, Illinois, North Carolina, Oregon and Ohio. First Indiana also originates consumer loans in 46 states through a national independent agent network.

PLATFORMS: The warehouse relational database for query and reporting is based on Oracle and operates on a Sun Solaris server running UNIX. The multidimensional database for summary analysis is Hyperion Essbase and operates on a Compaq server running Windows NT.

PROBLEM SOLVED: In April 2001, First Indiana Bank implemented Courtesy Cash, a new overdraft management program that helps protect clients from the embarrassment, inconvenience and merchant fees that can occur when a checking account is accidentally overdrawn. Courtesy Cash covers the overdrafts of selected customers with accounts in good standing, providing a differentiating service that is perceived by customers as a perk and motivates them to maintain balances to keep the benefit. Without InformEnt, it would have been impossible for us to customize and finely tune the selection of eligible customers. We used the solution to establish the intricate set of criteria that spots qualified customers. Each month, InformEnt identifies customers that meet eligibility criteria. We use InformEnt to generate operating reports, a mail merge file to notify clients of their selection for the service and other files for interfacing applications. This is one of many applications in the data warehouse solution at First Indiana Bank.

PRODUCT FUNCTIONALITY: The system provides us with a comprehensive information management solution that gives decision- makers across our organization a consolidated source for current, accurate and consistent information on customers, products, transactions, sales, performance, profitability and marketplace activity. InformEnt also delivers customizable analytics in the areas of financial reporting, marketing, risk and channel management.

STRENGTHS: InformEnt disseminates critical business information to key decision-makers and associates throughout our institution, empowering us to manage and exceed customer expectations, generate revenue and increase efficiency. InformEnt's prebuilt business applications and the rapid deployment of the solution throughout our organization have enabled us to quickly experience real business value. It has directly impacted our bottom line, helping us identify revenue-generation opportunities and reduce operating expenses. InformEnt's comprehensive, financial services data model incorporates more than 7,500 data elements. The flexibility of the model allows us to quickly satisfy mission-critical information needs across our entire organization.

WEAKNESSES: One of the few weaknesses of the InformEnt solution is its inability to retain formatting for exported reports. A future release will address this issue.

SELECTION CRITERIA: We chose InformEnt because of its powerful data model and its robust ability to process and present data across the enterprise. Its ability to leverage browser technologies to push information to internal partners and its multidimensional database functionality are also impressive.

DELIVERABLES: InformEnt provides a variety of outputs for report presentation, data analysis and system integration. The ability to export and import files in Excel format, Lotus 1-2-3, tab and comma-delimited text, and to export files in HTML format is advantageous and powerful. We depend on InformEnt to provide file feeds for the wide variety of systems we use. Also key is the system's robust job scheduling capabilities. We can schedule jobs on a variety of intervals and based on specific events. Jobs can be automated to e-mail documents, create Web pages, export files to directories and print reports on network printers throughout the institution. With InformEnt, reports can be tailored to meet each internal partner's specific needs.

VENDOR SUPPORT: Support from the InformEnt team has been excellent. InformEnt provides operational support on a 24x7 basis. InformEnt help desk personnel are always responsive and willing to help us. InformEnt also has a professional services staff to assist with projects as we need them.

DOCUMENTATION: InformEnt provides accurate and timely documentation (online and CD-ROM) that is easy to understand.


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Jay Vachon, InformEnt administrator for First Indiana Corporation.

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