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CA's CleverPath Predictive Analysis Server Delivers Savings and Increased Revenue with Intelligent Marketing

  Product Review published in DM Review Magazine
May 2002 Issue
  By Eddie Smith
Review of: CleverPath Predictive Analysis Server from Computer Associates International, Inc.

CATEGORY: Analytic Applications

REVIEWER: Eddie Smith, vice president of business development and product strategy for USADATA.

BACKGROUND: USADATA is a leading provider of marketing process automation systems. Our Web-based applications automate direct mail processes for large corporations. Using XML and Web technologies, USADATA's Direct Mail portals offer instant access to business and consumer data, allowing business people to do more prospecting faster, easier and more inexpensively.

PLATFORMS: USADATA's processing environment includes Dell PowerEdge server using Microsoft Windows NT and Microsoft SQL Server 2000.

PROBLEM SOLVED: Faced with changing economic conditions and ever-increasing competitive pressures, our clients need a solution that not only helps them understand what factors impact response rates from their direct mail campaigns, but also measures the potential outcome of the campaigns to maximize revenue while reducing cost. They can now find answers through our Direct Mail Portal using CleverPath Predictive Analysis Server from Computer Associates (CA). This real-time, analytical solution offers a quick and effective way to identify critical factors -- target market segments, offers and timing -- that influence campaign response so that these "levers of control" can be changed within the Portal. Users can iteratively measure, analyze and execute campaigns online until the desired response rates are achieved. With CleverPath Predictive Analysis Server, we can now deliver marketing intelligence to our customers, enabling them to identify the best prospects for a successful campaign. Using CleverPath Predictive Analysis Server and the Portal, one of our clients was able to fine- tune their marketing strategies and increase response rates by 35 percent for new customers and 21 percent on return customers - a dramatic improvement over prior campaign results. Not only has this client gained deeper knowledge of their customers and prospects, but also an intelligent marketing strategy with a potential cost savings of over $200,000 per quarter in direct mail campaigns.

PRODUCT FUNCTIONALITY: CleverPath Predictive Analysis Server incorporates U.S. patented neural network technology to rapidly analyze and extract critical business knowledge from marketing data and leverage that knowledge to reveal significant business drivers and predict business outcomes. Predictive models created by CleverPath Predictive Analysis Server can be integrated into applications to provide real-time monitoring, detection and business predictions, enabling dynamic matching of product offerings to retain and attract new customers.

STRENGTHS: The real-time predictive intelligence of CleverPath Predictive Analysis Server helps our customers capitalize on new e-business trends and quickly discover critical information to predict future outcomes. The solution can also rapidly adapt to changing market conditions and customer behaviors, allowing our clients to effectively manage and identify promotional opportunities by isolating market segments that produce from those that do not.

WEAKNESSES: The data transformation tool lacks the ability to save transformations and execute them in real time. However, this functionality will be added in a future release.

SELECTION CRITERIA: We chose CleverPath Predictive Analysis Server because it offers sophisticated, proven models that can quickly analyze and extract knowledge from data. In addition, CleverPath Predictive Analysis Server offers multiple methods for analysis, and its models can be integrated with our existing systems to deliver advanced analytics. The advantages differentiating this offering are that it provides users with fast, convenient access to sophisticated analytical output that is easily understood.

DELIVERABLES: CleverPath Predictive Analysis Server enables USADATA to deliver market intelligence to our clients in online and offline formats. This intelligence includes segmentation analysis, profile and campaign analysis output that is published through a link to our Portal. We are pleased to offer this solution to enhance services to our customers while boosting the effectiveness and overall return of their direct mail campaigns.

VENDOR SUPPORT: CA's Field Services Group provided comprehensive, professional implementation assistance, ensuring a rapid return on investment. In the few instances where technical support has been needed, CA's staff has been responsive and knowledgeable.

DOCUMENTATION: CleverPath Predictive Analysis Server's online help is well written and comprehensive, and the "Getting Started Guide" makes it easy for administrators to install the product and get it up and running.


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Eddie Smith, vice president of business development and product strategy for USADATA.

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