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News Briefs

  Online News published in DM Direct Newsletter
November 22, 2000 Issue
  By Rachel Rasmussen

NCR's New CRM Software Providing Personalized Dialogue Across all Channels

NCR Corporation announced the latest release of its customer relationship management tool, NCR CRM Solution version 4. This release is the first to unify NCR's Relationship Optimizer product line with that of Ceres Integrated Solutions, a CRM company NCR acquired in April. It enables marketers to engage in personalized dialogues with their customers across all channels including Web sites, kiosks, ATMs, call centers and e-mails. The new real-time rules engine allows these to be executed for time-sensitive communications.

The software includes advanced pattern-detection capabilities for "time- based affinity analysis" to determine which products drive the sales of additional products. It also includes automated modeling for statistical segment profiling and predicting sales, churn and response to campaigns. The new release takes multistep, event-based marketing features from NCR Relationship Optimizer and combines them with the campaign management and analysis from recently acquired Ceres Integrated Solutions. This presents marketers with analysis, action, evaluation and learning from within one tool. The software's event-driven marketing enables vendors to make personalized (multistep) offers to their customers at their point of need.

"Making good use of marketing dollars when your company sells a large variety of products across many distribution channels is already a challenge," said Peter Heffring, president of NCR CRM Division and founder and former CEO of Ceres. "It's getting harder as companies expand into new channels and new products. The only way to manage this complexity will be with software that has the power to meet these needs today and scalability for tomorrow."

NCR CRM Solution version 4 will be available at the end of the first quarter of 2001. Pricing is dependent on system configuration and starts at $150,000. For more information, please visit

Gartner Dataquest Says U.S. Hosting Market to be a $9.3 Billion Industry in 2004

Hosting, a new IT service that enables business activity on the Web, is a primary engine for the new economy. The U.S. hosting market is forecasted to experience strong growth, with revenue forecasted to grow from $2.1 billion in 1999 to more than $9.3 billion in 2004, according to Dataquest Inc., a unit of Gartner Group, Inc. The U.S. hosting segment is projected to reach $2.8 billion in 2000.

Gartner Dataquest defines hosting as the provisioning of data center facilities, bandwidth, compute and storage capacity, with varying degrees of administrative and management services. In hosting, clients are essentially responsible for applications management. In colocation, included in this definition of hosting, clients are responsible for applications and hardware management and also own the servers and other equipment located at the colocation facility, which is basically the physical infrastructure plus bandwidth. In 1999, U.S. hosting represented 6 percent of the $34.5 billion U.S. management services market. By 2004, the hosting segment will account for 13 percent of the $69.2 billion management services market.

"Hosting enlarges the IT outsourcing opportunity by providing an external IT infrastructure that can serve as the foundation for a supply chain of services. End-user enterprises can use hosting services directly, or they can buy services from a service provider supported by the hosting company," said Bruce Caldwell, senior analyst for Gartner Dataquest's worldwide IT Services group. "Thus, hosting has a traditional retail market and a new, fast-growing wholesale market. E-business, speed to market and the IT skills shortages are strong drivers for retail and wholesale customers of hosting services."

Additional analysis is available in the Gartner Dataquest Perspective, "U.S. Hosting Market: Preliminary Forecast." More information about Gartner Dataquest's recent research reports can be found at

CIOview Delivers ROI Analyzer for Data Warehousing

CIOview Corp., a provider of Web-based financial analysis tools that allow chief information officers (CIOs) to make better information technology (IT) purchase decisions, announced ROInow! for Data Warehousing. ROInow! for Data Warehousing is a software tool that allows any organization to determine the fully inclusive costs and the financial benefits of implementing and maintaining a data warehousing solution. Using ROInow! for Data Warehousing, organizations can determine the return on investment and payback period for the data warehousing solution that is tailored to their unique situation

"Finally, someone has committed a robust ROI methodology to software and made it commercially available," said Wayne Eckerson, director of research and education at The Data Warehousing Institute. "Data warehousing professionals should find this tool useful in helping to sell their data warehousing projects and measure the business benefits of the investments in terms business people can understand and appreciate."

"With financial benefits becoming a increasing factor in organization's technology purchase decisions, our new product is a lifesaver for IT decision-makers making a monumental and typically expensive data warehousing decision. The built-in knowledge bases let them skip all the varied background research and finger-in-the-air guesses, to derive a spot-on assessment of the financial impact of adopting data warehousing," said Scott McCready, president of CIOview.

ROInow! for Data Warehousing is priced at $499. For more information, please visit

Rachel Rasmussen was a Web Editor of

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