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  Online News published in DM Direct Newsletter
April 28, 2000 Issue
  By Rachel Rasmussen

E-Commerce Evolves Into Real-Time, Resilient E-Business Networks, According to Forrester Research

As the number of companies committed to e- commerce continues to grow, momentum is building toward a substantial shift in the way companies do business. According to a new report from Forrester Research, Inc., the Internet will give rise to a new market structure ? e- business networks ? in which firms will form relationships quickly, share information broadly and create value by making assets fully available online. To succeed in this setting, companies will focus on their key strengths, actively plugging in partners to fill the gaps.

Companies currently expend valuable resources building partnerships and synchronizing disparate processes and incompatible systems. But, as Internet-centric technologies evolve to enable rapid, low-cost, business-to-business connections, these partnerships will be brokered in real time and will be rich with information about services, capabilities and prices. As a result, complex negotiations will yield to software that automatically drafts agreements. Business processes that span manufacturer, distributor and retailer will be shared in e-business networks.

Beyond processes, interdependent firms in e-business networks will share information widely to give partners the data they need to act quickly and in concert. Market data will reach connected firms within mere moments. With new information flowing continually, competitive advantage will shift to the companies that manage to find the patterns in the data and to share and act on them fast.

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Visual Edge and KPMG Team to Deliver Advanced e-Business Integration Solutions

Visual Edge Software Corp., a provider of e- business integration software for market-facing applications, announced that the company will team up with KPMG Consulting to deliver advanced e-business integration solutions for SAP customers. Visual Edge will be training KPMG consultants in e-business integration over the next quarter, and the two companies will conduct a number of joint marketing activities into the SAP client base.

As a first outcome of this partnership, KPMG is utilizing Visual Edge's SAP R/3 enterprise application integration product, Madrid. KPMG chose to partner with Visual Edge because of Madrid's unique ability to provide KPMG's SAP-centered clients with immediate access to information across applications in even the largest installations, as well as its ability to quickly implement flexible, streamlined cross- application business processes.

According to John Orcutt, Visual Edge CEO, "Given that KPMG Consulting supports a wide range of world-class clients, we are extremely pleased that Madrid has proven so successful in helping increase this customer's return on investment through fast, flexible integration. We felt it was important to have a real-world customer success in place at the time of this announcement. Together, KPMG and Visual Edge are already delivering a seamless R/3 integration solution that allows SAP customers to leverage the benefits of R/3 across the entire enterprise. In this era, that's an important distinction," stated Orcutt.

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Gartner Sets Industry Standard for Real-Time Monitoring for B2B E- Business

GartnerGroup, Inc. announced a new standard for measuring business-to-business (B2B) e-business. Gartner eMetrix powered by InfoRay is a real-time monitor that enables e-businesses to react to critical changes across all business and technology areas. Gartner eMetrix powered by InfoRay provides decision-makers with real-time views into vital data housed in traditionally disparate sources such as data warehouses, enterprise resource planning systems and corporate databases. The immediate metrics on e-business processes helps to prevent critical delays and keeps businesses running at Internet speed. Gartner unveiled Gartner eMetrix powered by InfoRay at its Collaborative Commerce Conference, which began on April 25 at the Chicago Hilton Hotel and Towers.

eMetrix is a strategic monitoring and measurement service and software tool that is customizable for each individual enterprise's B2B operations. eMetrix monitors and reports on every leg of an e-business operation in real time, sending alerts to CEOs, business unit managers and CFOs when a major business opportunity is in jeopardy due to timing across the entire value chain ? from supplier to customer. eMetrix monitors the efficiency of the supply chain, customer loyalty, collaboration among suppliers, business partners and customers, e-procurement and B2B e-commerce. The customizable solution is applicable to any enterprise using any legacy system as well as any type of application and middleware. eMetrix addresses the most strategic to the most tactical aspects of e-business and, because it readily follows the integration of legacy systems, it provides the knowledge that executives need today.

Gartner eMetrix powered by InfoRay is customized and programmed into an enterprise's e-business systems and activities for a year. Gartner's analysis and services teams work with client executives to plan proactive e- business strategies to optimize performance throughout the year.

For more information, please visit

Rachel Rasmussen was a Web Editor of

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