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FileTek Announces Transparent Connectivity with Microsoft SQL7

    Online News published in
March 27, 2000
  By Rachel Rasmussen

Rockville, Md., March 27, 2000 ? FileTek, Inc. announced that its StorHouse family of products can now transparently connect to, and integrate with, Microsoft SQL Server 7. SQL Server 7 in combination with StorHouse will enable Microsoft Windows users to access data stores of virtually unlimited size through a single, transparent familiar interface. StorHouse will provide enhanced performance and scaling in a cost-effective way, expanding a company's ability to reach into the massive data assets vital for true enterprise initiatives in business intelligence and customer relationship management (CRM).

StorHouse is a relational database that allows direct access to rows stored across all storage media (e.g., tape, RAID, optical, etc.). FileTek designed StorHouse to manage terabytes to petabytes of enterprise-wide atomic or detailed data, enabling the storage and exploitation of exhaustive business information, such as Internet clickstream detail data, telephone call details, market basket data and financial transactions.

"StorHouse provides any relational database with a unique augmentation scheme called 'relational transparency'," said George Pasterak, FileTek?s vice president of development. "Traditional database extension products like HSMs provide only file level transparency; the database will attempt to access data on disk and tape in the same way, creating severe performance bottlenecks. StorHouse?s relational transparency extends the database using a separate database optimized for accessing information stored on any media from disk to tape."

StorHouse, with these new connectivity features, is available directly from FileTek. For more information, please visit

Rachel Rasmussen was a Web Editor of

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