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Aspect Software Collects and Cleanses Customer Data with DataFlux

  Product Review published in DM Review Magazine
January 2007 Issue
  By Product Reviewer
DataFlux Corporation
Review of: dfPower Studio from DataFlux Corporation

REVIEWER: Jessica Baldwin-Finke, project manager for Aspect Software.

BACKGROUND: Aspect Software is solely focused on the contact center industry. With more than 30 years of experience, Aspect provides proven, innovative products and services that enable companies to achieve their strategic customer service, collections, and sales and telemarketing business process objectives. To ensure adherence to compliance guidelines, Aspect Software needed to convert and combine data from several legacy systems onto a master data source from a different vendor. Aspect began a customer data clean-up campaign, but it wasn't until after the company converted the data to the master source that Aspect Software began to evaluate data quality and learned just how much it needed a system to organize, integrate and understand the disparate data gathered from across those legacy systems.

PLATFORM: Microsoft Windows XP.

PROBLEM SOLVED: Aspect Software turned to DataFlux dfPower Studio to cleanse and merge all customer data located within its various legacy systems onto one master data source, providing Aspect a single, unified view of customer data across the enterprise. This enabled Aspect Software to control its customer data from one source, giving analysts greater flexibility in how this information is viewed and making it easier to pull customized reports as needed. DataFlux provided built-in data quality processes to standardize, validate and cleanse customer data, while also providing matching technology to find and eliminate duplicate data. Better data quality control not only fixed the original data quality problem, but it also addressed the issue of multiple users adding, changing or removing customer records inconsistently.

PRODUCT FUNCTIONALITY: DataFlux dfPower Studio provided Aspect Software with the capabilities to match, cleanse and standardize customer data and remove duplicate records, clarifying the view of customers for the Aspect Software product marketing managers, providing greater insight into the customer base and product profiles. dfPower Studio's matching capabilities allowed analysts to match names for both companies and individuals to resolve duplicate data. DataFlux has also provided Aspect Software the ability to conduct ongoing maintenance, including prebuilt business rules to ensure customer data remains consistent, accurate and reliable over time.

STRENGTHS: DataFlux provides data quality software solutions that are intuitive, fast and flexible. The software gives users tremendous power to drill down as much as necessary to manipulate data and gain a much clearer understanding of how this data fits together. DataFlux allows nontechnical and technical users alike the ability to use this customer data to gain a big picture of the customer, both collectively and individually.

WEAKNESSES: The DataFlux software can be difficult for some nontechnical users to grasp at first, but DataFlux provides excellent personalized training to overcome this obstacle. Software developers are sometimes frustrated because they prefer a primary interface to show code, not a graphical interface. As a result, the DataFlux solution is ideally suited for the technical business employee or a data steward.

SELECTION CRITERIA: Aspect Software evaluated several leading data quality and data integration solution providers to determine which solution could handle the company's enterprise-wide customer data quality campaign. These providers all had similar capabilities, but DataFlux stood out due to its affordable cost structure and its ability to quickly demonstrate - within an hour - the strengths and weaknesses of the Aspect Software data.

DELIVERABLES: DataFlux dfPower Studio gives Aspect Software a clear and concise overview of our customer data from one single point, showing by various categories exactly who our customers are, where they're located and how many of them exist. DataFlux enhanced the data quality control process by giving Aspect analysts the ability to pull data from specific columns needed for tables and reports. dfPower Studio gives Aspect Software greater speed and flexibility, enabling analysts to run, adapt and tweak the necessary data in just seconds.

VENDOR SUPPORT: DataFlux provided excellent personalized training for a dozen Aspect Software employees and has provided superior support for ongoing data maintenance projects thus far. Technical support has been responsive and the online customer portal provides timely and helpful information.

DOCUMENTATION: Documentation has been very good.

DataFlux dfPower Studio
940 Cary Parkway, Suite 201
Cary, NC 27519
(919) 447-3000


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Product reviews are customer testimonials. We thank the author of this review for taking the time to share his or her expertise.

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