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Industry Implementations

Edmund Optics Selects Percussion Software's Rhythmyx Enterprise Content Management System

Edmund Optics (EO), a leading supplier of optics and optical components, has selected Percussion's Rhythmyx Enterprise Content Management System to leverage its content across multiple business applications.

Rhythmyx will manage content for EO's global catalog production operation, enable EO to synchronize up- to-date print catalog information with the Web site and organize marketing information for the company's intranet.

Jeff Harvey, EO's database development manager, said, "We chose Percussion's Rhythmyx solution because of its flexibility to be tailored for our specific needs. We'll have people contributing content via Rhythmyx during our catalog production process, and push that content into the final print catalogs, into the database that feeds our Web site and into the product marketing areas of our Intranet. To make all of this work, Rhythmyx has to integrate easily with our back-end database infrastructure, with Adobe InDesign for catalog production and with ColdFusion, which drives our Web presence. During our vendor search, we looked for a strong partner, and Percussion has impressed us, delivering specialized attention to apply Rhythmyx to our unique business model and IT environment."

Edmund Optics has been a leading design and manufacturing source in the optical industry since 1942, providing a wide array of multi-element lenses, lens coatings, imaging systems and optical positioning equipment. The company also has made substantial contributions to areas as varied as semiconductors, industrial metrology, medical instrumentation, telecommunications and biometrics. The bulk of EO's global sales effort is conducted by direct marketing. In fact, the company mails 2.2 million catalogs each year, and has responded to rapid growth in the international market with a variety of catalogs produced in local currencies and languages.

Marisa Edmund, EO's director of Marketing, explained, "All of our catalog production - the writing, creative design and layout - is done in the U.S. Every year, from December through March, we produce 10 catalogs in different currencies and languages for global distribution. We needed a content management system to make that process more efficient, take better advantage of economies of scale and avoid a great deal of repetitive work, such as recreating the same catalog pages over and over in each production cycle. We also knew that content management workflow is a far better way to conduct document reviews than printing and circulating 3,500 catalog pages on paper. For a solution, we evaluated competing CM solutions and chose Percussion's Rhythmyx system."

EO is implementing Rhythmyx as part of a technology upgrade program that includes integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) and sales force automation (SFA) capabilities.

Worldlink Integration Selects Soffront CRM to Improve Productivity

Worldlink Integration Group, Inc. has selected on-demand Soffront CRM to improve productivity and data integration.

"We wanted to improve productivity in all aspects of our business and integrate all customer, prospect and project data into one system," said David R. Clarke, president and CFO of Worldlink Integration Group. "We also wanted to increase our customers' ability to securely communicate with us and access collateral material through the Web, thereby improving customer service."

Worldlink selected Soffront because it provided the best features and the most flexibility. "As a mid-market organization, we needed a product that was customizable and flexible, but not too large," commented Clarke. "Other products we looked at were not as flexible or were just too cumbersome for our needs."

Clarke went on to say that with Soffront CRM, they are now much more organized and productive. "All relevant information, such as contracts, proposals and prospect data, is easily accessible in one secure location. Having one central location for all of our data ensures that our business processes are more streamlined and efficient."

Worldlink is also improving efficiency using Soffront CRM portals. The portals act as the doorway to Soffront CRM applications and other applications such as accounting and enterprise resource planning (ERP). "All of the accounting, project management and contact applications we use are integrated with Soffront CRM, which also improves our productivity," continued Clarke.

Erie Indemnity Company Selects Hyperion System 9

The Erie Indemnity Company (ERIE) will use Hyperion System 9 to integrate its planning processes and help articulate its strategy and goals company-wide.

"Improving performance measurement is a strategic imperative for us," said Charles Longua, vice president, corporate financial planning and analysis at ERIE. "We wanted a complete package for enterprise performance measurement that would support our budgeting, planning and reporting processes. That's why we selected the integrated suite of products in Hyperion System 9."

ERIE selected Hyperion System 9 with its centralized, Web-based financial planning, budgeting and forecasting solution, to track and monitor its plans and forecasts and replace its spreadsheet systems. The solution will be used to plan revenue, operating expenses, workforce management and financial reporting.

The company's Hyperion System 9 solution makes it possible for ERIE's users to access data locked in transactional systems and leverages information from existing data stores to deliver multiple levels of viewing and analysis in a single report. The company will use the solution for financial reports that include details on revenue, expenses and staffing with information from income statements and balance sheets.

Ocean Spray Implements RedPrairie Automated RFID Solution

RedPrairie Corporation, a global leader in supply chain technology solutions that enable business process transformation, announced they have completed a three-day implementation of an automated RFID labeling system at Ocean Spray's Sulphur Springs, Texas facility. Ocean Spray put the RFID solution in place to meet retailer compliance requirements.

Ocean Spray, North America's leading producer of canned and bottled juices and juice drinks, utilizes the system in a post-manufacturing set-up, tagging cases of juice products. Labels are affixed to cases running on a conveyor retrofitted with a Weber Print Applicator. The cases are then palletized and shipped to several Texas-based Wal-Mart distribution centers.

"We selected RedPrairie based on the organization's service offering and their strength in the consumer packaged goods market. We could have selected a standalone RFID vendor, but chose RedPrairie on what may be a long-term strategy of integrating RFID with a best-of-breed warehouse management system," said Ed Mahoney, Ocean Spray Project Manager.

Ocean Spray took an exploratory approach in the implementation of this initial system, noting read-rate percentages, tag application speeds, implementation time and how the system worked in a production line. The company plans to use the data for improved Deduction Management to verify, manage and improve production; and for promotion management to determine effectiveness of promotional campaigns and develop guidelines for volume production for campaigns through sales history analysis.

Honda Racing F1 Team Speeds Storage with DataCore Virtualization Software

The Honda Racing F1 Team, through its partnership with NCE in the UK, has deployed DataCore's SANmelody solution to achieve a robust, high-performance IT infrastructure for data storage to support the F1 team activities both on and off the track. These include the normal email, documents, database and spreadsheet type systems support for the Honda Racing F1 Team, but more importantly the computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacture (CAD/CAM), development and performance monitoring of the RA106 race cars, plus the everyday use and analysis of still images and video footage for engineering adjustments and driver feedback.

Top reasons for embracing DataCore were overall performance to speed up workloads and backups, the flexibility of the solution and its inherent ability to use existing disks - thereby protecting the value of the team's existing Fibre Channel and SCSI investment and its ability to make storage "simple to drive" - saving much time and effort both in terms of adding new disks and managing changing capacity needs.

The Honda Racing F1 Team did not want to be bogged down managing infrastructure, therefore the fact that DataCore's SANmelody software was simple to implement and use meant that they did not have to become storage experts. Other factors that tipped the purchasing decision were, according to the IT team at the Honda Racing F1 Team, the quality of DataCore's people as well as the price-performance of the technology that out-paced the competition.

"Before DataCore, we had separate islands of information, many of which were capacity constrained," said David France, IT director of the Honda Racing F1 Team. "This was a result of the past and was formed from a mixture of Fibre Channel, SCSI and other data storage media, some of which had become old, unreliable and in need of replacement. We needed to modernize our approach and add flexibility going forward so we readily selected DataCore over three other solutions that we considered."

Prior to DataCore the IT infrastructure of the Honda Racing F1 Team was far from ideal. The IT team was routinely running out of disk space on some servers, and they were unable to reallocate or use the spare capacity from other servers because each system was its own "island" of capacity. It was a scenario characterized by having to manually archive data to an unreliable, portable disk or having to delete data to keep services going. Moreover, backups were taking hours to run (in fact, more than 24 hours in the worst cases), and this obviously negatively affected the working day. Worse still, sometimes back-ups had to be stopped before completion. Adding to this was the fact that older disk systems were delivering poor performance compared with what is now available. The bottom line was a day-in-the-life riddled with frequent down times and wrought with inconvenience. "We wound up spending too much time dealing with storage issues versus the business of racing," added France.

The Honda Racing F1 Team engaged the UK's award-winning storage specialist NCE to integrate best-of-breed products to modernize their storage infrastructure. NCE identified DataCore Software as having the virtualization solution that would best meet the team's requirements. NCE put together the final solution and provided both evaluation support, SAN integration, the necessary backup and storage systems and the expertise to implement and plan the infrastructure upgrade.

eHarmony Expands SPSS Deployment Company-Wide for Research and Development

eHarmony, the Internet's No. 1 relationship service, has purchased additional SPSS software for its research and development department.

Founded in 2000, eHarmony is the first relationship service on the Web to use a scientific approach to match highly compatible singles. Today, eHarmony has more than 11 million registered users and, according to an independent poll, more than 90 eHarmony members on average marry every day as a result of being matched on the site. Recently, the company launched eHarmony Marriage, a personalized, interactive, online "Marriage Wellness" program designed to help couples achieve stronger, healthier and happier marriages.

eHarmony has implemented SPSS predictive analytics software in various areas of its business, including scientific research, brand development, product research, compatibility models, customer satisfaction and retention, and projective analysis. The additional deployment of SPSS will ensure that its teams of researchers and psychologists have access to the full power of predictive analytics.

"SPSS is the lens through which we view our data. The numerous analytic and data management tools it provides has enabled our organization to understand important information in more novel, forward-thinking ways," said eHarmony's Senior Director of Research and Product Development Steve Carter.

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