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Industry Implementations

  Product News published in DM Direct Newsletter
May 26, 2006 Issue
  By DM Review Editorial Staff

Tempur-Pedic Improves Effectiveness of Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance and Reporting with Compliance Management Dashboard

Tempur-Pedic International, Inc. is now live on the Hyperion Compliance Management Dashboard to assist with its ongoing Sarbanes-Oxley activities. The Hyperion Compliance Management Dashboard is the first solution to bring together internal control information with financial data in a dashboard that helps customers quickly and efficiently evaluate the effectiveness of internal controls on material financial accounts.

The Hyperion Compliance Management Dashboard used by Tempur-Pedic is integrated with an existing control monitoring tool and with the Hyperion Financial Management financial consolidation and reporting application. The Compliance Management Dashboard provides "traffic-light" and drill down capabilities that allow senior managers to quickly evaluate the status of compliance efforts, and drill down into lower levels of detail if desired.

"Tempur-Pedic is very pleased with the Hyperion Compliance Management Dashboard," commented Jeffrey Johnson, the company's chief accounting officer. "It is helping us with our ongoing compliance activities by making it easier to focus on key activities and financial reporting control areas. Tempur-Pedic uses the Compliance Management Dashboard to obtain status visibility, clarity and information to direct internal control efforts and provide management reporting. Tempur-Pedic has been a long-time Hyperion customer. Two years ago, we upgraded from Hyperion Enterprise to Hyperion Financial Management in order to improve our financial close process. We view the Compliance Management Dashboard as the next logical step in the continuous improvement of our financial processes."

Hyperion partnered with 1Answer Solutions, a Hyperion Consulting Reseller Partner, in the creation and integration of the compliance management dashboard solution using Hyperion Performance Suite. 1Answer also created a sophisticated and flexible risk assessment calculation for the control metrics. "The Compliance Management Dashboard is unique in that it combines financial information with compliance data to give company executives a better view into their compliance efforts," commented Justin Gillespie, President, 1Answer Solutions. "By combining these two sources of data, customers can quickly see areas at risk of non-compliance and the associated exposure. Because Hyperion's Business Performance Management Platform integrates financial management information with robust analytics, we had the ideal platform for building and distributing the Compliance Management Dashboard. Depending on the sources being used, we can now implement this solution in as little as six to eight weeks."

Baker University Selects Campus Management Corporation For New Enterprise System

Baker University has chosen Campus Management Corporation's unified "One Campus" solution as its new, university-wide administrative system. After careful and thorough analysis of several leading administrative software providers, Baker University chose Campus Management as their solution provider.

Growth in non-traditional programs, in addition to its traditional programs, required a new enterprise system to replace their existing platform.

"We chose Campus Management because of their highly configurable architecture, their development path towards a full Microsoft.NET platform, and their user-friendly interface," said Simon Maxwell, assistant vice president for Information Technology at Baker University. "Baker went through an exhaustive selection process and Campus Management offered the best functionality of the solutions we considered. In addition, the ongoing maintenance costs post implementation will be significantly lower. We also found that Campus Management has a wide base of diverse references that successfully experienced rapid deployment of their integrated system."

Working with consultant Rogers O'Neill of Education Strategies, Baker University designed their new One Campus platform with CampusVue student information system, CampusPortal, CampusQuery business intelligence, and CampusVantage Financials and HR software.

Long-Term Client McKee Foods Cites System Flexibility at the Core of Decision to Upgrade to StayinFront CRM 9.3

Collegedale, Tenn.-based McKee Foods has elected to upgrade to StayinFront Consumer Goods 9.3. McKee Foods Corporation is best known for its line of Little Debbie snack cakes, America's leading snack cake brand. McKee Food's national sales force of 400 representatives works with more than 3,300 independent distributors throughout the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and select U.S. Military bases overseas.

McKee Foods has been using StayinFront CRM products since 2000. After reviewing the latest version of StayinFront Consumer Goods, the robust, flexible and cost-effective solution for sales force automation, marketing automation and customer service applications, McKee Foods decided to upgrade their sales force. "We've been with StayinFront for quite a while now and felt the core functionality they offer in their new Consumer Goods product supports our initiatives," said Jerry Griswold, sales information systems manager of McKee Foods Corporation. He continued, "We'll make some configuration changes to meet our exact workflow processes, and the high level of flexibility that the StayinFront product offers makes that easy. We're looking forward to the upgrade and I think our field users will appreciate the new features."

Wachovia Selects Exstream Software's Dialogue

Wachovia Corporation, one of the largest providers of financial services to retail, brokerage and corporate customers, has selected Exstream Software's Dialogue software to provide an enterprise infrastructure for building and deploying its personalized print/mail document applications. Using Dialogue, Wachovia plans to design, produce, maintain and deliver sophisticated, fully customized customer communications that clarify investment performance, encourage financial planning and reflect the complete client relationship - while meeting critical business requirements for speed to market, cost effectiveness and flexibility.

NetSuite and Google Combine On Enterprise Search Initiatives

NetSuite has created a Google OneBox for Enterprise module to add unprecedented flexibility when searching business data across the enterprise. NetSuite and Google enterprise customers can simultaneously search for data within the NetSuite application suites, the Web and other data sources using the Google search interface. The combination of NetSuite and Google OneBox for Enterprise gives users the powerful ability to perform searches across information on the Web, the internal corporate network and their NetSuite data - searching customers, vendors, items, events, and transactions - and other linked data sources. NetSuite and Google have also combined efforts to support NetSuite's unique role-based architecture. Searches executed by Google Search Appliance users only retrieve data from NetSuite based on the security privileges present in a NetSuite user's role-based profile.

Google OneBox for Enterprise provides secure, real-time access to information in turnkey business applications such as NetSuite. By integrating NetSuite's Global Search capability with Google OneBox for Enterprise, queries from the Google Search Appliance interface - built on the same simple, ease-of-use paradigm as Google.com - return relevant records from NetSuite transactional business data. In addition, because the combined NetSuite/Google offering supports NetSuite's unique role-based architecture, searches executed by Google Search only return data that is permitted based on the rights and privileges assigned to a user.

Using the NetSuite Global Search module and Google OneBox for Enterprise increases end-user productivity by making data easily accessible, retrievable and relevant.

"Google is excited to partner with NetSuite to provide easy access to NetSuite information directly through the Google Search Appliance," said Dave Girouard, vice president and general manager of Google Enterprise. "Our integration will make it faster and easier for our joint customers to access NetSuite application data."

"With the OneBox for Enterprise feature of the new Google Search Appliance, NetSuite customers can query NetSuite and the Web to search for relevant data across multiple related applications and repositories either inside or outside the firewall," said Kristen Brown, VP of Business Development at NetSuite. "This capability to quickly and securely search for business information from the convenience of the familiar Google search box will allow customers to increase efficiencies across different business processes: from the front office, through the back office, online and in related repositories."

Google and SAS to Deliver Expanded Search Capabilities for Business Intelligence

SAS, the leader in business intelligence, announced new technology with Google that will allow joint clients to perform contextually relevant searches through the popular Google search interface to surface information, analysis and reports from SAS business intelligence (BI) software beginning this summer. The combination of the Google Search Appliance with the SAS Enterprise Intelligence Platform will give users more information than what ordinary keyword searches would return from an initial query, enabling them to think and act more strategically on their business intelligence knowledge.

Google OneBox for Enterprise uses the same technology that provides information on stock tickers or weather information on Google.com. In the same way that SAS has expanded access to BI information by creating targeted user interfaces for its software that match the skill levels of individual users, SAS and Google will provide joint customers who activate the OneBox for Enterprise feature of the new Google Search Appliance with a familiar, secure way to search for real-time information delivered by SAS BI software.

Google OneBox for Enterprise combined with SAS enterprise business intelligence delivers relevant search results for business users in the same way it does for any visitor to the Google Web site looking for information about local news, weather or restaurants. For example, when a SAS customer types a phrase such as "fourth quarter 2005 sales" into a Google-powered intranet search engine, it will return a snapshot of relevant information including reports, data and analysis along with links to other results that could consist of the top selling products, top salespersons or top 10 customers for that time period. In this way, the powerful combination of Google search technology and the SAS Enterprise Intelligence Platform now understands more than just what the user means and returns more than what they expect, making it easier and more accurate to make effective management decisions. All search results are filtered through existing enterprise security protocols, delivering intelligence tailored to each user's individual access rights.

"Google is excited to work with SAS to deliver business intelligence information and help employees spot trends right from their Google search box," said Dave Girouard, Vice President and General Manager of Google Enterprise. "We're aiming to make enterprise search as comprehensive and useful as Web search and our partnership with SAS is a big step forward in that direction."

This is the first of many technology initiatives that SAS and Google will spearhead to help organizations eliminate information silos by sharing relevant knowledge across business units. For more information, please visit the SAS Website.

ODL Securities Deploys Reference Data Management Platform from AIM Software

London-based trading house ODL Securities Limited has selected AIM Software's data management platform GAIN for the integration of price, static and corporate actions data provided by FT Interactive Data.

As a large forex, derivatives and equities trading house, ODL Securities required a data integration platform that supports the direct input of FTID's FTS ExShare data into an Oracle infrastructure. Together with its local partner TraderTeam, AIM Software addressed this request with a solution that allows ODL Securities to maintain the security master file and to process security data, closing prices and corporate actions automatically.

Bill Newton, Director at ODL Securities, states: "Before deploying GAIN we maintained the security master file mainly manually. By automating the processing of our security data and price data we could reduce errors to a minimum level and could realize significant improvements in operational efficiencies."

TraderTeam, UK partner of AIM Software, implemented the solution within only four weeks and ensures individual support for optimized quality assurance. "The turnkey delivery of AIM Software's reference data management solutions enables our customers to dramatically reduce implementation time and to focus on their core competencies. We are delighted to welcome ODL Securities as a new GAIN client," concludes John Prior, general director at Trader Team.


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This piece has been brought to you by the DM Review Editorial staff.

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