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Industry Implementations

  Product News published in DM Direct Newsletter
May 19, 2006 Issue
  By DM Review Editorial Staff

Actuate Helps Alterian Deliver Reports Tailored to a Variety of End Users

Actuate's Enterprise Reporting technology has been embedded within Alterian's Business Reporting application module. By leveraging Actuate's world-class Enterprise Reporting platform, Alterian Business Reporting allows its marketing services provider (MSP) partners to create dashboards, track key performance indicators and customize reports for information consumers of marketing data at any level within an organization, enabling a consistent source of marketing information throughout the enterprise.

Marketers are seeking breakthroughs in analytics and operational efficiencies. Today's marketers are demanding that database marketing tools be more accessible and easier to use - even by executives not trained in the practice - in order to spur business intelligence.

By using Actuate's reporting platform as part of Alterian Business Reporting, any user can access reports to answer marketing performance questions concerning campaign response history, call center productivity, segment tracking, customer migration and retention and other indicators. These reports can also be scheduled or triggered based on various events and distributed via a Web portal.

"Marketers are increasingly looking to Marketing Services Providers to deliver breakthroughs in analytics and operational efficiencies in order to maintain competitive advantage and track marketing performance," said David Eldridge, CEO of Alterian. "Actuate's unique application development approach to reporting enables comprehensive report development, management and distribution capabilities that are essential to ensuring the success of marketers."

Micro Center Selects MicroStrategy for Enterprise Reporting and Analysis

Micro Center has selected MicroStrategy as its strategic enterprise reporting and analysis standard. Micro Center is one of the companies of Micro Electronics, Inc. and one of the nation's largest computer retailers, with more than 35,000 products and 12 specialized departments in each of its retail stores.

MicroStrategy will support multiple business intelligence applications for Micro Center. Planned MicroStrategy-based applications will encompass marketing, market-basket analysis and category management. Micro Center selected MicroStrategy because of its intuitive Web interface and self-service infrastructure, which will help Micro Center quickly address the reporting needs of their business. In addition, Micro Center found MicroStrategy easy to administer with a very small support staff, resulting in a low total cost of ownership.

"The MicroStrategy platform has the flexibility and scalability we need to support our multiple business intelligence applications," said Misty Kuamoo, director of Information Technology for Micro Center. "We are impressed with MicroStrategy's easy to use Web interface which will help us work more efficiently and provide critical insights to enhance our business performance."

Wagner Industries to Implement RedPrairie Supply Chain Management Solutions

Wagner Industries, a leading third-party logistics provider, has purchased RedPrairie's DLx Warehouse for Distribution Management and DLx Labor for workforce performance management. The solutions will help Kansas City-based Wagner meet growing customer demands for sophisticated distribution, visibility and complete systems integration.

For 60 years, Wagner Industries has provided asset based supply chain solutions as distribution center, transportation and packaging services. Wagner plans to implement the RedPrairie solutions at a 500,000-square-foot Kansas City facility in July, and then will roll the solutions out to another nine facilities over the next twelve months. Wagner has customers in a variety of industries, including consumer packaged goods, retail, paper, and food and beverage.

"We have made a commitment to our customers to provide the very best supply chain solutions and we see RedPrairie as an essential tool in the delivery of our services. Many of our customers have relationships with major retailers who have constantly increasing retail-specific mandates. Those customers in turn look to us to provide the more sophisticated distribution capabilities to meet those requirements. We needed new technology to meet those needs," said John E. Wagner, Sr., Chairman for Wagner Industries.

Wagner continued, "We chose RedPrairie as our supply chain technology partner because of the proven scalability, capacity to deploy in a modular fashion and because of the flexibility to meet constantly changing business requirements."

Broadspan Commerce Selects Mercado to Drive Sales on its E-Commerce Home Furnishings Properties

Broadspan Commerce has selected Mercado bFIRST, the industry's most comprehensive search and navigation and advanced merchandising SaaS solution, to accelerate e-commerce sales. In addition, the three sites will leverage Mercado UniClass to improve product data quality by extracting and exploiting key attributes from vendor catalog data.

A high-growth company in one of the hottest e-commerce categories, Broadspan Commerce sells - through its three sites - a cornucopia of home furnishings and accessories from more than 50 manufacturers. "Because each of our product lines uses vendor-specific and sometimes peculiar terms to describe product features, Mercado's UniClass technology was extremely attractive to us," said Jay Shaffer, VP of Marketing at Broadspan Commerce. "UniClass's ability to normalize descriptive terms will enable us to efficiently create our own rich product description databases - which in turn will enable our customers to more easily find and order the right products. By providing common terms and descriptions across our database, we're certain this feature will help increase conversion rates."

Mercado will provide a one-two punch. Not only will Broadspan's customers find what they're looking for in the fewest clicks, Mercado software will enable the site to interpret customer behavior and make the right types of offers and suggestions for complementary products and accessories. For example, if a shopper is looking for a child's space theme bedding set, he or she might be quite eager to purchase a complementary star-emblazoned area rug or rocket-shaped reading lamp. Broadspan Commerce expects new site merchandising enhancements such as this to result in increased order size.

Axentis Simplifies and Extends Software-as-a-Service Delivery With webMethods Fabric

Axentis, a leading provider of governance, risk and compliance (GRC) management solutions, has successfully implemented additional components of the webMethods Fabric product suite. As a result, Axentis has been able to significantly enhance the Software-as-a- Service (SaaS) delivery of its flagship Axentis Enterprise (Ae) Suite through the recent introduction of its Enterprise Integrator service, which provides Global 2000 enterprises with a more comprehensive application integration framework that connects their back office applications and processes with a centralized GRC platform. As the only company to fully embrace a SaaS approach within the GRC marketplace, Axentis has enjoyed significant growth since its founding in 1999, currently supporting the needs of more than 600,000 users across more than one hundred Fortune 1000 companies.

"A successful governance, risk and compliance management program must be holistic and dynamic enough to assimilate regulatory and other changes on the fly. With its SaaS-based model, Axentis delivers on this front," said Roger Bottum, vice president of Marketing, Axentis Corporation. "Ensuring similar turnkey integration with back office data, applications and processes is an equally important component of our value proposition. That's why we've long relied upon webMethods Fabric as our integration backbone for meeting these critical requirements as it helps to deliver on our promise of seamless, ongoing compliance management."

In the face of the increasing number of mandates that they must comply with on a global basis, enterprises are seeking to implement more sustainable, holistic GRC programs, such as those offered by Axentis. Axentis' cutting- edge platform minimizes the liability, exposure and cost associated with maintaining multiple silos of compliance-related initiatives. Axentis' recently launched Enterprise Integrator builds upon components of the webMethods Fabric product suite to help address these requirements by providing enterprises with a streamlined approach for integrating these various enterprise resources into the overall GRC framework.

webMethods Fabric is webMethods' flagship product suite for integrating disparate systems and trading partner networks, managing complex business processes and proactively monitoring service levels from both an IT and business perspective. In addition to offering Axentis and its customers a standards-based approach for meeting a host of complex integration requirements, webMethods Fabric also meets the company's requirements for scalability, reliability and fault-free performance, which has helped Axentis avoid any unplanned downtime while supporting one million workflow processes per week.

Leveraging these capabilities, Axentis' Enterprise Integrator is designed so that organizations can implement compliance projects more quickly while maintaining a single view of all GRC activities with minimal ongoing administration. As a result, Axentis' Enterprise Integrator can be employed to help consolidate the management of GRC programs as it provides users with out-of-the-box connectivity to a number of specialized enterprise systems, such as AICC-compliant eLearning systems and other learning management systems (LMS), whistleblower and employee hotline systems, exception systems and identity management systems, that are typically used across the GRC lifecycle.

sanofi-aventis Ethical/Pharmaceutical Division Selects StayinFront

One of the biggest players in the Australian pharmaceutical sector, sanofi-aventis, has selected StayinFront, Inc.'s CRM Solution to invigorate its sales and marketing. StayinFront will provide sanofi-aventis with an electronic territory management system (ETMS), based on the StayinFront CRM Life Sciences suite of products. The exact-fit solution will streamline processes, improve data access and enhance reporting for 555 staff across the pharmaceutical company's sales, medical and marketing operations, with proven scalability for future growth.

The StayinFront CRM solution will revitalize sanofi-aventis' sales, medical and marketing operations by providing a system that will allow the company to keep up with the changing needs of its customers and the market.

This initiative will give the company a whole new level of functionality to manage its sales territories, key accounts and marketing campaigns, along with flexible reporting and analysis, extensive data sharing capabilities and the ability to deploy ETMS on mobile platforms such as notebooks, PDAs and tablets in the future. These improvements will not only drive efficiency and service levels, but will enable sanofi-aventis to build real competitive advantage by significantly increasing its knowledge and understanding of its customers.

Already a proven supplier with sanofi-aventis' Over-the-Counter (OTC) division in Italy, StayinFront won the Australian contract after demonstrating an in-depth understanding of the company's business, a close cultural fit and a strong commitment to quality and accountability.


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This piece has been brought to you by the DM Review Editorial staff.

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