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  Product News published in DM Direct Newsletter
May 5, 2006 Issue
  By DM Review Editorial Staff

Pfizer to Deploy Siperian Hub to Create Consolidated Customer Master

As the first step in its major European CRM initiative, Pfizer, the world's largest pharmaceutical company, announced that it will deploy Siperian Hub XT in an effort to create a consolidated customer master (CCM) as "one true source" of customer data across all of its European and Canadian (EuCan) markets. Pfizer's CCM will serve as a significant part of the data foundation for upcoming CRM initiatives. Pfizer intends to use Siperian Hub XT to unify customer information from multiple systems and functional areas across 22 markets. In taking this step, Pfizer will become the first international customer to take advantage of the recently announced Siperian Hub XT and its international capabilities.

In an effort to maximize and integrate their corporate data assets including customer (i.e., prescribers, pharmacists, governmental entities, organizations and patients), locations and products, Pfizer's CCM will unify customer information from multiple sources and systems, create and maintain a unique, complete and accurate customer profile and make that profile information available to all operational applications in real time.

Justin Sowers, director - Global Business Technology for Pfizer, summarized the business and technology benefits of the project he is leading as follows, "Ultimately, the CCM will enable the business to perform sophisticated analytics to derive actionable customer insights. While a well-designed data model and Web services layer will facilitate integration with other enterprise systems and scaling to all EuCan markets, from a technology perspective."

Leading International Construction Company Optimizes Business Data Analysis with QlikView

Hfele International, a leading global company specializing in furniture and construction fittings, electronic closure systems and technical property consulting for fittings, has deployed QlikView, QlikTech's fast and flexible business analysis solution, to analyze and improve business performance. During the initial implementation phase, Hfele deployed QlikView at three of its subsidiary companies. Overwhelming positive user response during initial deployment has prompted the company to standardize on QlikView worldwide at the remaining 27 locations.

With priorities ranging from production and distribution challenges, to overall order processing, Hfele International was challenged with streamlining the company's entire inventory as well as analyzing the company's sales information in order to grow the business. With these priorities in mind, Hfele turned to QlikView to improve sales analysis and management of inventory levels. Today, all of the company's products can be analyzed according to criteria such as overstock or understock, purchasing agents and product groups.

In the future, Hfele will also expand its use of QlikView to perform custom analysis and presentation of actual versus forecast comparisons, which is currently being performed with an application developed internally.

"We are currently deploying QlikView in the purchasing, sales, and product and product line management departments," said Wilfried Mast, director of applications development for Hfele. "In order to be able to gain deeper insights for company management, the data from the last four years has been included in the analysis. With approximately 18 million records, we had already reached the limits of our previous solution. In addition, we were only able to generate reports in paper or Excel format-making performance analyses and ad hoc evaluations completely impossible."

"All users should be in the position to carry out their analysis independently thus relieving the IT division of simple routine tasks. We also needed to improve the speed of the analysis, which previously had been too slow. In addition, the system should be easy to learn in order to be able to distribute it quickly and easily into the field - for example to our 10 German sales offices," said Wolfgang Schneider, director of information technology at Hfele.

With QlikView, end users at Hfele have the freedom to analyze their business as it is relevant to them. Rather than having to get custom analysis from the IT division, QlikView users can customize their analysis with just a click without any programming knowledge. In addition to being easy to use, Hfele was able to build and deploy their base QlikView analysis in only eight days, including training of end users.

Creekpath Embeds JReport into Asset and Service Management Solution to Provide Improved Reporting and Data Analysis

Creekpath Systems has integrated JReport by Jinfonet into the newest version of Creekpath Acuity. Creekpath Acuity helps enterprises gain insight into the costs, utilization and relationships between business applications and storage.

Creekpath Acuity is the newest version of Creekpath's asset and business service management solution for storage infrastructure. Creekpath Acuity provides IT executives with the information required to increase the return on assets (ROA) and mitigate risks inside their storage infrastructure. Creekpath Acuity meshes the asset and business service management aspects of enterprise storage systems with IT governance policies.

Creekpath chose Java for their application development in order to meet their corporate strategy of creating vendor-neutral storage asset management solutions. Creekpath then embedded the 100 percent Java-based JReport solution to streamline its product, improve functionality and reduce complexity

Previously, Creekpath had been using a Windows-based reporting tool to address reporting and visualization requirements as part of its solution. JReport's Java architecture provides numerous advantages over the previous solution, including the ability to become a native part of Java-based Creekpath Acuity. Customers can now install Creekpath and the embedded JReport offering with a single installation package on one server, and the reporting product does not require any separate maintenance.

"While it was a difficult decision to change our reporting technology, the value of JReport for us and our customers made it absolutely worthwhile," said Craig Reed, vice president of engineering for Creekpath Systems. "Using JReport, we are able to deliver the reporting capabilities our customers want much more quickly and with enhanced functionality. Customers can get answers to their questions more effectively through the features enabled by JReport. Reports are much richer, easier to use and more tightly integrated with the rest of our application."

Reed continued, "Our previous reporting tool required Creekpath to build - and our customers to learn - more than 150 different report templates. End users needed to know exactly which specific report they wanted because the reports were relatively static and inflexible. With JReport, we've reduced the number of report templates by 50 percent, down to just 75 report templates. Surprisingly, those 75 JReport templates contain more usable information than the previous 150. Once users select a report, they can do further queries within the report, aggregating and sorting data without having to re-launch a new report. The JReport dynamic HTML (DHTML) viewer enables the users to get the exact information they need."

Princeton Softech Selected by Leading Public Companies to Deploy Multiple Enterprise Data Management Solutions

Two leading public companies - Arizona Public Services and Temple-Inland Inc. - have selected Princeton Softech Optim, a solution which encompasses the broader vision of Princeton Softech's proven enterprise data management capabilities, uniquely aligned with client-specific business objectives.

With diverse and growing business demands, and heavy data retention compliance issues to meet, each company chose Optim to bring agility and easier administration, and to derive greater benefits from their enterprise application sites. Arizona Public Services is the largest and longest-serving electric utility within Arizona, and Temple-Inland Inc. is a major manufacturer of corrugated packaging and forest products. Princeton Softech is the only vendor to provide a consistent archiving methodology across most major ERP, CRM and custom applications.

"With compliance and productivity issues on the rise, enterprises are looking for the most efficient methods to gain control of their application data," said Brian Babineau, analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group. "Crucial to data management, ERP applications such as Optim JD Edwards EnterpriseOne from Princeton Softech provide policy criteria to govern data management and retention and on demand access to data."

Arizona Public Services intends to integrate Optim's core technology for both its open system and mainframe system environments, while Temple Inland will deploy the Optim JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Solution. These implementations will enhance the performance of mission-critical ERP applications, increase scalability and reduce infrastructure costs.

Additionally, the anticipated implementation of Princeton Softech's comprehensive and scalable enterprise solutions will allow Arizona Public Services and Temple-Inland to address key issues that drive day-to-day operations while taking command of mission-critical data. With the Optim JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Solution in particular, users can specify policy criteria for segregating historical transactions into a secure archive, establish distinct service levels for current reporting and historical data, and respond quickly and accurately to audit and discovery requests.

By optimizing its enterprise applications, each company will now have the ability to manage continued data growth to reclaim valuable capacity, simplify complex infrastructures and leverage existing software and storage investments to be expanded into an enterprise wide strategy.

Cardiff University Chooses Percussion Software's Rhythmyx ECM System for Enterprise-Wide Web Management Project

Cardiff University has selected Percussion Software's Rhythmyx Enterprise Content Management, supporting its decision to use IT as a key enabler in its mission to be recognized globally as a leader in higher education. The ECM solution is part of an 18-month rolling migration project to rationalize IT while effectively managing content of more than 80 research sites and 28 different schools sites. Cardiff University is recognized in independent government assessments as one of Britain's leading teaching and research universities. Founded by Royal Charter in 1883, the University today combines impressive modern facilities and a dynamic approach to teaching and research.

The University is keen to simplify the process of content authoring, editing and publishing, and needs a single, robust ECM solution in order to ensure consistent quality across its multiple sites. This will require migrating from the University's two previous content management systems to standardizing on Rhythmyx, thereby enabling better performance and usability.

Paul Hobson, Web and portal manager for Cardiff University, said, "The Web site is the global public face of the University and is a key component in showcasing our world class aspirations, so it's of paramount importance that we have an efficient management and publishing system in place. With such a rich and diverse range of communities within the University, it has been challenging to maintain the consistency and quality of the user experience systems previously in place."

Rhythmyx offers Cardiff University a powerful content management system enabling it to track and streamline the content authorization processes through Rhythmyx's audit trails and workflow capabilities. The software's De-Coupled Delivery architecture, which separates the management of content from the content delivery environment, will allow the University to publish to multiple sites, ensuring the sites stay live at all times.

Paul Hobson continued, "The University requires a resilient platform as it is vital that our Web site is always operational. The Rhythmyx software's De-Coupled Delivery architecture was a primary technical factor in choosing Percussion over its competitors. We have looked at how global organizations are running content management systems as we want to ensure our Web site up there in terms of presentation and functionality. Percussion is able to offer us a cost-effective, user-friendly and flexible system to achieve this objective."

Macys.com to Implement Outbound Marketing CRM Solution from SSA Global to Gain Marketing ROI and Customer Insight

Macy's, a recognized U.S. brand name and a Federated Department Store, has selected SSA Outbound Marketing to optimize its interactions with customers shopping on Macys.com. The software license and support transaction was completed during October 2005, being the first quarter of SSA Global's fiscal year 2006.

SSA Outbound Marketing, a component of SSA Customer Relationship Management powered by Epiphany, will allow Macys.com to enhance its customer relationships through personalized, intelligent interactions. The implementation of SSA Outbound Marketing will help Macy's increase the return on investment in its online marketing programs and strengthen the company's brand image as a leading provider of fashion and affordable luxury items.

"SSA CRM will enable us to increase our marketing effectiveness through closed-loop campaign management, and better customer insight and analytics," said Kent Anderson, president, Macys.com. "The marketing campaign management capabilities of SSA Outbound Marketing will enhance our ability to cost effectively address our customers in a more targeted manner."

SSA Outbound Marketing serves as an integrated database marketing solution for planning, executing and monitoring permission-based marketing campaigns across multiple touchpoints. Ease of use combined with sophisticated analytics make it possible for marketers to tap vast stores of customer data such as purchasing patterns, visits to events and birthdays, and uncover valuable customer insights that can be turned into actionable initiatives. It also ensures that the right customers are selected for each campaign. This results not only in enormous time and cost savings for SSA Global's clients, but also helps enhance customers' experience by enabling personalized, relevant communications and offers.


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This piece has been brought to you by the DM Review Editorial staff.

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