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Industry Implementations

  Product News published in DM Direct Newsletter
March 31, 2006 Issue
  By DM Review Editorial Staff

TotalMove Simplifies Real Estate with Complex Event Processing Technology

TotalMove, a national consumer real estate and moving services company, has chosen AptSoft Director for CEP 4.0 to help scale and automate lead processing by its call center. TotalMove, Inc. provides personalized real estate planning assistance to home sellers and buyers. Its one-stop solution for real estate and move related needs includes real estate agent selection, mortgage, insurance, moving and van line services, utility transfers and more.

TotalMove chose the advanced complex event processing capabilities in AptSoft Director for CEP 4.0 to power its improved lead management processes, including responding to customer requests in a more targeted fashion and automating the dissemination of more personalized follow up via the Web and hard copy fulfillment. The TotalMove Web sites (www.totalmove.com and www.escapehomes.com) draw more than 500,000 visitors each month, while the company has more than 750 brokers and 90,000 agents in 3,000 offices nationwide as part of its real estate network.

"Orchestrating our internal and external resources, partners and processes involved a level of complexity and scale that was beyond the practical means of traditional technology approaches," said Christian McCarrick, director of technology for TotalMove. "AptSoft's complex event processing capabilities easily transcended those limitations and gave us the power and flexibility to quickly implement programs and processes that can grow with our business, respond smarter to customers and increase sales."

Complex event processing is an emerging class of technology that lets business transcend the limitations of current technologies such as business process management and business rules engines in addressing non-linear event-driven, dynamic, closed-loop business processes. As part of a service oriented architecture (SOA), CEP can readily identify, correlate, evaluate and act on the myriad event patterns involved in orchestrating complex business processes, including those found in areas such as fraud, compliance and cross-sell.

CACHE Database Powers PENS Communications Software For Healthcare Marketing

PENS Communications Systems LLC is working with InterSystems Corporation to provide top-tier marketing communications software for healthcare.

The leading database provider in healthcare, InterSystems develops and markets the CACHE post-relational database and Ensemble universal integration platform. PENS Communications, an InterSystems application partner, provides the Patient Education Newsletter System (PENS), a data-driven application for mass-customized marketing communications.

The PENS system utilizes the healthcare provider's own data, which contains all of the services and relationships that each household has had with the provider. Built on InterSystems' CACHE database, PENS utilizes the data to produce individualized newsletters. Each newsletter contains a selection of articles that are unique to the household and its readers. Also, readers receive what they want - information that is relevant, brief and useful.

A PENS newsletter, for example, would include articles that are selected based on demographics (age, gender, zip, insurance, education level, etc.) or services used. The targeting specifications for each article are set by the healthcare provider's marketing specialists. Additionally, households with special relationships to the provider (such as donors, volunteers, employees, physicians, local employers, etc.) can be targeted to receive specified articles. "PENS delivers true 'One-to-One' marketing," says Greg Padovani, President of PENS Communications. "We do processing simulations that let the client adjust their targeting to ensure they are reaching the optimal audience. Finally, PENS allows detailed tracking and reporting of individual articles as well as the newsletter overall. Clients report results magnitudes better than traditional marketing vehicles. It's a whole new way of doing marketing communications."

The sophisticated object capabilities of CACHE have been key to making enhancements and modifications easily, rapidly and economically. "CACHE makes it possible to access the database with whatever approach is best for a given scenario - object, relational or direct access," Padovani explained. "We used the CACHE object-oriented architecture rather than a legacy relational approach. As a result, the PENS database is almost instantly modifiable. Changes that would require weeks with a relational database are now completed in just a few minutes," he said.

High performance has also proved critical to the innovative PENS application. "We have to compare the targeting for each article against the data for every household. With CACHE, we can process mountains of data in a very short timeframe," Padovani continued. "Based on feedback from our users, the ability to cost-effectively communicate 'One-to-One' with their target audiences is bringing healthcare customer relationship management to a whole new level," he said.

SSA Global CRM Helps The AirMiles Travel Company Enhance its Marketing Processes and Drive Customer Value

The AirMiles Travel Company (AirMiles) has implemented SSA Customer Relationship Management (CRM), powered by Epiphany. The AirMiles Travel Company, the leading travel loyalty company in the UK, is using SSA Outbound Marketing, a component of SSA CRM, as the foundation for a new internal marketing process that is reducing costs and giving the company more insights into its customers and control over its loyalty programs.

SSA Outbound Marketing is making it possible for AirMiles to consolidate data from partners, travel booking systems and its customers to create a single view of customer behavior and demand. The company is using the sophisticated database management capabilities of SSA Outbound Marketing to develop a flexible, integrated marketing strategy.

"The database management and analytical capability of SSA Outbound Marketing have made it possible for us to utilize what we know about our customers in terms of current and potential value, levels of engagement as well as their wants and needs," said Nigel Grimes, director, customer insight, The AirMiles Travel Company. "When we made the strategic decision to enhance our marketing process, we knew that only an industry-leading CRM solution would support our complex business model. The SSA Global solution is delivering the functionality we need to get better control and improve our understanding of our customer relationships."

Capita Insurance Services Extends Customer Strategy with SAP CRM On-Demand Solution

Capita Insurance Services, the insurance division of the UK's leading support services company Capita Group plc, has selected the SAP CRM on-demand solution. The on-demand software builds on the company's existing deployments of applications from the SAP for Insurance solution portfolio, including claims management, financials and human capital management. Capita Insurance Services selected SAP for the flexibility of its customer relationship management (CRM) software, offering the company the option of starting immediately in an on-demand model and transitioning seamlessly to mySAP CRM as business needs evolve.

Capita Insurance Services is deploying the SAP Sales on-demand solution to meet the immediate needs of its sales organization. The sales force automation (SFA) solution provides the company with visibility across its current and potential customer base, helping improve opportunities to make more effective decisions for business growth and development. Capita Insurance Services plans to add the SAP Marketing on-demand solution in the next phase of its CRM rollout.

"We are delighted with SAP's on-demand solution as it is a great fit with our immediate needs and overall CRM strategy," said Jeremy Locke, business development director, Capita Insurance Services. "In today's market, it isn't enough to just respond to customers today. The best companies deliver value to their customers over the long term. SAP understands this and has built a flexible solution to deliver fast results while also providing the seamless transition to strategic CRM that we'll need as we expand and improve our customer strategies."

The SAP CRM on-demand solution will enable Capita Insurance Services to deploy applications immediately to its sales organization and help achieve fast results with minimal upfront investment. Unlike other solution providers Capita Insurance Services considered, only SAP could provide both the flexibility it needed to achieve results quickly as well as a seamless, disruption-free growth path for the future.

Dionex Selects LogicalApps to Reduce Audit Costs and Technical Support Burden

Dionex Corporation has selected LogicalApps software to automatically enforce business controls for Segregation of Duties (SOD) and other regulatory requirements associated with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX). LogicalApps software embeds corporate policies into an ERP (enterprise resource planning) environment for real-time monitoring and prevention of control violations, thereby reducing the burden of meeting compliance requirements manually. Dionex is currently deploying LogicalApps software and plans to use it extensively to support their 2006 fiscal-year audit in June.

Dionex, a market leader for ion chromatography instruments used by chemists, selected LogicalApps software because of its comprehensive, out-of-the-box SOD controls and unique ability to prevent control violations by prohibiting users from assigning new responsibilities that would result in an SOD conflict. Another key feature that attracted Dionex is the software's compensating controls that can hide sensitive fields from application screens or invoke approval workflows when SOD conflicts are unavoidable.

Dionex addressed their first year of SOX compliance through a tedious, manual reporting and remediation process for control violations that were difficult to identify. The company is now consolidating accounting systems from subsidiary businesses, located in 17 countries, into its centralized Oracle application, which is placing additional requirements for SOD and change controls on the IT department. If Dionex continued to manage the process manually, additional headcount would be necessary to handle SOX requirements in year two and beyond.

"Automating our application controls was the only way we could keep up with compliance requirements going forward," said Director of Information Systems' Dave Herring. "We wanted a solution that would allow us to identify control violations quickly, remediate those violations easily, and apply real-time policy enforcement to prevent violations from occurring in the future, which is exactly what LogicalApps offered."

"As we expand the use of Oracle on a worldwide basis, automated SOD controls will be critical to help us implement the right level of user access and sustain SOX compliance," Herring added.

AmerisourceBergen Selects MicroStrategy for Enterprise Business Intelligence

AmerisourceBergen, one of the largest pharmaceutical services companies in the U.S., has selected MicroStrategy to support its Enterprise Business Intelligence program, which will provide reporting and analytics for multiple areas across its enterprise.

Using MicroStrategy's technology, thousands of users will be able to improve their reporting and information analysis related to sales, suppliers, customers, supply chain management, finance and other critical areas. MicroStrategy was selected for its ability to handle large database environments and provide real-time analytics.

"With MicroStrategy, we will have a true enterprise view across our value chain, providing management with greater operational insights and actionable data to help us more effectively navigate through our dynamic industry," said Thomas H. Murphy, senior vice president and chief information officer of AmerisourceBergen. "We have been highly productive using MicroStrategy for several years and found MicroStrategy's single metadata and object reuse has reduced our administrative costs. MicroStrategy is a natural fit for our analytic reporting environment at the enterprise level."


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This piece has been brought to you by the DM Review Editorial staff.

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