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Industry Implementations

  Product News published in DM Direct Newsletter
February 10, 2006 Issue
  By DM Review Editorial Staff

CNAMTS Selects Acucobol-GT and SyncSort for Large-Scale Data Migration Project

CNAMTS, the French National Health Service, has selected SyncSort, the high-performance commercial sort and data manipulation utility, and ACUCOBOL-GT, a robust COBOL development system, from Acucorp, Inc., as part of its migration strategy to move vital government prescription and healthcare reimbursement systems from the IBM mainframe to an IBM pSeries server running BEA Tuxedo and accessing data from an Oracle database.

During rigorous benchmark testing, CNAMTS found that SyncSort was significantly faster than other sort utilities. Production data was used during the benchmarks, ranging in size from two to 10 gigabytes. The tests were conducted with a number of different solutions, but according to CNAMTS, SyncSort was the only one to provide the performance and functionality needed with ACUCOBOL-GT to process its social security and medical benefits data. CNAMTS also discovered that as the amount of data increased, the performance benefits of SyncSort also increased.

"Our mainframe applications were mostly written in COBOL and when we made the decision to migrate, we needed to find a solution that didn't require them to be rewritten. We selected Acucorp's ACUCOBOL-GT Development System in order to extend and modernize these business-critical COBOL applications," said the migration project manager at CNAMTS. "We also needed to find the right high-performance tool to process the rapidly growing amount of data that we receive on a daily basis. After performing numerous benchmark tests, we chose SyncSort because it was substantially faster and the only product that proved to be compatible with ACUCOBOL-GT."

CNAMTS has also discovered the benefits of Visual Syncsort, the graphical interface for SyncSort, as a rapid application development tool. "Due to Visual SyncSort's ease of use, we have decided to integrate it into CNAMTS development and production sites," explained the migration project manager. "We have already successfully deployed Visual Syncsort on more than 300 PCs, and we are considering extending its use as a standard software tool."

Migrating to IBM pSeries servers running ACUCOBOL-GT, Tuxedo and Oracle, CNAMTS expects the project to be completed by the beginning of 2006. The new system is expected to process applications up to three times faster than when on the mainframe. "We're confident that by moving to open systems, running a modern and portable COBOL like ACUCOBOL-GT and interoperating with the robust SyncSort utility is the right solution to carry on our work now and into the future," added the migration project manager.

Did-it Search Marketing Recognizes Benefits of PostgreSQL with Pervasive Software

Did-it Search Marketing has partnered with Pervasive to provide assistance for their back-end PostgreSQL database infrastructure. As a result of the partnership, Did-it has already recognized cost savings through the elimination of expensive database licensing fees and the elimination of the need to hire a dedicated database administrator. These savings will transfer to Did-it's customers and help the growing search company remain competitive in the industry.

Did-it is a search marketing management firm that maximizes marketing campaigns for its customers, including E*TRADE FINANCIAL, Cingular Wireless and Match.com. By integrating strategy, analytics and technology, the company is able to provide its impressive customer base with innovative better ways to reach their target markets. Did-it chose PostgreSQL to fuel its search engines because PostgreSQL provides enterprise-level functionality and performance, plus tried and tested technology with a simple BSD license. Did-it runs more than 22 million insert and update transactions per day through their primary database and depends on Pervasive to provide the technical support to exploit the power and speed of the database while keeping operating costs at a minimum.

"Within days of signing our agreement, a highly-skilled Pervasive technician came onsite and learned our system and how we were using PostgreSQL," says John Merryman, vice president of Technology Solutions at Did-it. "He then made the appropriate adjustments and configuration changes so we could reap the full benefits of the reliability, robustness and functionality of the database. Pervasive's comprehensive support is what a high-cost database administrator would be expected to provide, but now we consider Pervasive a valuable extension of our own IT staff." Did-it estimates that they will save $250,000 per year with the PostgreSQL solution and Pervasive services versus an Oracle license and an internal database administrator.

Select Comfort Improves Customer Service and Fuels Business Growth with DataDirect Technologies

Select Comfort Corporation, creator of the Sleep Number bed and the nation's leading bed retailer, has selected DataDirect Connect for ODBC to overhaul and upgrade the company's data warehouse, integral to the growth and continuing success of its retail business.

Select Comfort will embed DataDirect Connect for ODBC, the fastest and most comprehensive suite of ODBC drivers for all major databases, within the company's new data warehouse to serve as a foundation for migrating data housed on heterogeneous platforms into a single database suite. DataDirect's ODBC components will also enable Select Comfort to extend the value of its customer and financial data, as Select Comfort begins build-out of sophisticated applications allowing advanced metrics reporting and analytics on ROI and effectiveness of its programs.

"DataDirect Connect for ODBC is the only product we found that is capable of supporting our migration to more sophisticated analytical applications," said Steve Etzell, director of technical architecture for Select Comfort. "It's a production-proven technology; we knew we could install DataDirect Connect for ODBC easily and rapidly without encountering performance or integration issues - which frees my team to focus on building front-end, revenue-generating applications."

With data collected from nearly 400 retail stores and other channels, DataDirect's ODBC component will ultimately facilitate creation of better information, supporting enhanced collaboration and business decision making across the enterprise. These enhanced applications will benefit more than 150 users of Select Comfort's data warehouse across different divisions, including human resources, financial and manufacturing operations.

Select Comfort chose DataDirect Connect for ODBC because of its unique architecture and interoperability features. The product's exclusive clientless wire protocol design eliminates the need for database client software and libraries, which simplifies maintenance and dramatically improves performance. In addition, the product's unique SQL leveling functionality allows Select Comfort to easily connect to both Oracle and SQL Server without the need for extensive coding.

Stryker Canada Selects Panorama Software to Increase Performance and Sales

Stryker Canada, a worldwide leader in the medical products and services market, will use Panorama Software's flagship BI solution to enable the company to increase performance and sales and reduce overhead costs.

Stryker Canada was seeking a solution that would aid the company in recognizing key sales and performance trends, controlling hospital inventories and simplifying financial reporting. Panorama will be able to leverage Stryker's current IT infrastructure to deploy Panorama's BI solution that will provide Stryker the ability to quickly identify inventory patterns and trends to make proactive business decisions.

With the newly installed BI solution, Stryker Canada anticipates they will be able to make decisions regarding sales and inventory levels to help increase performance and reduce inventory costs. With the new BI solution, Stryker will also be more efficient in compiling information for financial reporting purposes in addition to being more focused in accessing the correct information at the right time.

Husky Energy Chooses Open Text's Livelink ECM Solutions

Husky Energy Inc. has chosen Open Text's records management and ECM solutions for SAP to help support information management compliance. The solutions will facilitate the management, retention and disposition of both paper and electronic documents throughout the enterprise and help Husky Energy leverage its existing investments in SAP solutions.

Based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Husky Energy ranks among Canada's largest petroleum companies in terms of production and the value of its asset base. The company employs approximately 4,000 people across three business segments: upstream, midstream and refined products.

Calendars.com Selects Coremetrics to Optimize Search Campaign Performance

Calendars.com has selected Coremetrics to optimize its on site and natural search campaign performance on www.calendars.com. Calendars.com needed to better understand the traffic flow from paid and unpaid channels to best plan future marketing campaigns. Calendars.com is an online retail leader offering the largest selection of calendars in the calendar publishing industry, selling more than 750,000 calendars in 2005.

"Our first goal is to determine our sales and conversion rates from our natural search campaign," said Hilarie Pozesky, online marketing consultant for Calendars.com. "We also need to understand the performance of our on site search tool. Our long-term goal is to optimize future email marketing and cross sell offers based on behavioral data," Pozesky concluded.

Coremetrics offers the only hosted Web analytics and precision marketing solution with an integrated search tool to manage across paid and unpaid campaigns. Collectively, unpaid and paid search data can serve as a key driver for marketing, merchandising, and cross sell campaign creation. Calendars.com chose Coremetrics over other solutions for its unparalleled search tools and services, ease of implementation and reputable references - all of which were attributes Calendars.com required to execute against aggressive goals for the fiscal year.

The company plans to build customer profile data to cost effectively manage their search campaigns and for developing targeted email marketing campaigns. Coremetrics' partnerships with leading email vendors will help Calendars.com to easily leverage valuable customer profile data in its email campaigns. In addition, utilizing Coremetrics' Web analytics services, the company will be able to capture the most popular along with the abandoned calendar items and target customer emails with relevant promotions and special offers. Calendars.com has the unique opportunity to extend lifetime value with their customers by capturing calendar purchase behaviors based on trends that are typically static and repeated year after year.

Syngenta Selects InforSense for Workflow-Driven Bioinformatics Computational Platform

Syngenta has purchased a license for InforSense's software suite, including the InforSense KDE integrative analytics software and InforSense Professional Services to build up its workflow-driven bioinformatics computational platform. Syngenta Bioinformatics plans to deploy InforSense software globally throughout R&D to further its mission of sustainable agriculture through innovative research and technology.

Syngenta will be using InforSense KDE with the bioinformatics application add-on InforSense BioSense and literature analysis application add-on InforSense TextSense as their global bioinformatics platform for building, managing and deploying analysis workflows. InforSense's workflow-driven analytics platform will enable Syngenta to implement a process-based bioinformatics computational platform that automates key analysis workflows with full support for execution automation, resilience and fault tolerance. The workflows built will leverage in-house applications and Web service-enabled federated data integration and analytics for text and bioinformatics analysis. As a result, Syngenta researchers will benefit from a comprehensive system to enable better decision making as part of their internal agricultural genetics research programs.

"After a thorough and competitive analysis, we selected InforSense software because, right out of the box, it delivers a core of research-relevant, integrative analytic capabilities that give us an information advantage in novel agricultural discovery," said Dr. John Chan, Syngenta's Head of Global Bioinformatics. "In addition, InforSense's Professional Services group demonstrated its ability to help us efficiently customize the solution to fit into our existing data management processes and infrastructure."


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This piece has been brought to you by the DM Review Editorial staff.

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