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Industry Implementations

  Product News published in DM Direct Newsletter
January 20, 2006 Issue
  By DM Review Editorial Staff

Israel Local Authorities Data Processing Center Selects BluePhoenix for Multimillion Modernization Project

Israel Local Authorities Data Processing Center (LADPC) selected BluePhoenix Solutions to perform a major migration of its accounts receivable collection, finance and human resource/payroll applications. The $2.25 million migration project is part of LADPC's $6.7 million service bureau upgrade.

The migration from mainframe and ADABAS/Natural environment to a modern Java/Unix environment will allow LADPC to benefit from the advantages of relational databases, reduce maintenance costs associated with the mainframe and provide a powerful Web-based graphical user interface to their customers. The project will be performed using the BluePhoenix IT Discovery, BluePhoenix DBMSMigrator for ADABAS/Natural and BluePhoenix PlatformMigrator tools.

"This migration will support LADPC's efforts to reduce its costs by eliminating the high prices associated with the legacy VSE mainframe and ADABAS/Natural maintenance and licensing fees. It will also enable substantial savings on manpower training associated with these legacy systems," said Mr. Alkaslasy, chairman of the board of LADPC. "Due to the efficiency of the automated conversion tools, we expect to see a significant measurable return on our investment within a very short time frame. BluePhoenix was the only company in the field that could offer us a fully automated conversion solution from ADABAS/Natural to Java/J2EE."

Using BluePhoenix's custom automated tools and proven methodology, LADPC will migrate its ADABAS database to both Oracle database and Microsoft SQL Server, and convert Natural programs to Java/J2EE. The project involves converting LADPC's existing VSE applications to both Unix and Windows open environment platforms. The user interface will be migrated from 3270 character-based user interface to HTML/JSP Web graphical user interface. BluePhoenix will migrate two applications within 12 months and will complete the whole project within a year and a half.

Crawley Borough Council Uses Stellent Universal Content Management to End Planning Application Misery

Crawley Borough Council's planning department has been working with Stellent, Ltd., the London-based subsidiary of Stellent, Inc., to deliver a revolutionary solution for the submission and tracking of planning applications. The new online system is designed to simplify and speed the process for both the applicant and the planning department, and demonstrates a huge leap forward for planning departments across the United Kingdom.

Crawley Borough Council processes an average of 1,300 planning applications per year. Managing this vast amount of paperwork - including plans, photos and proposals - consumed valuable staff time and office space. It also meant the individuals or organizations applying for planning permission were often required to visit Crawley Borough Council's town hall in person to check on the progress of their application, making the process time-consuming and frustrating for those involved.

To streamline the process - and as part of the government's Implementing Electronic Government (IEG) targets - Crawley selected a Web-based approach and chose Stellent Universal Content Management technology to help create the online planning application facility built around three main parts: a public interface, accessible through Crawley Borough Council's central Web site; the back-office processes that allow planning department staff to add documents and photographs to applications, and automate the download and check-in of scanned documents; and functionality that enables applicants and other interested parties to submit, search and track applications online. The implementation was completed within five months - on time and on budget - in September 2005.

The Stellent-powered system includes powerful search and retrieval technology to ensure documents can be accessed quickly and easily by all users. It also is a fully secure environment - an essential requirement as information is accessed by both the public and planning officials. The back-office system is used to regularly update and analyze the status of all applications, giving an accurate picture of their progress at any given time. Crawley also uses an external scanning house to automatically import hard-copy information into the system, saving essential time for council staff.

Malcolm Telfer, Internet technology developer at Crawley Borough Council, said of the new system: "The planning application process has a reputation for being time-consuming and frustrating. This new online system, however, is already changing users' perceptions and has drastically improved the ease with which applications can be made. The savings in time and cost are significant, and, with borough councils under pressure to streamline budgets while providing higher standards of service, the implementation has been a huge success."

Crutchfield Identifies Most Valuable Navigation Paths with Coremetrics Reporting

Crutchfield Corporation is leveraging Coremetrics to identify and refine the most valuable paths through its Web site. Crutchfield is the nation's largest direct integrated marketer of consumer electronics products, and its www.crutchfield.com site has won numerous awards, including BizRate.com's Circle of Excellence for performance and customer service for six years in a row.

"The purpose of this particular project was to measure the effect of a major site redesign on the value of the consumer," says Crutchfield marketing analyst Brian Hashemi. "Coremetrics enabled us to quantify the impact. What was even more beneficial, though, was that we were also able to identify our most valuable paths through the site and compare the relative value of each one. We found that one path was almost 50 percent more valuable than the more traditional one previously used. That information, combined with other analyses, guided us in fine-tuning navigation to promote the most valuable paths."

Crutchfield leveraged Coremetrics functionality to answer key questions related to new navigation and other site changes. A series of link analysis reports helped to determine if as many visitors were making it through the navigation hierarchy as before, if as many visitors were making it to product pages, and, at each level, if a new page was doing as good a job as the previous one at driving people on to the next page in the hierarchy.

Colonial Life & Accident Insurance Reports High Satisfaction with Exstream Software's Dialogue

Colonial Life & Accident Insurance Company, a market leader in providing voluntary insurance to employees and their families, replaced legacy technologies for document creation with Exstream's Dialogue enterprise personalization software, providing a single comprehensive infrastructure for creating, personalizing and delivering its printed and Web-based communications. Dialogue's content and system integration capabilities made it possible for the company to aggressively complete the entire conversion process in twelve months. With the initial technology conversion complete, Colonial expects to see significant reductions in data-driven document deployment costs using Dialogue.

Key drivers in the company's selection of Dialogue included its robust design environment; high-performance engine; ability to automate the retrieval and dynamic placement of variable images in policyholders' documents at run time - including graphics, electronic signatures and document images; and its unique ability to process policies, reports and letters converted from Metacode legacy forms. With Dialogue, Colonial was able to process Metacode image documents along with original data from legacy systems with minimal modification.

"Converting 130,000 Metacode forms with 100 percent fidelity from another system for which we had no editable text source was a colossal task," said Les Blackwell, systems analyst for Colonial. "Exstream was the only vendor that stepped up to the plate and came onsite to prove its product was capable of handling the conversion. The proof of concept they conducted convinced us that Dialogue was the only product with the power and speed to meet our conversion needs, while providing the feature set we needed to create rules-based, complex data-driven documents in the future."

Sixth Largest Non-Profit in Philadelphia Region Selects IPR International to Protect Its Data

Resources For Human Development, Inc. (RHD), a large, diversified nonprofit social service organization, has selected IPR International's DATAGUARDIAN On Demand service to protect the non-profit organization's data.

"Since 1970, RHD has provided services for the most vulnerable members of our society from those with developmental disabilities, mental illness and addictions to homeless individuals and families," said Stan Shubilla, Associate to the Executive Director of RHD. "We selected IPR International to provide online data backup services so that we can ensure that our data is always available no matter what happens in our data center and that we can continue to provide the compassionate care and support society needs."

"The thing that excites me most about this service is the ease and speed of data recovery," says Jim Keenan, I.T. Manager of RHD. "Restores take minutes instead of hours! I can restore files and SQL databases quickly and easily. The Exchange E-mail agent allows me to restore email down to the individual message level. The best part is that I can sit at my desk and administer the entire backup and restore process. The peace of mind this service brings to our organization is priceless!"

IPR's DATAGUARDIAN On Demand service provides reliable online disk-to-disk-to-disk backup without capital investment, providing each client with immediate access to their data 24x7 from anywhere in the world. Using state-of-the-art technology and proven best practices, the service automatically transmits encrypted data to two geographically separated, secure offsite locations to ensure that data is protected and recoverable. Backup windows are significantly reduced allowing the IT staff to focus on more productive, core projects.

Boston Bruins to Achieve Seating Capacity, Revenue Goals with StratBridge

The hockey franchise that produced Esposito, Orr, Neely and Bourque hopes to increase attendance and revenue for every home game at the TD Banknorth Garden in Boston using StratTix data analytics technology from StratBridge. The Boston Bruins will rely on StratTix to gain a real-time view of sold and available seating in advance of home games so sales staff can develop promotions and strategies that will increase sales. This will help them fill seats and get an early read on per-game revenue so they can react quickly.

"Our current system for studying sales trends is tedious, lengthy and not very timely," said Lorraine Spadaro, vice president of technology and e-business for the TD Banknorth Garden and the Boston Bruins. "We have to pull data from various TicketMaster sources to get a single view of the status of a particular game's ticket sales. If the data has not been crunched in time for our sales and marketing analysis, we have to make assumptions. Thanks to StratTix, we will have a real-time snapshot of what the arena will look like for each home game so we have better data to act upon."

By the end of January, the Bruins will begin using StratTix to maximize sales and visualize data that previously appeared in complicated spreadsheets. Live monitors will show sales staff up-to-the-minute sold and available seating in the Garden, so they have the time to create effective marketing programs to fill vacant seats. According to Spadaro, StratTix will save at least one day per week of work in reporting tasks for sales and marketing teams.

"There was a lot of enthusiasm in the first couple of months of the season after last year's lockout. But the next three to four months will be critical," said Spadaro. "StratTix will be instrumental in our continued marketing efforts, and we're confident it will help us make these critical months a success. StratTix will put raw data into actionable visual representations that we can easily interact with."


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This piece has been brought to you by the DM Review Editorial staff.

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