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Industry Implementations

  Product News published in DM Direct Newsletter
January 3, 2006 Issue
  By DM Review Editorial Staff

MLB Advanced Media Extends Successful Implementation of SAS Business Intelligence Solutions to Individual Teams

Major League Baseball Advanced Media's pioneering use of advanced marketing technology has heightened baseball fans' enjoyment of the game and has improved customer loyalty - at the ballparks and online. MLB Advanced Media (MLBAM), the interactive media and Internet company of Major League Baseball, has extended last year's successful implementation of SAS business intelligence solutions to the individual teams.

"We're creating new business benefits through more effective use of business intelligence," said Bob Bowman, CEO of MLBAM. "Truly effective marketing programs become much less problematic when you have holistic views of your customers, online and offline. That's why we decided to build on the success of our ongoing efforts with SAS."

In addition to extending last year's successfully implemented SAS Marketing Automation solution, MLBAM has deployed SAS Enterprise BI Server at its offices and to the individual MLB teams. These solutions will capture and analyze vital information that is generated in the stadiums, over the phone and via the Web, creating new business benefits through more effective use of business intelligence with customers.

"Our goal is enabling the individual teams to benefit directly from all the business intelligence capabilities SAS provides so we can all generate a 360-degree view of our customers," said Bob DuPuy, president and COO of Major League Baseball and chairman of MLBAM. "Thanks to our relationship with SAS, each team now has the capability to share customer information gathered from online and offline sources, making it easier for them to develop and execute high-impact marketing campaigns with superior ROI."

Unify Embeds JReport into the Newly Released Unify NXJ 11 Integrated Application Platform

Unify has embedded JReport into Unify NXJ 11. Unify NXJ 11 is an award-winning integrated application platform that Unify made generally available in November 2005.

The NXJ product line was developed to meet customer demand for an application platform that integrates people, processes and information with all aspects of the business. It enables customers to automate processes within and between organizations and enterprises, consolidate multiple legacy systems into unified composite applications and provide advanced collaborative information systems for distributed teams and workforces.

With the addition of the leading Java-based reporting tool, Unify delivers visibility into the critical information its customers need to further improve their businesses. As customers use NXJ 11 to map, model and build business processes, JReport will serve as the dashboard that shows where processes are bottlenecked or stopping due to technical or human errors. This insight will allow customers to quickly identify and fix issues slowing down business processes and overall operations.

"JReport was the only 100 percent Java reporting solution able to deliver useful business information without the complexities of integration, management and usage inherent in traditional analytical reporting solutions," said Dave Glende, CTO of Unify. "We wanted users to get maximum value when deploying NXJ 11, and providing visual dashboards helps clients better understand what their business processes are and how well they're functioning. JReport's powerful, easy-to-use reporting capabilities, combined with our new platform, provide end users with a tremendous business process automation offering."

Italian Designer Looks to QlikTech to Extend Sales Network

Grotto S.p.A., the Italian designer of Gas Jeans and clothing, seen in more than 3,500 retail stores across the world, announced that it has adopted QlikView - the innovative business analysis application from business intelligence software specialist QlikTech - to help strengthen and expand its international sales network.

When it came to analyzing the huge volumes of information generated by the company's skyrocketing growth, Grotto selected QlikView. QlikView lets any employee interactively access and analyze sales, customer, product and store data as and when required, enabling them to do their jobs faster and more effectively.

QlikView simplifies analysis for everyone by enabling instant, in-memory manipulation of massive datasets on low-cost hardware, allowing affordable, widespread deployment of sophisticated analytic applications in days. With QlikView, Grotto gains business value quickly as it develops, modifies, deploys and, most importantly, uses business intelligence applications to analyze and extend the company's sales networks.

"QlikTech has had a tremendous impact on our company. We have about 300 employees working at our main office plus another 1,500 colleagues who are divided up among the branches and manufacturing sites abroad," remarked Carlo Pase, CIO of Grotto. "QlikView empowers our employees with access to the information they need to do their jobs better. Together we are working to build Gas into one of the leading Italian brands worldwide, and QlikTech is helping us to achieve that goal."

OfficeMax Gains Insight into Actual Conversion Rate through Coremetrics/BizRate Abandonment Survey

OfficeMax has leveraged the services of BizRate.com and the capabilities of Coremetrics Marketing Management Center to examine the causes of site abandonment, understand the influence of its Web presence on store sales, and more accurately calculate conversion rates.

"Coremetrics and BizRate worked closely together to gather valuable information that OfficeMax can act on to increase sales revenues," said Cindy Blue, senior director of small business marketing at OfficeMax Inc. "The survey results proved how vital our online operation is, providing not only sales on the Web but also a convenient research tool for customers who prefer to purchase at one of our stores."

Coremetrics offers the only hosted Web analytics and precision marketing solution designed to meet the marketing, merchandising, and site-design needs of online retailers. BizRate.com is a leading shopping search engine and e-commerce research firm. The results of the abandonment survey confirmed what OfficeMax had suspected regarding the influence of the Web site on store sales. One-fifth of site abandoners responded that they were leaving the site to buy at a store, making actual conversion as much as 4.7 percent higher than previously believed. This insight is helping OfficeMax optimize its marketing with targeted email to abandoners within the critical 10-day period following abandonment. The company expects this approach to enhance conversion rates and allow for greater efficiency of marketing dollars.

DFW International Airport Embraces DataCore Virtual SAN for Business Continuity over Clusters and Multiple Data Centers

Dallas/Fort-Worth International Airport has selected and installed DataCore's SANsymphony software to deliver business continuity, while eliminating the notion of failover. Because supporting airlines and their customers is so mission-critical, downtime is not an option at DFW. "We needed to have a method for building business continuity that eliminated the notion of failover," said John Parrish, associate vice president in charge of terminal technology, Dallas/Fort-Worth International Airport. "This requirement was key because in the time it takes to failover from an 'active' to a 'passive' that is all the time that is needed for an air traveler to get annoyed with an agent and potentially go to a different airline."

Only after searching for almost two years did Parrish and his team at DFW International Airport find a product in SANsymphony that enabled him to do with SAN storage what the RAC and HACMP allowed him to do with the database and operating system, which was to take two disparately located SANs, cluster them and make them appear as one virtual SAN.

The bottom-line in terms of meeting business objectives at DFW International Airport is that DataCore has provided this major metropolitan airport with a single, virtual SAN, which is working behind the scenes to protect data within two physically separate SANs. "The SANsymphony solution has enabled us to have a business continuity plan, which contains a North and a South data center that are disparately located and whereby either one is capable of handling 100% of the load at peak times," concluded Parrish. "I cannot measure the costs in terms of political capital or customer goodwill of downtime at the critical moment. The whole reward for DFW International Airport is business continuity."

County will Use Muni-Minder to Increase Efficiency, Save Money and Avoid Service Reduction to Better Serve Constituents

Onondaga County, NY, has signed a contract to implement its Muni-Minder solution to manage the County's Medicaid program. County officials will use the solution to identify opportunities for cost and service efficiency within Medicaid.

Muni-Minder will provide Onondaga County administrators with real-time, interrogative access to all transactional and non-transactional Medicaid program data, enabling them to immediately identify opportunities for cost savings, operations efficiency and even detect questionable activity. Muni-Minder will drive better management of services and providers, prescription versus non-prescription dispensation, claims and unusual activity such as billing inaccuracy, and could save millions in the county's annual budget, which is currently projected to be more than $600m in 2006. Every dollar exchanged and transaction completed within the system will be recorded and immediately available for program review and continuous improvement.

"It's an exciting thing," said Ways and Means Chairman William H. Meyer Jr., R-Cicero. "Currently, county officials get no information beyond a Medicaid bill from the state, with no breakdown of what services and products the money bought. Salient's technology will provide detail on program use," Meyer added.

Salient's Muni-Minder provides the speed and simplicity Onondaga County needs to manage and make sense of the high volumes of data generated by the Medicaid Program. Muni-Minder's sophisticated architecture allows users to access, control and compare data on-demand and creates instant visibility with user friendly, high quality graphics. The county will have the ability to examine the program in such granularity that they will be able to quickly act on cost savings opportunities and detect unusual activities. This will create unprecedented accountability within the program and can lead to the county saving millions of dollars.


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This piece has been brought to you by the DM Review Editorial staff.

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