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Celequest Announces Operational Dashboards for the Consumer Packaged Goods Industry

    Online News published in DMReview.com
December 13, 2005

Solution Provides Manufacturers, Distributors and Retailers with Ongoing Visibility into Their Business Operations

Celequest, a leading provider of operational performance management solutions, today announced general availability of consumer packaged goods (CPG) dashboards, the latest industry-specific solution built on Celequest's award-winning operational performance management platform. Celequest CPG Dashboards enable decisions-makers in the consumer packaged goods industry to proactively manage their operations by providing consolidated, intraday visibility into key business metrics and business performance.

Celequest's prebuilt CPG templates allow users to quickly build customized operational dashboards that support a range of business functions, including logistics and supply, labor and materials optimization and performance management:

Logistics and Supply. Executives and managers can visualize key performance metrics - such as order fill rates, transit times, on-time delivery, perfect order, inventory and transportation utilization - from inventory, supply chain and logistics data to better manage their day-to-day logistics and supply chain operations. By actively monitoring key metrics, companies can easily anticipate issues and quickly take corrective action for improved customer satisfaction.

Labor and Materials Optimization. Celequest labor and materials templates provide general managers and plant managers with best practice metrics such as cost per labor hour, cost per unit, labor and material availability, and overall equipment efficiency (OEE), at both the plant level and divisional level, to allow managers to quickly isolate downtime and take proactive measures.

CPG Performance Management. Celequest allows CPG companies to continuously measure and monitor key elements of cost, revenue, total profitability, safety, service and quality, allowing senior executives and divisional managers to have a holistic view of their business operations.

Celequest CPG dashboards are continuously updated with real-time information from financial, inventory management, logistics, CRM and other systems, providing users with the most current business information right at their fingertips. Any dashboard user can also utilize Celequest's exception management function to generate alerts when predefined conditions are met, such as when daily labor costs at a particular plant are approaching the daily limit, so that immediate corrective action can be taken. Once alerted to a problem, users can take advantage of the dashboard's drill-down capabilities to slice-and-dice the dashboard data to determine the root cause of the issue.

For example, if an operations director sees that productivity is trending below plan, he can drill down and look at different facilities, see that one is struggling and drill down further to see that the disparity is being caused by just a few members of that team. At this point, the operations director can easily assign a task to the appropriate team member responsible for addressing the problem and include the actual metric (dashboard object in a graph, chart or other format) to provide the context needed to help solve the problem. The operations director can also track the task through closure to ensure that the problem gets resolved.

Celequest CPG dashboards can be personalized with the key metrics that are vital to each user's job responsibility, and these metrics can also be easily linked to departmental or company-wide metrics. Consistent measurement and monitoring of key metrics helps companies align the business at every level; KPIs on the front line can be directly related to mid-level management targets, which are aligned with targets at the executive level.


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This piece has been brought to you by the DM Review Editorial staff.

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