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What Will Ignite the Tech Sector in the Near Future

    Online News published in DMReview.com
December 2, 2005

In his annual speech to U.K. senior executives gathered to raise funds for the Prince's Trust Technology Leadership Group last night, Richard Holway, Director, Ovum, gave his views on the technologies which would ignite the ICT sector in the years to come.

In past speeches Holway has described the ICT sector as "just another mature industry" with modest growth rates more aligned to GDP. Although this prediction has since proved to be correct, it has earned Holway the mantle of Industry King Gloom Monger.

So, in contrast, last night's event was dedicated to the new innovations and technologies which would ignite the sector.

The four main things which currently Light Holway's Fire are as follows:

  • The intense battle for ownership, not of the desktop which Microsoft had obviously won, but of the Webtop. Although Google is currently making much of the running, Microsoft has already awoken to the threat. Other players like IBM will add to a new Battle Royale.
  • The coming of age of Web-based applications will change the whole metrics of the software and services scene with revenue shifting from product licensing to advertising.
  • "Anytime, anyplace, anywhere" access has become the driver in hardware, software and comms. Music, radio and TV on demand - all available "on the move" - will change the fortunes of the largest and oldest media companies.
  • The ubiquitous mobile phone will replace everything we carry in our pockets - from keys, identity cards, coins, credit cards, passports...maybe even our medical records.

Holway said, Tthe tech sector has gone through many cycles - the PC, the mobile, the Internet, etc. - where innovation has led to the destabilizing or destruction of established businesses. There are now more 'destructive technologies' around than anytime in the last 10 years. Destructive technologies present great threats to established businesses. But they create fabulous new opportunities too."

"These opportunities will shift revenues radically rather than grow the total size of the tech market"

"But this means that tech is really starting to look exciting again," Holway concluded.


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This piece has been brought to you by the DM Review Editorial staff.

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