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New Product News

  Product News published in DM Direct Special Report
September 6, 2005 Issue
  By DM Review Editorial Staff

DATAllegro IQR has been introduced by DATAllegro and is an intelligent intermediary that automatically directs queries between DATAllegro data warehouse appliances. When used with both DATAllegro P3 and DATAllegro C25, DATAllegro IQR can be part of a multitier data warehouse that lets companies age their data gracefully. DATAllegro IQR works behind the scenes, intelligently routing the query to the appropriate appliance, without any changes to end-user tools or applications. As a result, data warehouse users achieve optimal performance and capacity without added complexity. DATAllegro IQR also supports enhanced concurrency, high availability and active/active disaster recovery configurations.


DataFuse version 4.0 from DataMentors, Inc. is a data quality and householding system first released in November 1999 and used today by many companies to cleanse, organize, standardize and household data. Version 4.0 has completely integrated DataMentors' ValiData product as an optional add-on. The user now has the ability to profile any set of fields at any time throughout the DataFuse process. This allows a process to identify problem data, apply the appropriate transformation rules, and then test again to verify results before moving data to its destination. New features in DataFuse 4.0 include new drag and drop environment, GUI based script generator, file layout manager and multiprocessing.


EMC Open Migrator/LM software from EMC Corporation provides automated online data migration between heterogeneous storage systems in Windows and UNIX environments. The new EMC/Softek Logical Data Migration Facility (LDMF) software, developed jointly by EMC and Softek Storage Solution Corporation, enables online relocation of mainframe data at the dataset level. These host-based products add to the comprehensive portfolio of array-based and network-based migration solutions including the EMC Symmetrix Remote Data Facility (SRDF) family and the EMC Open Replicator and EMC Invista products, and they allow customers to balance performance, functionality, availability and economics to achieve specific service levels based on their requirements.


CONTROL version 8.7 from KCI Computing is the newest release of its powerful, cost-effective corporate performance management (CPM) solution, which delivers high-performance, enterprise caliber functionality that is flexible, simple to use, and easy to both manage and deploy. CONTROL provides a one-stop solution offering the real-time business insight needed to plan, assess and drive corporate performance by leveraging relational technology to unite critical financial and operational data. Version 8.7 extends KCI's tradition of delivering leading edge flexibility and tight Excel integration. It offers simplified administration, greater capacity and faster performance.


Version 2.5 of Lyrix, Percussion Software's popular Lotus Domino content integration product, has been released. Lyrix 2.5 now allows organizations to gain increasing value from their investment in Lotus Domino by enabling the transformation of Domino content to standard document formats, such as Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF, xHTML and XML. This allows organizations to reuse Domino content in the wide variety of corporate applications that readily accept these formats. For example, using Lyrix, rich Domino content can be easily archived in centralized document repositories, made available for access in corporate portals or transferred to a company's Web site. Version 2.5 will be available next month.


Event Replicator for Adabas is now available from Software AG and is enabling organizations to proactively and in real-time "push" data changes in Adabas out to systems such as Adabas, DB2, Oracle, SQL Server and Sybase, as well as XML-based devices and applications. The results include better system resource usage, cost avoidance, improved risk management, enhanced customer service and greater confidence in business decisions based upon continually refreshed information. Event Replicator automatically replicates any updates, additions or deletions to specified Adabas data sets, then immediately "ripples" only the changed data fields downstream to targeted systems or devices. The data is transformed to the format for each subscribed system so no changes need to be made to the application's infrastructure.


TIBCO RFID Interchange has been announced by TIBCO Software and is a comprehensive new solution designed to transform, enrich and route radio frequency identification (RFID) edge events for easy integration with enterprise applications performing tasks such as order fulfillment and warehouse management. TIBCO RFID Interchange is a non-intrusive solution that seamlessly incorporates RFID event data into business processes and provides business context to aid decision-making across the supply chain. TIBCO RFID Interchange supports EPC Global's Application Level Event (ALE) specifications and real-time streaming of information from RFID Edge devices. It also supports leading readers and printers, is fast and easy to deploy and enables centralized configuration and management of devices.


ORION for AIX has been released from Vision Solutions and is an extension of the ORION family of products that provides switched disk solution topology for UNIX applications running on IBM's AIX operating system. ORION for AIX supports AIX based applications on IBM pSeries servers and is the only solution in the market to support AIX on an IBM iSeries hosted partition. ORION for AIX is designed to deliver application high availability between two or more servers connected to a common storage tower or storage sub-system; supporting both iASP and SCSI data storage. Targeted at the SMB market, businesses will see immediate benefits from the solution's ease of use, streamlined management and low cost of ownership.


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This piece has been brought to you by the DM Review Editorial staff.

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