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Industry Implementations

  Product News published in DM Direct Newsletter
August 12, 2005 Issue
  By DMReview.com Web Editorial Staff

arcplan's Business Intelligence Software Selected by AMB Property Corporation to Power its Strategic Enterprise Analytics Solution

AMB Property Corporation selected arcplan's dynaSight analytic development platform. AMB Property Corporation, a global developer and operator of industrial real estate in North America, Europe and Asia, used dynaSight to create its strategic enterprise analytic application to accelerate and improve access and analysis of financial and operational statistics across the enterprise.

According to Wayne Pryor, AMB's chief technology officer, "By standardizing on arcplan's dynaSight, we are able to create a single, user-friendly application to capture the data needed to conduct daily operations. AMB's operations employees and management are able to gain an overall view of the business - from expenses and revenue tracking, to actual versus forecasting scenarios. Business users can customize views to their individual preferences and change comparative scenarios, increasing comprehension of information gathered."

Pryor also added, "As our business continues to grow in scale and scope, business intelligence plays an increasingly vital role in decision making at AMB. Using dynaSight, we are able to deliver enterprise-wide analytics capabilities to employees in North America, Europe and Asia."

Additional phases for the solution are expected to include an executive information dashboard, the introduction of more views, access to transaction details, and a lease and tenant information system that can also be accessible to property managers in the field.

AMB selected arcplan's dynaSight after a review of top contenders in the market. dynaSight's ability to consolidate data from multiple backend systems into one visually pleasing and user-friendly interface were key decision factors.

AMB's Information Systems group is now able to quickly develop customized, web-based applications within its rapid application development environment. This also enables them to customize a strategic solution to fit the company's business processes and the specific needs of its industry - and in less time than it would take to build its own application.

EMI Music North America to Standardize on Attunity's BizTalk 2004 Data Integration Platform

EMI Music North America decides to standardize on Attunity's data integration software platform. Specifically, EMI will use Attunitys data integration platform to connect disparate systems that aid in the management and distribution of its physical music products.

"We wanted an AS400 adapter that would work with BizTalk 2004, so we selected Attunity because it also enables us to automatically capture DB2 data changes on the AS400, which helps us to pass key data to BizTalk," said Len Leach, director of Application Services, Information Technology at EMI Music North America. "Rather than developing a solution in house, we were able to integrate and deploy the Attunity solution rapidly. It also gives us a migration path for future BizTalk/AS400 deployments."

Attunitys technology has helped EMI integrate its physical sales data with its Warehouse Management and Transportation Management systems in North America, which in turn helps decrease time-to-market for its products. By using Attunitys software platform, EMI Music joins many global businesses that rely on the Attunitys Information Integration Platform technology.

Business Objects Helps Graniterock Manage Mountains of RFID Data

Graniterock knows how to handle heavy loads. The materials supply and construction company totes huge truckloads of rock, sand and gravel all over Northern California with ease. As a thriving and in-demand supplier of construction material to thousands of customers across the country, Graniterock has, in the process, created mountains of information. That is why Graniterock relies on Business Objects business intelligence (BI) solutions to help manage the data pouring in from an RFID (radio frequency identification) tagging system. With Business Objects, Graniterock has been able to leverage its RFID information to improve operational performance and boost customer satisfaction.

Graniterock, a long-time customer of Business Objects, found that its information management needs grew exponentially after implementing an RFID tagging system to track inventory and supply movement, such as the arrival and departure of trucks through its asphalt and quarry loading locations. The system collects information on the truck, project assignment, and weight for each load via RFID tag readers located at throughout plant locations. Users throughout the organization, including the finance, accounting, and sales departments, as well as senior and middle management, job project managers, and preventative maintenance planners, use Business Objects to gain insight into the transport cycle and ensure timely delivery of materials to customers.

The ability to report on the RFID system is extremely important to Graniterock and its customers because the company uses this information to determine transportation charges. These charges, based by the hour or the load, are a huge component of Graniterock's expense structure. Graniterock uses its Business Objects system to provide its customers with valuable operational reports on truck pickups and deliveries. These reports are a key competitive differentiator for Graniterock and enable the company to provide its customers with data that shows, for example, why one truck driver can make a delivery in a half hour and why another driver takes an hour to do the same job. Business Objects gives Graniterock this ability to share information that is relevant and useful to its customers, while providing operational information to the customer in real time. The company also uses RFID tracking information to normalize cycle times and ensure timely delivery of materials.

In addition, Graniterock uses Business Objects for its balanced scorecard initiative, its statistical process control reporting, and to provide logistical management reports for customers, identify potential job sites and automatically e-mail or fax quotes and job status reports.

"Business Objects is the key to unlocking the power of RFID," said Steve Snodgrass, CFO, Graniterock. "Without Business Objects, we would collect a lot of data but be able to take little advantage of it. With Business Objects, we have turned our RFID tracking system into a strategic differentiator that has improved operational efficiency and customer satisfaction as Graniterock extends its information systems out to its customers. And Business Objects has the reliability, scalability and performance to meet our needs well into the future." 

Misys Implements Percussion Software's Rhythmyx ECM Solution at Heart of Online Architecture Overhaul

Misys Plc, one of the world's largest software products companies, has implemented Rhythmyx Enterprise Content Management System (ECM) from Percussion Software to support reengineering of the IT infrastructure behind the company's Web-based information assets. In the first stage of a comprehensive reengineering program, Rhythmyx has been used to bring management of the company's public Web sites, including www.misys.com back in house, replacing a third-party hosted solution.

Misys partners with its customers to deliver outstanding IT solutions to the international banking, U.S. healthcare and UK financial services markets. Employing more than 6,500 people worldwide who serve physicians, banking and securities customers, hospitals and homecare agencies, insurance brokers and independent financial advisers, the company's information management needs are extensive.

From the outset of the reengineering program, the Internet strategy team realized the need to select both a CMS solution and an enterprise portal if the company's goals were to be met. John Brocking, Internet strategy manager, realized early that the most important thing was to get the underlying infrastructure right. By building a strong CM platform, forward investment in look and feel would derive maximum benefits. Misys is now engaged with Fahrenheit 212, the Saatchi and Saatchi subsidiary, to provide the look and feel that it needs to crystallize its position as one of the world's 10 largest software companies and is looking forward to the relaunch on the September 5, coinciding with the most important event of the banking software calendar - Sibos.

Having deployed Rhythmyx to manage all public sites, Misys is now implementing the second phase of its reengineering project, integrating Rhythmyx with the Plumtree portal to aggregate information across the business and provide a single view of content for Misys employees. The third and final stage of the project is to make content available from the CRM system, including the technical support system and the knowledge base, through a new client portal powered by Rhythmyx and Plumtree.

One of the key reasons Misys chose Rhythmyx was the solution's decoupled delivery architecture, which enables Misys to publish content optimally into their Plumtree portal without having to modify the portal itself. Decoupled delivery also allows Misys to build and integrate new sites without having to buy additional licenses. In implementing Rhythmyx, Misys is enjoying a host of advantages, including the savings realized from moving the public websites back in house. Brocking and his team are also enjoying the benefits of the solution's Impact Analysis feature, a key differentiator in the ECM market.

"Our staff appreciates the ability to understand the effect of content edits across multiple information locations, including where each piece of content is used and the impact of related links in a single view," commented Brocking.

The implementation of Rhythmyx is also delivering bottom-line savings for Misys; the Active Assembly capability (which allows non-technical Misys staff to reuse content by easily arranging content and adjusting page layouts to suit specific audiences) avoids costly and time-consuming template redesigns.

Having successfully implemented Rhythmyx for the Company's public facing sites, Misys is now looking at delivering a client portal through Plumtree using Rhythmyx to manage content. This, following the use of Rhythmyx to open up a variety of information sources to Misys staff via the Plumtree portal, will complete the company's goal of providing internal and external audiences with access to multiple information sources via a single point of entry. According to Brocking, the value of Rhythmyx is beyond doubt.

"The first stages of our re-engineering program have proved very successful. The capabilities which led us to select Rhythmyx, namely its ease of use, technical fit and decoupled delivery capability, have been proven at the sharp end of our ambitious Web development project," Brocking said.

Pulte Homes Selects Siebel CRM OnDemand to Drive Exceptional Customer Service

Pulte Homes, the nation's largest home builder by revenue, chose Siebel CRM OnDemand for its hosted CRM solution. Pulte Homes anticipates that Siebel CRM OnDemand will help its business grow through improved market segmentation, increased profitability, and the capacity to sell more homes.

Based in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, Pulte Homes, Inc. is ranked No. 181 on the FORTUNE 500 and has operations in 47 markets and 27 states. In 2004, the company closed 38,612 domestic home sales and generated total revenues of $11.7 billion. During its 55-year history, the company has constructed more than 408,000 homes. In 2004, J.D. Power and Associates named Pulte the inaugural recipient of its Platinum Award for Excellence in Customer Service among America's leading homebuilders. J.D. Power ranked Pulte number one in 14 markets and among the top three in 23 of 25 markets surveyed.

"Pulte Homes required a scalable, enterprise-class CRM solution that could help centralize our sales and marketing processes," said Jerry Batt, CIO, Pulte Homes. "After evaluating a range of offerings, we selected Siebel CRM OnDemand based on Siebel Systems' thought leadership in front-office applications and the company's domain expertise in working with large companies to solve complex business problems. We also valued the breadth and depth of Siebel's world-class toolset, its impressive R&D infrastructure and its strong built-in analytics capabilities."

Pulte Homes selected Siebel CRM OnDemand to simplify its business and the critical interactions for thousands of sales professionals whose primary focus is to deliver exceptional value to customers. Siebel Systems' strategic vision, customer service, and proven expertise combined to make Pulte Homes' choice a low-risk decision.

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This piece has been brought to you by the DMReview.com Web Editorial staff.

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