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La Quinta Sleeps Well with Data Quality Solutions fromTrillium Software

  Product Review published in DM Review Magazine
July 2005 Issue
  By Cris Snyder
Harte-HanksTrillium Software
Review of: Trillium Software System from Harte-HanksTrillium Software

Trillium Software System

REVIEWER: Cris Snyder, director of data architecture for La Quinta Inns, Inc.

BACKGROUND: La Quinta is one of the most recognized names in the hospitality industry in the United States. La Quinta opened its first hotel in 1968, next door to the San Antonio World's Fair. Since then, the company has grown to be a leader in mid-priced hotels with more than 550 locations nationwide.

PLATFORMS: La Quinta's application of the Trillium Software System operates on Windows 2000.

PROBLEM SOLVED: The hospitality industry is a service-based market, which means all functions revolve around our customers. With more than 550 properties throughout the United States, La Quinta interacts with a vast number of new and existing customers each and every day. This, in turn, creates a huge volume of customer information that our company needs to leverage in order to service our customers to the best of our ability. With so much valuable information at stake, La Quinta needed a system that could cleanse and standardize our customer data before being stored in our enterprise customer database. With more than 300 different source systems containing customer data and more than 40,000 records that need to be integrated daily, this is no small task. We needed a system that could clean and standardize name and address data, and de-duplicate our customer data before it enters the master database. Trillium Software was able to provide the data quality tools we required to successfully manage our enterprise customer database of more than 30 million records and provide a complete 360-degree view of our valued customers.

PRODUCT FUNCTIONALITY: La Quinta uses several modules of the Trillium Software System. The Converter's primary function is preparing data for standardization. The Parser's primary function is standardization of data based on rules. The GeoCoder's primary function is address verification. The Matcher's primary function is linking records together. During this process, we apply customized data quality procedures to our customer information with rules tailor-made to fit our infrastructure needs. For instance, we are able to determine which customers belong together to be recognized as one household within the database. Once the integrity of the data is affirmed, we are able to store each customer address only once, which saves our organization from utilizing more IT storage than necessary. We are currently linking information from our customer rewards program to our enterprise customer database and plan to start customer segmentation in order to fully leverage the systems for direct marketing activities.

STRENGTHS: We have been pleased with the solution's ability to conduct multimatching and reference matching.

WEAKNESSES: The Trillium Software System currently does not have the ability to analyze statistical or mathematical modules.

SELECTION CRITERIA: We choose Trillium Software to solve our data quality problems based on the software's ability to conduct multimatching and reference matching.

DELIVERABLES: The Trillium Software System enables our data warehouse to create a unique profile for each customer allowing us to more accurately and effectively communicate with each individual. This provides us with a more accurate picture of our total relationship with each individual. We will then base our entire enterprise-wide reporting from that single view within our customer database.

VENDOR SUPPORT: When purchasing any piece of an IT infrastructure project, some support from the vendor is always needed. With Trillium Software, we have received great technical support in a timely fashion.

DOCUMENTATION: The documentation that accompanies the Trillium Software Solution is very helpful and is written in an easy-to-follow format.

Trillium Software System
Trillium Software, a division of Harte-Hanks
25 Linnell Circle
Billerica, MA 01821



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Cris Snyder is director of data architecture for La Quinta Inns, Inc.

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