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DM Review Announces Data Visualization Contest Winners:
First annual data visualization contest attracted dozens of entries.

  Press Release published in DMReview.com
June 1, 2005

New York, NY - June 1, 2005 - DM Review, a SourceMedia publication and the premier source for business intelligence, analytics, integration and data warehousing, is pleased to announce the winners in the first annual Data Visualization competition which was conducted on DMReview.com from February 15 - March 31, 2005.

Winners were selected based on their ability to effectively and efficiently present graphical solutions that communicated the data and intended messages contained in each of four contest scenarios. In a blind judging, Stephen Few, DM Review columnist and author of a new book, Show Me the Numbers: Designing Tables and Graphs to Enlighten, reviewed the more than 40 submissions.

"Data visualization offers the greatest area of potential benefit to business intelligence today," said Few. "This competition was an important effort by DM Review to expose and promote this potential. After years of focusing on information technology, it's now time to focus on the greatest data processor around - the human brain - and the unique power of visual perception to discover meaning in data. Every person or company who participated has contributed to this cause, and the winning submissions especially have shed much needed light on the path that all information-savvy businesses ought to be walking." He chose a winner for the best depiction of the data presented in each of the four prescribed scenarios and an overall winner as follows:

Scenario 1: Jock MacKinlay, Tableau Software

Scenario 1 involved the display of departmental salary expenses used by a VP of HR as the expenses fluctuate through time, in total and subdivided between exempt and non-exempt employees.

Scenario 2: Christopher Hanes, Independent Consultant

Scenario 2 involved the display of employee salaries per salary grade, with a comparison of male versus female salaries and a comparison of actual salaries to prescribed salary ranges per salary grade. The data visualization needed to show inequities between genders and how closely the prescribed salary ranges were being observed.

Scenario 3: Robert Allison, SAS

Scenario 3 involved the creation of a sales dashboard with priority given for measures indicating poor performance.

Scenario 4: Jock MacKinlay, Tableau Software

Scenario 4 was open to the visualization of any data. The winning entry was a competitive analysis of weekend TV advertising expenditures.

Overall Winner: Jock MacKinlay, Tableau Software

When notified that they won two of the four scenarios and was named overall competition winner, Kevin Brown, VP of Marketing for Tableau Software, said, "We are delighted to be selected as the winner of the competition. It's an honor to be recognized by an information design expert of Few's stature. Our software and its clear, effective displays of data are what our customers appreciate most."

The winner of scenario 3, Robert Allison added, "Dashboards are especially challenging. Our software gives you the power and flexibility to visualize your data any way you want - you are only limited by your imagination."

Stephen Few will feature these submissions in upcoming columns in DM Review, beginning in the July issue.

About DM Review and SourceMedia, Inc.

DM Review delivers thought-provoking and informative news covering business intelligence, business performance management, analytics and data warehousing, to corporate executives and managers, IT manager and staff, and consultants and integrators across all industries. DM Review goes beyond the hype to get to the heart of the issues, trends and information that impact key decision-makers in this rapidly evolving industry. DM Review magazine is complemented by:

  • DM Review.com and dataWarehouse.com - daily news, exclusive articles and columns
  • DM Direct newsletters - delivering specified content to decision makers on a weekly basis
  • DM Review Events - timely Web-based events and live conferences, engaging readers in real-time presentations and dialog.

SourceMedia provides market information, including news, analysis, and insight to the financial services and related industries such as accounting and technology, through its publications, industry-standard data applications, seminars and conferences. Its flagship publications, including American Banker, National Mortgage News, The Bond Buyer, and Accounting Today, have helped build SourceMedia's reputation as the pre-eminent information source in its respective markets. Consulting services, software, and data provided through its two divisions, National Regulatory Services (NRS) and TFP, facilitate regulatory compliance, funds registration and data flow among institutions in the investment, insurance, and financial service industry.

The news, information, data, consulting services, and marketing solutions SourceMedia delivers is packaged in any format customers prefer and need - in person, in print or online, including newspapers and magazines, reference directories, database products, software, Web seminars and live events.

SourceMedia's 750,000 worldwide clients and subscribers range from c-level executives to business-unit heads to line managers - from the front office to the middle office to the back office. SourceMedia employs more than 1,000 employees worldwide, with headquarters in New York and offices in Chicago, Washington, DC, and London. *

*Source: SourceMedia, Inc.




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