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Emerson Process Management Saves Millions of Dollars Using Stellent Universal Content Management

  Product Review published in DM Review Magazine
April 2005 Issue
  By Mark Heindselman
Stellent, Inc.
Review of: Stellent Universal Content Management from Stellent, Inc.

REVIEWER: Mark Heindselman, manager of knowledge network and information services for Emerson Process Management.

BACKGROUND: Emerson Process Management is a leading global supplier of products, services and solutions that measure, analyze, control, automate and improve process-related operations.

PLATFORMS: HP DL360 G3 Server, with two gigabytes of RAM and dual 2.8 GHz Xeon processors. The server is connected to a Xiotech SAN where it uses 150 gigabits of storage. Client-based operating system -- Windows 2.x/9.x/Me and Windows XP; Server-based OS -- Windows NT/2000, Java and MVS/CICS.

PROBLEM SOLVED: With more than 600 locations in 85 countries, we consistently generate and distribute tremendous amounts of content for customers, employees and partners worldwide. In 1998, we recognized the need for a more efficient process to manage and provide access to our business content.

PRODUCT FUNCTIONALITY: Our Stellent Universal Content Management implementation truly is enterprise-wide, having been scaled to support more than 150 separate business applications via an expansive infrastructure of intranets, extranets and public-facing Web sites. In the beginning, we primarily utilized the document management and Web content management capabilities of Stellent's architecture, but now leverage additional system functionality to manage digital assets and collaborate among project teams. Approximately 600 Emerson employees contribute content to the Stellent system, and more than 40,000 employees, partners and customers access the information through various intranets and extranets. Emerson uses Stellent to manage multiple forms of content, including product literature, specifications and standards, policies, and customer product certificates. Stellent also serves as a central repository where all engineering, manufacturing and quality-related content is managed. To date, we estimate Emerson has saved approximately $3.5 million in reduced printing, shipping, content storage and production costs because of its $500,000 Stellent Universal Content Management investment. In addition, because our customers now acquire information about products on the Web, Emerson is able to speed up the sales process and drive revenue.

STRENGTHS: Stellent Universal Content Management provides us the following technical benefits. Lower total cost of ownership: consolidating all content-related servers and technologies into a shared system and architecture reduces the number of separate, disparate content applications needed by the company. Reduction of integration costs: using a common set of GUIs and APIs for all content management applications and promoting the reuse of integrated components and document content services reduces our overall cost of integration. Minimal training and administrative costs: offering a single user interface for business users and leveraging a common skill set for administration across all content management applications minimizes training and administration costs. Improved operational efficiency and productivity: improving business processes with consistent automatic routing and approval cycles and 24x7 self-service access to secured documents, Web content, discussions and digital assets elevates efficiency and productivity across our enterprise.

WEAKNESSES: We have come across some minor functionality constraints regarding the system's ability to index document collections and provide representative meta data comparisons when replicating this information from one server to another.

SELECTION CRITERIA: One factor that drove our selection of Stellent was value. Compared to standalone PDM systems that cost millions of dollars to implement and are difficult to scale, the cost to implement Stellent was minimal. Another point of differentiation between Stellent and competing technologies was its ease of use and quick implementation.

DELIVERABLES: Please see examples noted in product functionality section.

VENDOR SUPPORT: Stellent supported Emerson with resources and services during our first implementation and still is very responsive when we require their expertise. However, we primarily work with our system integrator to resolve any issues requiring support.

DOCUMENTATION: Stellent documentation has always been easily accessible and thorough.


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Mark Heindselman is the manager of knowledge network and information services for Emerson Process Management.

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