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Industry Implementations

  Product News published in DM Direct Newsletter
March 4, 2005 Issue
  By DMReview.com Web Editorial Staff

Netezza Inks Deal with Ahold USA

Netezza Corporation announced that Ahold USA, a division of Netherlands-based Royal Ahold - the world's third-largest food retailer - will deploy the enterprise-class Netezza Performance Server (NPS) data warehouse appliance as its customer data warehouse (CDW) platform. As part of its strategy to optimize store operations, increase profitability and improve customer experience throughout nearly 1,200 supermarkets, Ahold selected the NPS system to perform faster, more complex analyses of its terabytes of customer and operational data.

As an early adopter of data warehousing technology, Ahold understands the significant value that fast, comprehensive data analysis brings to organizations dealing with large volumes of data. By replacing its legacy customer data warehouse systems with the NPS data warehouse appliance, Ahold will again be at the forefront of the food retail industry because it can now run a wide variety of interactive analyses, while dramatically reducing query times. For example, Ahold can now fully leverage the detailed data it collects to perform faster and more sophisticated market basket analyses for its store chains, which include Stop & Shop, Tops Markets, Giant-Carlisle and Giant-Landover.

"Ahold views the data warehouse as central to the way we manage product availability and operations and increase customer satisfaction," said Al Clevenger, director of Data Management, Ahold USA. "We chose the NPS system because it delivers the increase in performance we wanted without causing us to re-engineer our entire CDW. Now, we can achieve results in minutes instead of hours, eliminating stale data and enabling us to be even more flexible and targeted with our decisions."

Actuate Selected for Defense Integrated Military Human Resources System

Actuate Corporation's Enterprise Reporting Application Platform has been selected by the Defense Integrated Military Human Resources System (DIMHRS) for personnel and pay systems. Actuate will provide the enterprise reporting capabilities for DIMHRS, which will serve as the end-to-end, integrated military personnel and pay system for all military services including 3.1 million active, reserve and National Guard personnel. The program is managed by Northrop Grumman, which won the $281 million development and implementation contract in September 2003, and selected Actuate's Enterprise Reporting Application Platform for DIMHRS on behalf of the Department of Defense.

Actuate's Enterprise Reporting Application Platform will be integral in enabling DIMHRS to provide accurate and timely data on personnel assets so that accurate tracking and comparison can be made across military organizations. Actuate's strength in providing reports that are tailored to each user in terms of security authorization, content and format, will ensure that 100 percent of target users can adopt key information into the way in which they work, resulting in the necessary visibility to optimize processes and maximize efficiency.

Dollar Bank Selects DataMentors to Optimize Customer Relationships

Dollar Bank has chosen DataMentors' fully modular data cleansing and relationship matching system, DataFuse, to complement its custom-designed CRM software solution. An independent bank committed to the people and businesses of southwestern Pennsylvania and northeastern Ohio, Dollar Bank selected DataFuse for its high degree of flexibility and unprecedented efficiency and accuracy. 

"Dollar Bank builds customer relationships by providing outstanding customer service," said Joseph B. Smith, senior vice president, Marketing at Dollar Bank. "To accomplish this, we must know each customer personally. DataFuse helps us build these critical individual relationships by insuring the accuracy of our information as well as providing the most complete view of our customers from multiple angles."  

Smith said that what DataFuse offers represents a key component of Dollar Bank's total CRM solution, and would allow Dollar Bank to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of its marketing. "The more completely we understand our customers and their needs, the better we are able to deliver products and services that address their personal situations," said Smith. Dollar Bank uses DataFuse in the development of highly targeted marketing campaigns that deliver the most relevant information to their customers via whichever marketing channel fits their personal needs and best honors their privacy. 

DataMentors also custom designed a marketing database model within Dollar Bank's existing Oracle environment that allowed Dollar Bank to transfer the files cleaned by DataFuse directly into the appropriate Oracle tables. "DataMentors' data integration capabilities saved us money, since we did not need to purchase a separate ETL tool," said Smith. 

Nordstrom to Implement ProfitLogic's Markdown Optimization Solution

Nordstrom, a leading fashion specialty retailer, has selected ProfitLogic's Markdown Optimization solution to use across the company's 94 U.S.-based full-line stores.  The sophisticated customer demand analytics of ProfitLogic's solution will provide increased visibility storewide and will help Nordstrom be more responsive to customer needs by offering fresher merchandise in season.

"ProfitLogic's Markdown Optimization solution will give us the opportunity to enhance our merchandising processes by providing our merchants with better reporting and better visibility across all stores," said Jan Walsh, vice president and business information officer of Nordstrom. 

"Nordstrom's outstanding performance stems from focusing on continuous improvement and innovation in overall operating efficiency - including merchandising processes - while continuing to deliver a unique shopping experience to customers through their people and product," said Tom Ebling, chairman and CEO of ProfitLogic.  "We are pleased that the Nordstrom team chose ProfitLogic as one ingredient in their search for innovative technology solutions." 

ProfitLogic provides industry-leading Retail Profit Optimization solutions designed for retailers whose top priority is getting the highest return on inventory investments.  ProfitLogic's customers have found that using insight into future customer demand results in more profitable merchandising decisions and more time to focus on what matters most: the customers and the merchandise.

Siperian Enables Sanlam Life to Consolidate 15 Data Sources to Acquire 360 View of Its Customers

Sanlam Life, a leading provider of retail and group life insurance, announced that it has deployed Siperian Master Reference Manager (MRM) to create a central repository of customer reference data.  Since its rollout, Siperian MRM has become the cornerstone of Sanlam's worksite marketing initiative and has helped the company to increase revenues and the productivity of its Advisors.  In order to increase revenue growth and profitability across the division, Sanlam implemented Siperian MRM to enable advisors to cultivate more effective relationships with their customers. By providing unified views of their customers, the initiative has increased the number of policies managed per advisor and reduced policy lapse rate. The business performance gains from Siperian have already paid for the solution within nine months.

After a number of internal CRM initiatives fell short of objectives because of data reliability issues, Sanlam was compelled to apply lessons learned and subsequently determined that the first step would be to create a consolidated view of all customer master records across multiple Sanlam systems.  Once successfully deployed, Siperian MRM delivered a consolidated view of trustworthy customer data from over 15 disparate data sources.  The Siperian Master Reference Manager - internally referred to as the Worksite Information System at Sanlam Life - is already being leveraged as part of future initiatives. 

In the first phase of deployment alone, four sources were consolidated into a single store within three months. Working with Sanlam, the Siperian professional services team also implemented a process for automating and simplifying the ongoing management of information reliability for this store and their multiple customer management systems, including Sanlam Life's group risk benefits and retirement fund management services.  In this initial phase the team was able to successfully consolidate overlapping and conflicting information by providing a mechanism to assess the trustworthiness of data from different sources and select the most reliable customer data at cell level.

"In order for our workplace marketing initiative to be successful, we had to implement a solution that would quickly consolidate our customer data into one trustworthy repository without the need for any custom code and without any impact on our operational systems," said Lynn Colledge, IT manager, Sanlam Business Architecture Team.  "Siperian Master Reference Manager has enabled us to develop close customer relationships that will ultimately allow Sanlam Advisors to deliver new and innovating products that meet the specific needs of our customers." 

Great Britain's The Health and Safety Executive Finds its Form with Verity

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE), an independent body sponsored by the British government's Department of Work and Pensions, has selected Verity LiquidOffice, a powerful Web-based business process automation solution, to underpin its forms processing, workflow and business processes. Initially this will be available for internal use such as staff expenses and administration forms by HSE's 4,000 employees, but it will then be used to progressively replace and enhance existing forms used by the public on HSE's own Web site.

HSE is responsible for the regulation of risks to health and safety arising from work activity in Great Britain. Its mission is to protect people's health and safety by ensuring risks in the changing workplace are properly controlled.

HSE has been working toward the British government's 2005 deadline for e-enabling its business and currently uses a mix of technologies reflecting the evolutionary nature of e-business. But HSE had been seeking a more strategic solution that offers value-for-money, scalability and consistency of development and end-user experience. Verity LiquidOffice was selected from a shortlist of other potential products as the solution that could handle these requirements most effectively.

"We wanted a solution that enabled us to create easy-to-use forms that would contribute to an overall improvement in our own efficiency and provide a better and more accessible level of service to internal and external customers," said Phil Conway, HSE's program manager for its "Business On-line" project. "Intelligent data capture and sophisticated validation and workflow tools in one package were essential. We wanted to be able to track the progress of the forms and route them according to the sorts of information they contain. We are now working to transfer our internal forms and processes to Verity LiquidOffice so that the whole service process can be e-enabled, including updating legacy systems where appropriate."

"The first steps are to prove the solution internally and get our business processes and workflow improvements up and running effectively. We will then push this added service functionality onto the external, customer-facing channels via the Web site to improve both efficiency and quality of service there," Conway said. "LiquidOffice can provide the appropriate level of authentication and security necessary to provide external customers with the confidence they seek when using e-services." LiquidOffice has standard reports that provide management visibility and a documented process audit trail, as well as a real-time picture of ongoing transactions.

Axentis Helps Novartis Gain Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404 Compliance

Novartis AG became Axentis' first customer to be recognized by their independent external auditors for achieving compliance with Section 404 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.  This section of the landmark legislation requires public companies to establish and attest to an effective internal control structure for reporting financial results.

As a foreign SEC registrant, Novartis was not required to be Sarbanes-Oxley compliant until the end of 2005. However, the company felt it was important to move forward on an aggressive schedule to demonstrate its strong commitment to corporate governance.  Axentis technology and its team were an important part of this process, and the report received by Novartis from its external auditors revealed the company to be Sarbanes-Oxley compliant through the end of 2004.


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This piece has been brought to you by the DMReview.com Web Editorial staff.

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