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Knowledge Transfer Initiative Improves Support of QCSI's Rapidly Growing Customer Base

  Product Review published in DM Review Magazine
April 2004 Issue
  By Matthew Denison
Review of: Entopia K-Suite from Entopia, Inc.

CATEGORY: Storage, Content Management and Knowledge Management

REVIEWER: Matthew Denison, executive director for QCSI.

BACKGROUND: QCSI is the leading provider of mission-critical information systems that enable healthcare organizations to control risk and reduce operational costs. QCSI delivers high-quality, cost-efficient healthcare solutions using rapid-access information systems, streamlined business processes and cost-reducing, paperless information exchange.

PLATFORMS: Intel-based running Windows Server 2000.

PROBLEM SOLVED: Due to the rapid growth in the demand for QCSI's software and service solutions and the rate of change in the marketplace, QCSI did not have an effective method to capture and then efficiently transfer the knowledge necessary to support a rapidly growing customer base. The executive team recognized the importance of sharing the complex best practices surrounding the implementation of their healthcare payer administration solutions and, as a result, decided to establish the Knowledge Transfer initiative. This initiative is designed to enable the existing knowledge owners to capture their knowledge in a way that could be reused by others. To facilitate this initiative, QCSI selected Entopia's K-Suite solution comprised of the Quantum content management and collaboration product and the K-Bus enterprise knowledge infrastructure including its search APIs. The goals of our Knowledge Transfer project are to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of solutions for QCSI customers. The best practice team generates best practices in the form of individual business use cases that describe a business problem and the best method for configuring the modules in the QCSI suite to solve the problem.

PRODUCT FUNCTIONALITY: QCSI uses Entopia's content management and collaboration suite, Quantum, to author best practices for more than 1,000 use cases. The best practices team is comprised of 15 to 20 smaller teams of 3 to 5 individuals who are responsible for the various software modules and collaborate on content. The final best practices documents are fed through the K-Bus infrastructure. The K-Bus infrastructure, built on Entopia's sophisticated meta data extraction techniques, automatically generates a representation of QCSI's unstructured and structured content contained not only in the Quantum repository but also in combination with various industry sites and file shares. Content can be presented in a variety of configurable user-friendly formats because the K-Bus infrastructure delivers out-of-the-box APIs which facilitate the content delivery. QCSI has integrated this infrastructure into a custom-built K-Bus portal that resides on the existing intranet. The primary function of this portal is to push new and existing best practices to the QCSI employee base.

STRENGTHS: The main strengths of Entopia's product suite include: rapid structured access to unstructured data, integration into our business process, easy implementation and interoperability to access resources across applications inside and outside the enterprise. K-Suite, in a single interface, delivers the necessary content management, collaboration and information discovery features that meet so many of our needs.

WEAKNESSES: The current version of Quantum is lacking in a robust approval routing workflow module which is a drawback. However, we are looking forward to the next version (due in a couple of months) which will provide this capability.

SELECTION CRITERIA: QCSI evaluated products from Documentum, Intraspect, Microsoft (Sharepoint/CMS) and KnowledgeBase.Net but chose Entopia for three reasons. First was the interaction and support from the Entopia organization. We were convinced that we would be valued after the sale by Entopia's responsiveness during the sales process. Second was the ability of the software to capture, index, summarize and return value from unstructured data. Third, Entopia K-Suite works right out of the box, and our users have been quick to adopt it.

DELIVERABLES: Entopia K-Suite delivers access to a comprehensive best practices well of knowledge and information at QCSI. Deliverables include enriched Word documents, PowerPoint presentations and Excel Workbooks. In addition, we have delivered a second separate interface to our users -- the Knowledge Transfer Portal that delivers access to the best practices documents, as well as other content, in a variety of push and pull formats.

VENDOR SUPPORT: Entopia understands the importance of a happy customer. They implemented K-Suite in a timely and effective manner and paid close attention to understanding our internal Knowledge Transfer requirements. They were, and still are, very responsive to our needs.

DOCUMENTATION: As the product is quite intuitive and integrated into our existing portal, we have not had to rely on K-Suite documentation to any significant degree.


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Matthew Denison, executive director for QCSI.

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