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2008 Award Winners

DM Review editors took a great deal of care and time in considering each submission for its innovativeness and business value. The editors review case studies and product pitches every day. Based on this experience, the editors deliberated extensively to choose the solutions they felt best exemplified unique software solutions or a new application of traditional software to achieve exceptional business value from 71 submissions received in eight categories.

Category: BI/Analytics

State of Louisiana Department of Social Services
with Information Builders

The Louisiana Department of Social Services (DSS) deployed an antifraud system from Information Builders to identify trends and patterns in the Food Stamp Program to detect fraudulent activity. With an estimated $26 million being fraudulently received every year, the system will more than pay for itself when the department reduces illegal activity by even 1 percent.
"A precedent-setting example." – Valerie Valentine

"Active in the field, intuitive as a story and has yielded unseen benefits for a lot of people." – Jim Ericson

Category: Business Process Management

with Appian

Concur selected Appian to create a process to identify which business processes would benefit from reengineering and managing and implementing those process changes. Concur has implemented 48 managed processes to date and observed an average reduction time for process completion of 20 percent. The initiative is estimated to have delivered an annual cost avoidance greater than $700,000.
"Impressive scope and speed of implementation; BPM Center of excellence focused on both business and technology goals." – Valerie Valentine

Category: Data Integration

Pfizer, Inc.
with Composite Software

Using the rapid deployment model achievable with Composite Studio, Pfizer introduced maximum agility to a rigid, standards-based framework. Before Rapid Deployment, a typical project had a 50 percent chance of successfully answering strategic questions within the required time frame. This process took weeks to deploy. Now, more than 95 percent of all projects succeed within three days.
"The solution demonstrates agility with consistency." – Julie Langenkamp

Category: Data Management

with Initiate Systems

SureScripts, provider of electronic prescribing services, implemented Initiate Patient. SureScripts saw a growing demand for linking patient data feeds from multiple pharmacies to a single patient history view. Initiate Patient was put to the test during the San Diego wildfires in 2007. Using SureScripts innovation, was activated once a state of emergency was declared. Authorized users were able to access vital medication information and ensure continuity of care for disaster victims.
"A life-saving solution with high value of service, satisfaction and time savings." –Valerie Valentine

Category: Data Warehousing

Abbott Laboratories
with Kalido

The international division of Abbott Labs, a global health care company, implemented a Kalido data warehouse to establish a single version of the truth for overall performance/profitability reporting and financial planning. The project delivered five times more functionality than originally planned within the same budget and timeframe, delivering management reports in 70 percent less time while ensuring the content represented the evolving business.
"Business user involvement was key to delivering the flexible solution that adapted to business change." – Julie Langenkamp

Category: Data Warehousing

Convergence CT
with IBM

Convergence CT installed its clinical data warehouse on IBM's Balanced Warehouse D5000. The clinical data warehouse eliminated partial views of information, providing a 360-degree view of clinical, laboratory, operational and financial details. The Balanced Warehouse is helping Convergence CT and medical facilities around the world identify the best ways to treat cancer, diabetes and other life-threatening diseases.
"Convergence CT's clinical data warehouse demonstrates impressive performance, helping health care organizations to realize the value of their own data that had been hidden in separate systems." – Jim Ericson

Category: Enterprise Application Integration

Univé Verzekeringen
with AmberPoint

Univé Verzekeringen, a nonprofit cooperative insurance company in the Netherlands, selected AmberPoint's runtime governance solutions to ensure the health of its service-oriented based systems and meet demands of more than 1.3 million customers with over 3.7 million policies. Univé successfully automated 60 percent of the 100,000 health insurance transactions they process annually, delivering enormous savings.
"The solution demonstrates IT agility and cost savings with SOA." – Julie Langenkamp

Category: Enterprise Content Management

Reed Business
with Teragram Corp.

Reed Business, a B2B publisher with more than 900 Web sites, selected Teragram to improve site searches, create Zibb - a vertically segmented B2B search engine, and change the pace of innovation within publishing - reflecting lessons learned from Google. With the implementation, Zibb was able to search and separate content by type. Verticals automatically filter search results. RB now manages more than 2,000 documents per second.
"Teragram is revolutionizing search with their movement from Pull (the Google interface) to Push (a taxonomy approach)." – Valerie Valentine

Category: Other (Customer Relationship Management – Knowledge Management)

CNH Global
with Consona Corp.

CNH Case, a world leader in agricultural and construction equipment businesses, realized significant annual savings in self-service with the KNOVA product from Consona. Self-service solutions saved more than $10 million yearly in calls not requiring live agents to handle them. They increased how often agents were able to find solutions by 37 percent, translating into an ROI in less than three months.
"Strong; its effects are far-reaching and affect a lot of service desks while improving customer satisfaction through good distribution of information." – Jim Ericson

Category: Performance Management

Presbyterian Healthcare Services (PHS)
with Actuate Corporation

PHS is a system of hospitals, a health plan and a growing medical group. PHS needed a solution that would help to get their performance management affairs in order. PHS tracks 2,300 measures across 250 locations, saving 1,500 manual labor hours a month across all locations.
"With Actuate, PHS was able to customize a performance view for widespread use that saved an astounding 500,000 manual labor hours." – Valerie Valentine

Category: Performance Management

Schneider National, Inc.
with Cognizant Technology Solutions

Schneider National, Inc., a provider of truckload, logistics and intermodal services to small, medium and global shippers, invested in a customized performance management solution called Value Triangle (VT). The VT solution serves more than 600 users every day with 120 balanced reports and 130 drill-down reports. Cognizant delivered this solution in four months. All 22,000 associates can view his/her performance against stated goals.
"Aligning metrics with corporate strategy enables employees to understand their performance relative to enterprise goals." – Julie Langenkamp

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